Fala Chen Films Ad in New York City

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Fala Chen Films Ad in New York City

It has been three years since Fala Chen (陳法拉) enrolled at The Juilliard School to get her master’s degree in acting. With graduation drawing near in a few months, Fala could not believe that time has passed so quickly. But the 36-year-old actress is eager what the next stage in her career will bring.

Fala said, “Lately, I’ve been preparing for my showcase project. In our graduating class, we have to star in a play in April. This is my last project. I will be graduating very, very soon.” After her graduation, Fala hopes to take a vacation. Her friend recommended that there is a trip itinerary which involves taking a boat from Argentina to Antarctica to see penguins.

During her studies, Fala has often filmed ads to supplement her income. In a recent jewelry ad, Fala filmed in the well-known districts of Soho, Flatiron, and Herald Square in New York City. Fala was even seen at the 34th Street subway station sitting on a wooden bench while passengers walked by.

Reflecting on her first piece of precious jewelry, Fala said, “When I was 18 years old, my mother purchased a silver diamond necklace for me at a department store. Although the necklace is now missing, but I’ll always cherish my mother’s thoughtfulness and love.”

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    1. tiffany says:

      She’s glowing

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    2. kidd says:

      Fala Chen looks really beautiful lately. She also looks happier.

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    3. itgirlnyc says:

      34th Street is my neighborhood. Fala is elusive and the only time I have seen her in NYC is when I purchased a ticket to see her class performance Trojan Women last month at Juilliard. She was excellent. I can’t think of another HK actor/actress that would be able to handle Juilliard. Fala will be a international star.

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