Eric Tsang Powerless Over Yammie Nam’s Rape Case

Even though Eric Tsang (曾志偉) is one of the most resourceful members of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, he has been unable to locate Yammie Nam (藍潔瑛) and cannot state conclusively the truth behind her rape claims.

When Hong Kong’s Next Magazine first broke the story about Yammie’s rape confession on December 18, the public was both shocked and skeptical due to her unstable mental condition in recent years. Many began to speculate about the two dai gors, or film industry elites, who had sexually violated her over thirty years ago. Carina Lau (劉嘉玲), who was Yammie’s classmate during their TVB training days, was very upset by Yammie’s alleged misfortunes and immediately contacted good friend Eric to find ways to help.

As the former President of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, Eric attended a meeting to discuss the matter and spoke briefly about the Guild’s decision on December 24. Due to the Guild’s rules and perhaps legal reasons, he stated that the organization cannot help Yammie unless she voluntarily contacts them for assistance. He added that he has been unable to reach Yammie to further investigate her claims. “As of now, there is no way to uncover the truth because I rarely keep in touch with Yammie. I’ve heard that she has moved to Shenzhen. I don’t have her phone number, and can no longer connect to the one previously on record.”

Yammie denied her accusations shortly after her controversial interview was exposed, and has remained silent on the subject ever since. Recently immersed into religion, she was last seen publicly on December 23 as she returned to her Stanley home after attending church service. No longer willing to deal with the press, an accompanying church member spoke on Yammie’s behalf, saying that she is happy and healthy and asked the public to give her some personal space.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. If Eric Tsang wished to investigate Yammie’s rape claims further, all he has to do is speak with the reporters who last spotted her at the church. Eric can then speak with the church organizer regarding Yammie’s whereabouts.

    Eric’s response seems to be deflecting away from responsibility over the issue.

    1. Well he was asked to speak on behalf of HKPA, whom he is no longer the president and if correctly remembered, some ppl cheered when he voluntarily stepped down from the post not long ago. Let the actual president and committee hold responsibility and leave this man alone then, since it’s obvious the the current committee decision is ultimatum.

      1. Bandwagon hate because Eric didn’t support HKTV free tv license issue. I think jayne stars also covered this news, try hit Eric tag and see. Funny is that none of Eric detractors n rivals (fellow directors n producers) didn’t step up and assume responsibility after they forced him out.

    2. What responsibility!?!?!? When did somebody problems become Eric’s problems?!?!!?!!

      1. geen say but gow and he is always butting in like with Kenny Wee and throwing his weight around on the side DELIVERING the hurt – fascinating.

      2. Because he’s abusive to his family and to those who work around him. Just because he is in movies and in TVB shows, it doesn’t make him a role model.

  2. “Due to the Guild’s rules and perhaps legal reasons, he stated that the organization cannot help Yammie unless she voluntarily contacts them for assistance. ”

    How about as a friend?

    Anyway it is not his responsibility so I don’t see why Eric is tasked with taking care of her. She has her friends, her church. What Eric can do is to organise something for fund raising to help her out but again it is not his obligation or his responsibility.

    1. I agree with Funn that he can still help her as a friend. But it is not his responsibility and obligation to take care of her. He is not her husband, father or close family member.

    2. he had no problem butting in when it was against Kenny Wee – haha, Carina made it worse by mentioning him and she is still spotless because she is also an assault victim – no one notices how she won’t lend a helping hand to the only romantic opposite of her husband’s who did not date him

      1. Well said Cleo, well said. Eric is nothing more than a pimp who goes between the artists and the underworld. He’s a slime ball.

    1. How do you know that for sure? What kind of proof do you have to say that is the main suspect?

      1. i think it is about the fact that he butts in and acts the big brother to impose his will as a third party – those guys on the soccer team always have an opinion as seniors of sorts

    2. I think Freak is the main suspect. How i know?

      Errr, I don’t. I just make a casual remark, just like he can.

  3. A lot of insiders are alluding to Eric’s involvement.
    The guy is a director himself, so he can step up to say the truth and nothing would happen to him. People who are doing the shows on Now TV are so careful with this subject because they don’t wanna be stabbed by a triad member.

    A teary eyed Carina Lau also asked Eric to “help” Yammie directly (and her look was very very strange when she said it because she’s also been raped in the past.

  4. “who had sexually violated her over thirty years ago.”

    First, it said 10 years ago. But in 2003, she was already unstable. So, couldn’t be.

    Then it was said to be 20 years ago, but that time, she was in her prime, and have a good boyfriend. So, again, couldn’t be.

    Now it is 30 years ago. But hey, in 1984, she is hardly even famous yet.

    So, what about it??

    Even if she is to accuse and name someone now, her words alone won’t bring the ‘rapist’ to justice. No proof, no nothing.

    Eric might even be sued for making wrong accusations through the words of a mentally unstable woman.

    It is a lost cause. Leave her alone, for she wants to be alone. And she has also withdrawn her words said during the interview.

    Why drag her through her pain and agony all over again?? Over something where ‘victory’ is very slim. And besides, she has found solace in God, an dif people cannot ‘cure’ her, perhaps the divine can through the passage of time.

    She is only 49, she still has 20 to 30 years to live life to the fullest, in good health.

    Merry Christmas, this’s the season to be jolly and forgiving.

    1. Dude I totally agree with what you are saying leave her alone and let her have some personal space! But the main problem of this issue is that she was the one that insinuated this! and she did this clearly with a reason! Money?, Justice? or attention?

  5. If Yammie needed help,she would have voice out already,plus this case happened very long time ago. eric mentioned that he rarely keep in touch with yammie,maybe because they are not close friend enough to talk about this.

  6. Perhaps, she felt it was safe to reveal she was raped after the death of one of her rapists. But her revelation drew too much attention, hence, she denied her accusations.
    For many years she hadn’t been herself because of her past unhappy experiences. She was a mentally disturbed unhappy woman. Probably she was under the influence of substance abuse i.e alcohol, pills or both to numb her pains. This explains her erratic behaviors.
    Psychiatric medications don’t cure mental illness but it will improve the symptoms. Substance abuse will interfere and worsen mental disorders further.
    Of course, I am speculating as I am neither her psychiatrist nor psychotherapist. While I’m at it, I would like to add the possibility that she might have biochemical imbalance which caused her a mental breakdown.
    One thing for sure Yammie is healing because of her new faith and the supports of her fellow believers.
    I wish her well…

    1. because she has to pretend that everything okay to minimize the danger to herself so she is the only one that pays the price – these posts just reveal to me that my family MUST talk about it to THE WHOLE WORLD what Chinese gangsters, the government and Chinatown and the DIRTY journalists did to the three of us.

  7. Someone from the church spoke on her behalf and we know that she is safe and sound so leave her alone.

    1. the religion responsible for millions of innocent jews for over a thousand years

      bleating words – what a comfort that has been for the kiddie porn industry run by the yakuza in The Philippines. Is Cardinal Sin still in charge over there? Still preventing the poor from using birth control so that enrollment remains high amongst the desperate?

      Taro Aso is a Christian. His family mines used kidnapped Shanghainese children whose corpses and chinese clothing carpeted the ground beneath the feet of horrified POWs thrown down those same mines afterwards.

      My father’s murderers have a brother who is a priest.

      If a church was a solution, Carina Lau would have already joined. If a church is the solution, there would be no gangsters, no Lam Geet Ying’s lost decades plural because there would be no rape in the first place.

      Who needs prosecutors and jails when we have CHURCHES!

      Why do we bother having criminal law and criminal courts in Japan and Germany prosecuting the exact same crimes they themselves committed JUSTIFIABLY when those same justifications don’t let their own criminals free when their victims are inside their own tribe?

      1. Totally agree that religion cannot solve everything. If religion truly can solve everything then we all would not be suffering so much. Also not everyone believes in Christianity like Carina because she is Buddhist. They need to learn to that there are other beliefs out there.

      2. Every religion has their own black sheep.

        Christianity has different denominations. What you are referring to is the denomination known as Catholics.

      3. “he religion responsible for millions of innocent jews for over a thousand years”

        Btw, not all the jews are catholics..

      4. HeTieShou,

        Sorry that I came late into this conversation, but I agree with what you said. Not everyone seeks to religion after being raped, such as Carina. Despite she is a buddhist, I believe the main reason why she is so successful right now is that she is strong enough to face the reality, accept the past, and continue to live on. Yes, perhaps it does not do justice to her as the rapists are still not yet arrested and penalized, but she at least conveys a strong message to the world that people can still be successful and happy, and that they can still contribute to society despite being raped. Carina reminds me of Oprah Winfrey.

        Perhaps, it is fair to say that Yammie needs counselling, psychiatric treatment, psychotherapist medications, religion, or whatever that helps in order for her to live her life since everyone is different and approaches things differently. Yammie, after all, does not have a strong personality and is not able to do like what Carina did. She is not that type of person–naturally (and there is nothing wrong with this because, as I said, everyone is different and approaches things differently).

        At least Yammie is not in India where rape is legal.

  8. also because we are older and I think I am better at standing up to my mother – I don’t have any inherited delusions about playing nice and trying to get along with people and being decorous and being a lady – I don’t play tea party with demons and hyenas. Carina Lau and Eric Tsang’s remarks as well as Rosamund Kwans just highlight that there is no love, sympathy or simple humanity towards Lam Geet Ying but these social butterflies have delusions about being in the spotlight requiring some WISE public statements that well-brought up people are forced to stomach and silently move past because they are not blatantly WAI/corrupt.

    But that’s not how I see it. I have to take disturbingly shameless statements from third parties who enjoy torturing my mother and now my brother and I have NO Problem calling them on it. Maybe it is the vestiges of Sicilian nuns and their highly enjoyable scoldings but I don’t take ANY halfhearted halfwitted pablum – I think a younger Lam Geet Ying would crumple at discouraging cold water and that useless lawyer who wasn’t really helping while appearing like the cavalry. I think she can fight if she wants to but right now her alleged backtracking from the believable VIDEOTAPE may indicate that she is trying to play ball because she is penniless.

    I would fight simply because my family won’t be undestroyed regardless and because I am very sane and VERY ANGRY.

    1. You certainly takes everything to the next level. Too serious. Cheer up!!!!

      1. fighting ALWAYS cheers me up – I’ve been this way since I was a toddler – anger is vitamins

  9. the murderers usually aren’t stupid enough to come out and speak for themselves – certainly their children weren’t too clever in their words after that bouncer was murdered on my brother’s birthday but they feel confidant as do their third party operatives that their operatives may abuse with impunity – look at all those negative articles about Iris Chang that LIED about her accuracy. But I’m not Iris Chang – I will scrap as if I have all the time in the world with third parties and I WILL show them up for the fools and the liars that they are – trust me, I can do this very very well. I’m not prey.

  10. If Lam Geet Ying gets hurt physically – China will use this and let the publicity of it run AROUND THE WORLD – so much for Hong Kong democracy and rule of law because if you CANNOT, if you REFUSE to protect the innocents from Chinese Gangsters then bless you, you’re out. China will take over. No goodwill, no soft power and BELIEVE that this strikes the chord with OVER a billion Chinese who will hear about this and that sinking hopelessness and injustice tormenting her for DECADES will be shared because they will naturally and immediately understand what happened to her and how law enforcement LET it happen. The Mainlanders couldn’t even handle the original ending of Infernal Affairs. They can’t stomach more injustice atop what they sup on daily.

    have fun Hong Kong – the price is Lam Geet Ying and your inaction, your refusal to solve the problem over one little useless life with no authority or influence is going to come at a high permanent irrevocable cost.

    Because there is China. There will be no coup. It’s clear from To Kei Fung’s Drug War that China remains at war. The government WILL fix the poverty, the trauma, the wounds, they WILL fight organized crime.

    And if Hong Kong doesn’t do EVERYTHING to participate, HK will just be the hasbeen it deserves.

    Because this is unforgivable.

    Everyone is going to die for this war. China will not weaken its resolve. Look at Drug War – it is all there and the reasons why, the LOGIC of maintaining an absolute war on crime is THERE.

    The people will have no choice but to accept it. There will be no ZHEE ORN that everyone complains is inadequate if everyone folds their arms and LETS drug dealers, counterfeiters, sex slavers, murderers go about their BUSINESS.

  11. Have fun with all the Chinese immigrants flooding the West because China puts crimefighting over quality of life and making money. Because those same idiots are my rent control tenants – they are going to bring those problems from China to the West and because of the West’s professed position on awful Chinese government and those poor citizens – congratulations, you’ve just adopted hyenas and vampires, all the weak selfish hanjian are yours. lam Geet Ying will die eventually of her injuries – her bloodline will end – they’ll probably hunt her little brother – so what – that’s the price of her being “stubborn” – and then what? The West will just police these poor integrity Chinese who destroyed the good Chinese – you’ll make model minority out of them with your White Christmases, correct?

    My Dad – that’s the Gold – that’s the treasure, not his murderers or their ugly filthy children and their third party hyenas. This world is the world you deserve – this world of murloc princesses sashaying around the world with their deformed pelvises claiming Japanese ROYAL BLOOD (thanks for the warning) and Chinese cultural heritage as their own to safeguard.

    This world of hanjian is what you deserve if you do not break the confidence of Chinese organized crime because they are absolutely collaborating with the Japanese. When this war decloaks, what are you going to do with the hanjian? Intern them?

  12. you think this ends with Lam Geet Ying’s life? She was raped by DIFFERENT predators because she is too pretty, defenseless and because she was already damaged and therefore intimidated.

    It’s just the beginning of the slippery slope – eventually the world you help make with your dissembling and feigned disbelief and disinterest is going to come back on you. You think it is enough if Rosamund Kwan, Carina Lau and Michelle Reis don’t have daughters?

    If they don’t die before Japan decloaks and there is NO MORE Hong Kong society, they will be test driven just because they are famous. Iris Chang’s mother will not be too elderly to be pulled into a van and taught a lesson because Japan is FREE to decloak.

    This is the same thing as Lam Geet Ying’s situation – she will be taken away again.

    Hong Kong SUCKS if they don’t prevent this. I blame them. Don’t think it is UP TO Lam Geet Ying to file a useless police report. Hong Kong knows exactly who did it and they know EXACTLY what will prevent it.

  13. It’s quite sickening when people hate someone, they will focus all that blame on that target. I remember people bashing Eric for being Shirley Kwan’s child’s illegitimate father, which was denied by her. Where did all those people scuttle off to? Just biding their time to bash at him again when an article like this emerge.

    1. I totally don’t care about Shirley Kwan riding around in his car. Kenny Wee incident is the one that contributed to the outing of repressed dislike of Tsang Gee Wai. I haven’t liked him since his nastiness on EYT when I think he was imitating some Japanese game show. he seemed so rude and sadistic unless you were cool and pretty like Sammi Cheng then he would expressly not abuse you as he did with Sammi “nai leng, ngor forng gor nai”

  14. I’m pretty sure that the Chinese government knows what happened to my dad and I think that’s what Jackie Chang meant when he said that the American government is corrupt. It has nothing to do with my tiny private ant family but I can see where this will go eventually. Just another anecdote that pivots future history.

  15. all that HK democracy movement stuff every year, all that rule of law, all that KMT best behavior … and CCP government wins.

  16. I’m guessing China has an internet backup that the NSA can’t shut down.

    It’s going to be ON FIRE.

  17. I only know Lam Geet Ying from

    and I was so impressed because finally someone was aesthetically pleasant because I didn’t like the way 80s TVB dressed and made up their actresses

    then a year or so later I saw her in HK with Leung Chiu Wai’s girlfriend at the time Jung Wah Seen when I was going to the ladies’ room at the restaurant in our hotel.

    I just remembered her integrity in her portrayal of her character – I didn’t like many Moh Seen peformances and scripts because there was a lot of squawking but Lam Geet Ying’s character behaved silently but was still conveyed in her performance so I would prefer that kind of acting more otherwise I really don’t like the “Mor!??” expressiveness of Korean soap acting and the very loud hideous bickering of TVB.

    1. but because I am shallow, I only cared about Lam geet ying’s scenes for her clean hair, clean maquillage and sporty wholesome outfits – I was not interested at all in doodoo’s makeover or the horrible adultery – yukkers.

      but I remember looking forward to more of that style and the actress and I got neither so I was never a fan of tvb which was the only game in town – now the only comparable entertainment is ZZY in grandmaster – that’s too few and far between

      I want everyone to stop plucking their eyebrows.

  18. it doesn’t matter if she had lovers before and after her rapes, it doesn’t matter if she comes across as quite street level in her interviews – remember Anita Mui? I would marry either one of them before marrying a perfectly ladylike enemy to other women like those successful courtesans out there. These kinds of impoverished women are not shameful to me and I think at their logical core, Chinese people don’t think this has any bearing on the injustice of their suffering.

  19. I find it very hard to believe that so many rich families are despising the poor backgrounds of the beautiful girls who catch their heirs’ eyes when they are still tender and impressionable. If you didn’t like her at 19, get her some tutors and send her to medical school.


  20. Yeah – because going to her house or finding her at her church is too much work. The exercise might kill him.

  21. Religion for some people, is a means of communication (my 0.02 anyway). Whatever they cannot say, they say in prayers. And through that purging, they get relief and sometimes solutions (which they can think are miracles that happened through praying).

    Eric can be very kind. He was helping Nami for a while back then, because he’s also in some Buddhist association. (but sometimes helping people can backfire. who knows what went on, and why he cannot say some things? for eg i was going all out to help a client and she crossed the line by asking to borrow money for some frivolous reason like using my bank card # as deposit for cosmetics. am I supposed to be truthful and bad mouth her to other colleagues? the only way is to keep my distance and back off).

    Jackie himself (while no rapist probably) hangs around the same crowd who consider women as play things. One of his friends is the Emperor himself … the one possibly associated with Lau Kar-Ling’s case. Why not this one?

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