Eric Tsang to Shake Up “Young and Restless”?

Eric is expected to make his presence felt after taking on his new executive role at TVB.

With Eric Tsang (曾志偉) returning to TVB as Deputy General Manager, major restructuring has been seen in the managerial ranks, with Herman Ho (何哲圖) resigning from his CEO position at Voice Entertainment and his wife Sandy Yue (余詠珊) switching tracks to sales development. Besides production, major changes are also expected to be dealt to signature variety talk show Young and Restless <#後生仔傾吓偈> and well as Voice Entertainment artistes.

Airing since 2017, Young and Restless is on five days a week and covers issues and topics for younger demographics. The current band of young hosts–Krysella Wong (黃凱儀), Sandy To (杜穎珊), Sharlene Wong (王虹茵), Yanyan Chan (陳欣茵), Kayan Yau (游嘉欣), Bonnie Lui (呂靜文), Danny Hung (孔德賢) and Enson Lau (劉頌鵬)–are expected to be on the receiving end of major pressures and may not continue with the program.

Sandy Yue’s Artistes to Lose Favor?

Aside from revamping variety show productions, another top priority for Eric is to improve TVB’s relationship with three of Hong Kong’s major music labels. At a press conference, Eric met with executives from the companies and Voice Entertainment artistes including Pakho Chau (周柏豪) and Jinny Ng (吳若希) were present. However, Hana Kuk (菊梓喬) was only arranged to stand at a corner spot in the day’s line-up, which was seen as a sign of her lowered status after management changes.

Eric’s new position may also signify the “demotion” of certain artistes who were single-handedly promoted to prominence by Sandy Yu, such as Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Tony Hung (洪永城), Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明), and Janis Chan (陳貝兒) who would no longer be as favored.

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Eric Tsang’s Return Rocks TVB Management

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  1. good! I dont wanna see Tony Hung in any series for heavens sake. Gotta start promoting the supporting actors such as Stephen Wong (黃嘉樂).

  2. a huge earthquake is on the way I bet some artist are kind of getting worried they ain’t longer the favorites who keeps getting roles…

  3. it’s a huge shake up for sure what there gonna do remove all old artist and move all noobs in the frontline!!! now i know how my mom feels when she’s gets annoyed and say of how TVB is not the same back in her days its rubbish drama and shows

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