Eric Tsang on His New Role as TVB General Manager

Rising from an actor to management executive, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) was promoted from Deputy General Manager to General Manager eight months on the job to lead TVB’s variety show, drama and music production units. Many were shocked by the decision and even doubted whether Eric would take the job seriously, but he is proving his critics wrong.

His Job Doesn’t Pay As Much as Acting

Recalling the reservations, Eric said, “Everyone thought I’d fool around in my position for maybe half a year and call it quits. I must be really talented if I am able to do so, because the sooner I leave this position, the quicker I have succeeded in my job. It would mean that I was able to find someone to take over for me.”

Although he took on a supposed promotion with more responsibilities and clout, Eric admitted that he does not make as much money in this new role as he did as an actor.

Joining the ranks of management at an age when many would retire, the 68-year-old admitted that the never-ending amount of work is indeed tiring. Reflecting on his decision to take on this busy role, Eric said, “When I was 65 years old, I wanted to take advantage of the next 10 years when I am still mobile to travel. Who would’ve guessed that soon after, I returned to TVB? This is how life is though. I want to live my life with no regrets. I see it as a mission. I hope to see a better and improved TVB. When I took my position though, I realized that the task I am taking on is bigger than I imagined. Times are different now. TVB is no longer the sole monopoly [in television].”

Wants to Cultivate New Talent

Learning to take breaks and destress, Eric said, “Fortunately, there are a lot of talented people who have really been helping me out. Every position has a young person. Hopefully, I can help TVB seek out a group of young talents who have the foresight to help the company move forward and keep up with the times.”

On whether he feels that he is doing a good job, Eric expressed, “I can only do my best. I think I have done a satisfactory job, because I have dedicated all my time to this.” Immediately after becoming manager, Eric reconciled TVB’s relationship with three major record companies in Hong Kong. This will ultimately improve the opportunities of TVB’s managed artistes in the music industry.

Despite his busy job, Eric confessed that he has not given up on being an actor. “Acting is something that makes me happy. However, I will wait until I have completed my current job first.”

In addition to acting, Eric has always produced Lunar New Year films every year in the past. Unfortunately, his TVB workload has taken up all his time and he will not be able to allot time to release a film this year.


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  1. I am actually happy he back with Wong Cho Lam, he turning TVB around with some good shows on the horizon willing to take risk and try new things or follow some trend from other country.

  2. if the cards are played correctly, this CAN be a turning point for tvb to up their production quality and win back some viewers

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