Explosive Spoilers for “Tiger Cubs” Revealed!

Since its broadcast, TVB action drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎> has thrilled audiences.  Featuring muscular men such as Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Him Law (羅仲謙), and Vincent Wong (王浩信) as Special Duties Unit (SDU) officers, female audiences were especially excited about Tiger Cubs. The first episode featured Kenneth Ma (馬國明) as a ruthless criminal, delivering an adrenaline rush that had audiences eager for more!

Rumored Sequel and Movie

The enthusiastic reception of Tiger Cubs has already spurred plans for a sequel and movie, to be released during the Lunar New Year holiday. Producer Lam Chi Wah (林志華) said, “I would love to make a movie version! The content can focus on the new generation of SDU members. It would not be a problem to have the original cast come back!”

Although Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan were no longer TVB managed artists, they were happy to act in the Tiger Cubs sequel. Joe said, “If the reception is good and a sequel were to be filmed, I am willing to come back. Jessica and I are grateful [towards TVB] and will come back if our help is needed.”

Jessica said, “TVB is still my first home. How can the sequel not have me? I also find that I look pretty cool holding a gun for the first time. I hope to forge a new blood line!”

Explosive Spoilers Revealed!

Each episode of Tiger Cubs was filmed in a mini-movie format with a $10 million HKD budget. Each episode is 90 minutes long, with a total of 13 episodes. Due to its broadcast time slot on the weekends, fans complained that they had to wait too long for each episode to be aired. Spoilers for the ensuing episodes have been leaked, along with the plot twists, love triangles, and thrilling finale!

Joe Ma, Jessica Hsuan, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), and Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) will be involved in a love rectangle. Although engaged to Christine’s character, Joe will secretly fall for Jessica’s character, who often risks her own life while pursuing criminals. Vincent Wong will be beating his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤), who portrays an explosives expert. Him Law will fall off a moving car and suffer severe injuries. In the finale, Kenneth Ma escapes from prison, having a massive shoot out with the SDU members!

Episode 3: Joe Ma and Jessica Hsuan’s Love Forms

In a SDU mission, Joe Ma suffered a bullet wound while trying to save Jessica Hsuan. After he recovers, Joe and Jessica’s love takes early form. The pair often go fishing together. Complicating the matter was that Joe was already engaged to flight attendant, Christine Kuo.

Episode 4: Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo’s Love Sparks

Oscar Leung and Joe Ma were very good friends. While Oscar’s elder sister, Jessica’s good feelings for Joe start brimming, Oscar has harbored a secret crush on Christine Kuo for a very long time. He met Christine even before Joe did. After Joe and Christine have an argument, Christine and Oscar were drawn closer together. When Joe discovered that Oscar and Christine have been exchanging flirtatious text messages, the men’s friendship were tested while the SDU members branded Oscar as a traitor!

While pursuing a criminal, Him Law throws himself on top of a moving car. However, he loses his grip and falls off the car, sustaining severe injuries. Due to Him’s character’s arrogant attitude, he was berated by Joe Ma for not following SDU procedure.

Episode 6: Jessica Hsuan Nearly Loses Life at Gunpoint

As an Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB) Inspector, Jessica Hsuan’s character often ran into life-threatening situations. Lee Sing Cheung’s (李成昌) character was a corrupt police officer who lost his job after Jessica launched an investigation. Proceeding to seek revenge, Lee Sing Cheung beat Jessica with a steel rod and even pointed a gun to her head. Fortunately, Joe Ma rescued Jessica from Lee Sing Cheung’s violent beating.

In episode 6, Pierre Ngo (敖嘉年) will make an entrance as an orchard heir, who enacts revenge upon Wei Ai (艾威), who had raped Pierre’s ex-girlfriend, leading to her suicide.

Episode 9: Natalie Tong as a Psychologist Obsessed with Firearms 

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) will portray a psychologist who enjoys the thrill of shooting people as live targets. She enjoys altering gun parts for her customized needs. Natalie will successfully control Jessica’s emotional will, while luring Joe Ma to act as her live target.

Episode 11: Derek Kwok Intent to Kill Jessica Hsuan

As a wealthy heir in the Walled City of Hong Kong, Derek Kwok’s (郭政鴻) illicit business dealings were interrupted by Jessica. Derek convinces Jazz Lam (林子善), who has minor intellectual disabilities, to murder Jessica.

Episode 12: Vincent Wong Beats Yoyo Chen

For a long period of time, Jessica has been obsessed with finding the criminal who took her fiance, Geoffrey Wong’s  (黃子雄) life in a bomb explosion. Masquerading as an introverted secretary, Yoyo Chen turned out to be a secret explosives expert who had killed Geoffrey Wong. When Yoyo was about to detonate a bomb to kill Jessica, SDU officer, Vincent Wong makes a critical play to slap and knock down Yoyo!

Episode 13: Kenneth Ma Escapes from Prison

In the first episode of Tiger Cubs, Kenneth Ma, portrayed a ruthless criminal that was eventually arrested by the SDU officers. In episode 13,  Kenneth’s wife, JJ Jia (賈曉晨) helps him escape from prison. Kenneth barges into the police station and beats up Oscar Leung until he coughs up blood! A massive gunfire will occur in the grand finale of Tiger Cubs, as the SDU officers combat the most dangerous criminal it has faced yet!

Source: Sudden Weekly #884 via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Is it too early to consider filming “Tiger Cubs”? I think the success of the drama is due to more compact story telling, with a high point in each episode. Something discussion worthy in each episode, as well as the more expensive budget for the filming. 

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  1. So far, I have watched this serie up to episode 2. The first episode was exciting because it had Kenneth’s great acting. Episode 2 was boring for me eventhough I like the main casts in this serie.

    1. i agree. episode 1 was thrilling and exciting but I think it must be because of ma ming because i feel the excitement went down in episode 2.

  2. I’m looking forward to the episode where Natalie is going to be in it. 😀
    Her acting has improved so much in the past year or so.

  3. My hunch was right JJ only sold Kenneth out so she can save him! I actually really like the Kenneth and JJ love line it’s so sweet! I read a spoiler that Jessica ends up dying 🙁

  4. Then why bother watching when all the spoilers are out? And my hunch was correct about the big time finale. Now I knew why not a hint of Kenneth’s reaction in episode 1 over her betrayal.

  5. Most probably kenneth and JJ had already planned this when they get caught. Everyone knew wat is going to happen when JJ is released. Use your brains to think!! There is don’t need to say “I knew it” or something like that. -.-

    1. Is your brain bigger? Why not think for the rest of us smaller brains one?

      1. LOL! Love your comments Funn! I really enjoy the series. I wish I understand Cantonese so I can catch up. The waiting is killing me…hehehe

  6. Bahaha SPOILER ALERT!! Spoiled the series for myself in a good way! I really enjoy Tiger Cubs but only one episode each week makes me anticipated for more. It’s nice how Joe and Jessica will return for a sequel even though they aren’t with TVB any more. Hopefully an movie or a sequel will be nice! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! Yeah 😀

  7. omg i hope nothing bad happens to oscar in the end! he’s my favorite, love how he winks haha

    1. Oh yes yes yes!!! The point in episode 2 when he winked at Jessica…SO CUTE!!! 😀

      So far, Tiger Cubs appears to be a very good series but it’s true that waiting a whole week just for a new episode feels fairly draggy. Oh well, all for a good series. 🙂

    2. Haha love Oscars wink!! In the 3rd episode last night did you see he wink to Christine K?? Cuteness 😀

      1. and his wink at her when they were in the bar in episode 2 was also adorable xD

    3. But she seems to be uninterested!! >;[[[ hahaha

    4. I’ve never paid much attention to Oscar and his acting prior to Tiger Cubs and I’ve heard on many occasions that he’s come a long way and his acting is now very good or at least on par. Now that I’ve watched 2 episodes, I agree that his acting has improved and I also find him to be very cute when he does his trademark wink. His hairstyle in the series also makes him stands out from the rest of the gang and suits him very well.

  8. Jessica looks cool in this serie. I recaled she’s ever played detective character. I like tiger cubs story line. So far 1st episode is better than 2nd one 🙂

  9. Thank you very much for the spoiler alert!! Why is there a necessary to elaborate in a detail manner. I love the idea of this series. No draggy plot, promising action in every episode. Too bad it only airs once every week. Really kill my patience to wait for every epi. Heard it previously that they will air it on both sat & sun . Now shorten to only once ? Anyone plz correct me .

    1. Agreed! TC plot not draggy totally! Except that Joe Ma is boring like hell and no personality. Oscar is much better to watch!

    2. Starting this week, they will air it on Sat (14) & Sun (15).

      1. @DC– Wow really? That is great. Thanks for the info

      2. NP~ It will air every Saturday & Sunday up to episode 9. Don’t know about the rest of the episodes yet. Hopefully the 4 last episodes will air on a weekday? 😀

  10. “Kenneth barges into the police station and beats up Oscar Leung until he coughs up blood! A massive gunfire will occur in the grand finale of Tiger Cubs, as the SDU officers combat the most dangerous criminal it has faced yet!”

    Looking great!

  11. 13 episodes just like Singaporean drama, Secrets For Sale. Thumbs up. Can’t wait to watch this!

  12. “In a SDU mission, Joe Ma suffered a bullet wound while trying to save Jessica Hsuan.” Didn’t quite happen yet…

  13. The info of article is not quite correct. Nothing has been happened yet for Joe & Jessica in ep3. Probably ep 4 or 5. In the other side, in an interview, Jessica revealed that her character in this serie will die at the end. How TVB make sequel? if yes, then no Jessica in or they have to make up twin sister which is rediculous 🙂 I like Jessica much in this character. She proves that she can act in many types of characters not to repeat on role 🙂 Good job Jessica even she’s now 41 but still look bold & young compared with new lines of actresses.

    1. Totally agree with your comment. I love Jessica in the show, she gives the refreshing feeling to the audience, so cool and I never think she could act Madam so well like this.

      In the other side, I love the way TVB let Jessica die in someway. Not boring because TVB a long time never make the leading role die =))

      1. “I love Jessica in the show, she gives the refreshing feeling to the audience, so cool and I never think she could act Madam so well like this.”

        Isn’t that what Jess is good at playing? She did the best in tough professional lady roles.

      2. Kidd, it is only that sort of roles Jess built her career on. So I don’t get why she is any different in Tiger Cubs. BUT in Tiger Cubs her character to me is suicidal and depressed. So I guess that vulnerability is something Jess rarely get to display.

  14. 1. First time I watched Him on screen after the forgettable what name series. Now I understand why girls flock to him, older sister A list Tavia notwithstanding. Not even hints of being bashed up when dating, or stripping to keep a certain rich old man smiling can keep bees away from honey.

    He reminds me of Louis Koo and Aaron Kwok, in their good ways, not a barbequed burnt Louis or the “Love love love you no end” Aaron, with a hand gesture as famous as Michael Jackson’s bandaged fingers in Cantopop. You know the one I mean: Put out your left hand, open your palm and twirl it around three times at each “Love” and shake your bon bon.

    Mark my words. This guy is going to the movies. And I am too polite to say what will happen to Tavia in my crystal ball.

    2. Grouse of the day: The gods are not fair. Vincent what his name has the same number of muscles (yeah, I counted!) and probably spent as much on gym membership fees as Him but this is a guy who only looks muscular naked! I mean it! Tear of his shirt and he looks like Incredible Hulk! Put on clothes and he looks like puny, weakling, crybaby mama’s boy!

    I swear I am not kidding. Poor guy! He should try to get a special exemption from the police for indecent behavior or something, because, you know he has to walk around naked everyday everywhere. That is the only way he can look good.

    3. A guy whom BATHED.

    Oscar Leung was initially a smelly, scruffy, dusty good for nothing who did not bath for weeks and this show managed to get him to bathe.

    How do I know? The smell is not emanating from his armpits anymore.

    I think he is a good actor. Previously I had to hold up my nose whenever he appeared on screen because the stench was too suffocating. Now he looks like he smells of baby talcum powder.

    4. Christine Kuo Versus Chamaine

    Battle of the two Cs?

    Hands up those who prefer a buxomly, air head who is full of irrelevant giggles and has a whole head of hair bands?

    Hands up those who prefer an aging, wise monitor lizard whose neck looks scaly?

    1. Canto,
      Him has already starred in a major film, Patrick Kong’s “Marriage With a Liar,” in which he had numerous topless scenes opposite costars Chrissie Chau and E-Cup Carol.

    2. Aaron Kwok > Him Law.

      As for Vincent, I think it’s because he’s tall. So, he didn’t look as muscular with his shirt on. Plus, his muscle really aren’t as big as Him’s. I saw the bathroom scene. Him’s muscles are bigger. I personally prefer his kind of muscles over the overly bulky type like Him’s.

      1. I have a soft spot for Vincent Wong because I really do think he can act. In Tiger Cubs he displayed all his character’s insecurity well, but unfortunately Him Him gets the attention because his character is all brash and all but somehow my eyes will shift to Vincent Wong and his stricken look when he knew he screwed up.

      2. Yes, it is because Vincent is very tall, so his muscles won’t look very prominent. I definitely prefer him lookwise because I swoon over tall guys, lol. Only exception is Joe Ma.

      3. @ Funn,

        I really like Vincent too. I wasn’t very keen on his character because in the first couple of episodes, he seemed to only be there to prop Him. I was thrilled to see character development for him in E3. Regardless of characters, my eyes will always go to Vincent over Him whose OTT acting makes me want to gauge my eyes out. Doesn’t help that his character is so obnoxious.

      4. I love Vincent when I watched him in Gun Metal Grey. I thought he relates to Joe Ma because they have the same look and height.

    3. Maybe another scandal will finish Him off, hence the end of his movie career dream? Of course he is going to the movies. Question is will he go to the awards?

    4. Canto:

      Why did u need to compare Christine to charmaine out of nowhere? Can u reference the pic that shows her scaly, lizard neck? Sheesh! Why complain about Oscar’s stinky armpit when your breath is just as bad.

      1. Ah, my bad! I got Jessica’s name wrong.

        Not Charmaine.

        But sorry if I offended anyone. Don’t mean to…!

  15. The third episode of “Tiger Cubs” is 30 pts, peaking at 31 pts.

  16. I do hope Jessica don’t get killed by the end of this series

  17. 4 more episodes to go but have not seen love spark between Joe & Jessica yet. So the sequence of Tiger Cubs is inevitable.
    Hope Jessica doesn’t die. If yes then how the sequence is? Jessica said TVB confirmed there is seq & invited her in.

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