Eric Tsang on Kenny Wee: “He’s a Crap-Eating Dog!”

A drunk Eric Tsang (曾志偉) was reported to have slapped Kenny Wee (黃浩) at Karmen Cheng’s (鄭嘉雯) wedding several days ago. The rumors did not bother Eric and he even told a story laced with acidic remarks, hinting that Kenny was only a “crap-eating dog” not to be bothered with!

Kenny Wee caused a stir earlier when he claimed to have a video clip of celebrities taking drugs at his restaurant last year. One of the rumored drug-taking celebrities was speculated to be Eason Chan’s (陳奕迅) wife, Hilary Tsui (徐濠縈). Since Eric is good friends with Eason, Eric reportedly gave Kenny a stern warning to stop spreading false rumors and threatened Kenny to not turn in the videotape to the police. Eric then gave Kenny an awakening slap, according to the Hong Kong press.

Eyewitnesses at the wedding claimed they did not see Eric slapping Kenny, and there were no disturbances the entire night. However, Kenny called the police and insisted that a male actor had assaulted him.

Eric Tsang Retains Sneaky Humor

Eric was seen yesterday in TVB City preparing for last night’s Tung Wah Charity Show <歡樂滿東華>. When he ran into reporters, Eric greeted them with a beaming smile on his face, and he was immediately asked about the slapping incident. As expected, Eric replied, “No comment.”

As the current President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Eric was also asked if Eason Chan had approached him for help with Hilary Tsui’s drug scandal rumors. Eric again answered, “No comment.” Eric revealed that Eason contacted him right after the couple’s press conference yesterday, in which Eason and Hilary denied the drug rumors. “After that, Eason was off to Shanghai, and I came back to work.” Eric said.

Asked if his mood was affected by the drug scandal and the unpleasant reports surrounding his clash with Kenny Wee. Eric, with his trademark sneaky humor, told a story with a hidden meaning.

The Tale of a Hideous Dog
by Eric Tsang

“My mood was affected because my neighbor’s dog has been barking every night, loud and non-stop. It was so annoying that the whole village was affected and there are many complaints.

“The owner said the dog is really amazing, and will only bark when it senses burglars or ghosts around. I told the owner that this is a good neighborhood, and it never has burglaries. The owner insisted that there must be burglars around. If not, then it has to be ghosts.

“A few nights ago, I was at home, and the dog was barking outside again. I turned on the light outside, and there were no no burglars nor ghosts. I saw the owner trying to tug the dog away, and told me it was a fabricated lie – the dog cannot see nor sense any burglar.

“I took a look at the dog. It had a hideous skin disease with rashes and scabs all over, so I told the owner to please take it away.

“While dragging the dog away, the owner continued and told me why he kept and raised the dog — it doesn’t require any food, it survived by eating crap!

“So the whole village forgave him.

“And that was the reason I was late for the past few days. End of story!”

After he was done with the story, Eric let out a huge laugh.

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    1. Yeah, this pint-size midget should learn to stay out of other’s people’s business and keep his f-ing mouth shut…..when he was born, his a-hole and mouth was exchanged.

  1. Something is not right… “Eric reportedly gave Kenny a stern warning to stop spreading false rumors and threatened Kenny to not turn in the videotape to the police.”

    Make up your mind, midget! Is Kenny spreading false rumor? Or does he have a video???

      1. If she didn’t do it, then the video would clear up her name. Eric should be begging him to show the video.

    1. COME ON HONG KONG people ,now i don,t thing Kenny can do anything cos now this stupid Low life fat Eric is involve n busy body about this case n the gangster to ,im sure Kenny can,t do anything about it now otherwise his wife or unborn baby will be in danger or his life 2 ,My be Eric son in the video…..

  2. Yup, Kenny has nothing to do, but to start drama. He does not even have the tape cuz he won’t give it to the police. I saw some pix of that incident, ppl were just eating. Geezz!! I hope Kenny go to jail for lying all those stories. Good job Eric for slapping him.

    1. Agree too 😉
      If he got the tapes, he shld hand it over to the polices!
      In all reports that’s I’ve read so far, no videos handed over to the polices but only CCTV footage from the restaurant.
      And after such a long period, no actions taken by the polices meaning nothing happened!

      1. From his attorney: “If there really is such video clip, and he won’t turn it in, the police can ask for a court order demanding him to turn the video clip in as evidence.

        So there wasn’t any evidence in the first place. Kenny is starting sh*t. No wonder his wife does not back him up. Cuz he’s lying.

      2. It is rather hard for Suki to back her husband up because she is a TVB artiste. Eric Tsang has a lot of authority and respect in TVB. Suki just does not want to make this stupid midget angry. It will jeopardize her relationship with TVB.

    2. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong. If police has the evidence, there is no need for any party to lie.

    3. You sure he doesnt have it? Then why did eric warned him not to hand it over to the police at first place? What is it that Eric is afraid the police will find out? I believe Kenny has the video, but he’s rather afraid of giving it out because once he does it, celebrities or even gangsters will try to harm him and his family.

      1. i think E.T. troll has ask the gangsters ponting a gun on K.W. head,threaten him not to hand over the video to the police,but if k.w. capitulate on E.T.,then K.W. will self be charged by the court. i think he underestimate the connection of the E.T. with the underworld

      2. there is something strange how these photo,s are made. normally if you take a picture you will look at the camera,but at these 7 pictures only one had looked at the camera on a weird manner.and i think the timing of publish is also very suspicious

    4. If Kenny does not have the tapes and he is creating the alleged incident, then the HK Police can charge him for wrong and malicious act.

  3. Lowlife, snake belly midget angry because tape is with police already. That is why he so mad. He is the crap eating, low life dog. That thing is not human. I hope eric skank go to jail for assaulting kenny wee. midget peive of feces

  4. If there was no tape, then there would be no reason to tell Kenny not to give it to police.

  5. So if there is such a video, then the rumours aren’t false.

  6. If there was no such a video, then Kenny Wee would have committed a crime for giving false evidence.

    I doubt that Kenny Wee would commit a crime just to give him some publicity.

    1. Heheh =)
      – Commit a crime
      – Put off future diners and reducing your business
      – Turn the celebrity world against you (and make it hard for the wife)
      – Possibly having the triads onto you
      Risking all that for (negative) publicity? Really? I suppose there ARE people in this world who are crazy and desperate enough so it should come as no surprise, but still…

      1. That is why we think he did have a video clip, but he hesitated to turn it in because he worried that people might hurt his family and ruin his business. I don’t think he did all that just to create publicity for himself.

      2. agreed. too huge of a risk for Kenny to take just to gain publicity.

    2. I thought Kenny was blackmailed by someone who claimed to have the video, not him having the video. If this was the case, how could he hand over the video to the police.

  7. Is it supposed to be Kenny Wee or Kenny Wong? Is Kenny Wong the same actor who acted in “The Threshold of a Persona” as the bad guy? Is it his restaurant?

  8. Eric likes to act as if he represents the whole industry, tking on that big brother role. Please, get lost you little man.

  9. Eric just added fuel to the fire. If the drug taking by Hiliary etc al wasn’t true, there is no need to do what he did. If he mind his own business, then the news would be old story by now.

  10. Eric Tsang –

    It takes one to know one …

    Jane Doe

  11. eric tsang looks so confident in this pic, i think what shu commented earlier is true, he must have gotten some help from the gangsters to keep kenny wee’s mouth shut, where are the police? are the gangsters or the police in control of hongkong? eric does not give face to the police force also

  12. in the first, the 5 drug users did not give face to kenny wee cos they took drugs in his restaurant, they were in the wrong, what else is there to say? is eric tsang blind? as the boss, he should protect the image of his company.. fire those drug users, maybe he is not of executive material, better to resign and let cti take over

  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eric is the main supplier of drugs in the entertainment industry. Thats why lots of celebs are defending him cause they need the supplies! And what? he’s the president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild? This guy has no talent whatsoever!

  14. People stop talking sh*t about Eric. He didn’t do anything to you guys. I bet you guys were the one watching his Super Trio Show. If he didn’t have talent then he won’t be having that show for over a decade. Aiigh. In ur face.

    Kenny Wee is a Douchebag!!!

    1. Wait.. so just because I enjoyed Super Trio means I *HAVE* to support everything Eric does?


      Sorry… I don’t buy into that train of thought.

      I do find it funny that you tell everyone to STAY OUT OF IT since it doesn’t involve us… but it’s okay for Eric to comment on it? He wasn’t involved either?


      1. U can’t read huh?? Ppl say he got no talent and sh*t. And I said he DOES, or else you won’t be watching his shows. DUHHHHHHHH

        He’s being a good friend and call this Douchebag out. I don’t see anything wrong with that. I guess u have no friend to back u up ever. If they are doing drugs, they should be arrested by now. Duhhh

      2. And just in case you don’t understand the meaning of the above… it’s that *IF* they are doing drugs then what Eric *SHOULD* be doing as a friend is finding them help. Not threatening people so that they can continue to enjoy their habit 😛

      3. You must be blind then. There’s no tape and no evidence and they are not even doing drugs. Whatever the truth is, Eric you go do your thangg.. All the haters up in this page. They got nothing on you.

    2. i don’t watch his dumb super trio show, it’s a waste of time

  15. There are no more gentleman in the HK entertainment industry.

    1. “no more”???

      When did the Showbiz Industry ever had LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

      1. I agree with that to some extent,but there are still some a number of decent ladies and gentlemen in the circle. however, it is getting more and more rare…That is getting rare outside of the circle as well…

  16. mlove, you need to go play with your barbies, or G I Joe. you are 10 years old right?. I thought so. Leave the discussion to adults. Let us talk about the little, feces eating pissant Eric tsang, bye bye.

  17. I can’t believe Eric can be so low class and stupid. He needs to shut his mouth before his reputation really goes down the drain completely.

    1. TVB can’t, they hire convicted felons to drive them to $$$$$!

    2. Or at least do not let him be the host for Miss HK. He is a pervert who has been hosting Miss HK years after years. It’s time to stop.

      1. I don’t get it either, he’s disrespectful to all the contestants and his jokes are rude and lame…I don’t understand why they ask him to host either.

  18. Calling ET…please go home and don’t meddle with other people affairs

  19. At least Eric isn’t scared to speak his mind. Have to give him credit for having the courage to say something so stupid.

  20. Gosh, why is he being so mean to dogs?? I can totally imagine becoming one in his next life is he doesn’t shut up….

    1. If Eric can create such a cruel story about a dog, I bet he ain’t someone who like animals at all.. obviously not an animal lover. Pity Eric really such a disgrace to the human race.

      1. Agree and is it me, or he looks an evil bulldog in the above photo??? I am not sure what he believes in, but if karma really works and all, he may become a animal of some sort in his next life…

      2. Hahaha, he does look like an evil bulldog with a thick disgusting saliva around its mouth and likes to bark!

        He was once a human being who later became a fat c-o-c-k-roach after all his evil deeds to the human race. Can’t be killed but must live in eternity eating crap every day, hahaha.

      3. You are soooo funny Exiodus… You always make me crack up….

  21. what he said (the above) and do (slapping kenny wee and seeking help from gangsters) is opposite of what tvb series normally promotes, honesty and other good values, same with jackie chan’s movies

  22. ET has developed a foul mouth through-out his acting years and has gotten to a point that is his “trademark” on TV making fun of others. Once someone starts to make fun of him , he will go on the defensive and summon his “underworld” connections to take care of business one way or another so many folks do not mess with him. He feels that he can now “with one hand cover the sky” or act with inpunity in the entertainment business. realize that TVB is somewhat like a triad family but legalized exercising control over their foot soldiers aka actors, actresses, studio and support staff, with low pay, long hours etc. Only former foot soldiers who have been promoted to top brass can bark or direct actions without having to answer to the family becuase they are part of the family. Thus, ET, the foul mouth lowlife was born. Yes, he is a douchebag and drunken one at that.

    1. Since he knows alot of underworld ppl etc, whe he had to apologised to Ah jeh aka Liza jeh when he said something offended her? Does Liza also know underworld? or just because of she has political connection?

      1. Really?? When was this? If that is true, then Liza really has either really high status or some sort of connections that would make everyone fear her…

      2. @HTS,

        yes, if I’m not mistaken, ET did apologised to Liza Wang for something he said which offended her.. if ET wasn’t scare of Liza, he wouldn’t give a damn about her.. I think Liza that time involved in some political position etc.

      3. elizabeth-liza jeh.. formely a delegate in the National People’s Congress, currently a member of the Chinese People’s Political consultative conference

    2. i completely agree w/u…he really thinks hes like the KING of TVB world or HK showbiz world thats y he’s always so rude and riducule ppl when he should be the one to behave himself.

      1. not forgetting eric tsang stole the slot time from natalis chan’s ah lek koh show to replace it with his own trio show, this is how he treats his friends

      2. oh no, ah lek show was a lot more better than eric tsang’s, ppl from all ages loved it, from toddlers to old grans, even the theme song was unique and children would sing along, not like the trio only bum shaking, at least natalis chan knows how to carry himself well

  23. Decades ago the showbiz was protesting against the involvement of triads in the industry.

    Now in this incident, are they sleeping with the gangsters???

    So they might be playing with fire eh!!

  24. The Police smash a prostitution ring involving chinese mainland girls and rich clients in HK recently and yet they can’t solve this abuse substance case.

  25. ET has been a follower of a Tibetan Buddhist Sect and I understand that one of the Buddhist Precepts is not to consume intoxicant which include drugs and alcohol or any abuse substance.

    He is a known alcoholic drunken and now is he defending drugs consumption.

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