Fan Bingbing and Li Chen’s Passports Stolen in Japan?

High-profile couple Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) and Li Chen (李晨) recently made a trip to Japan. While they stayed at a hotel in Kyoto, however, their passports were secretly photographed and then circulated online alongside allegations that the two had lost their identification papers. The Japanese police is currently investigating the case.

When Bingbing and Li Chen were in Kyoto, a netizen revealed to friends on WeChat that he had picked up the actor and actress’s passports near the Shi-jo Station on the Karasuma Line of the Kyoto Municipal Subway. The netizen also reported that a hotel entry card for Room #1512 was placed inside one of the passports, as well as a hotel bill for five people.

Other netizens questioned the validity of the story, as did Fan Bingbing’s studio, which made an announcement on Weibo yesterday afternoon to clarify that Bingbing and Li Chen’s passports had not been lost. Instead, their passports had most likely been secretly photographed, judging from video footage taken by the hotel’s closed-circuit cameras.

“Bingbing went to Kyoto for work, and Li Chen went with her,” the announcement stated. “Their passports have not been lost; they were on the desk in her manager’s room, along with the hotel bill. Thus, we suspect that the photographs of the passport and hotel bill were taken in the hotel room.

“After viewing the monitors,” the report went on, “we discovered that yesterday, a total of four attendants entered the room to clean it – three of them Japanese, one Chinese. Currently, the police are already involved in this and are starting to investigate.”

Despite this inconvenience, Bingbing and Li Chen have not allowed the situation to detract from their romantic getaway in Japan. The two lovebirds were later seen in the city of Nara, where they fed deer and behaved intimately.

Source: Oriental Daily

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