Fan Bingbing Missing on the Set of “355”

After facing charges for tax evasion and her breakup with Li Chen (李晨), Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) will be making a comeback with Hollywood action spy thriller 355. While all the other main casts are currently filming in Paris, Fan Bingbing was not seen on the set and many are questioning if her scandal is impacting her role in the movie.

Behind-the-Scenes Video: Fan Bingbing is Not with the Cast

Directed by Simon Kinberg, the female-led thriller also stars Penelope CruzJessica ChastainDiane Kruger and Lupita Nyong’o with Sebastian Stan as the male lead. In the released behind-the-scene video, all the main characters except Fan Bingbing were seen preparing and training for the movie. Adding to the mystery, the main cast took a group picture but Fan Bingbing’s presence was inserted via a photograph.

In the few instances that Fan Bingbing appeared in the video, Fan Bingbing was seen by herself while she practiced boxing and driving. However, the actress posted the footage on her Instagram and expressed her joy in filming, “I am honored to join 355!”

Reasons for Absence

According to Variety, Fan BingBing is likely having difficulties filming with the other cast because of a travel ban tied to the outstanding payments from her tax evasion scandal. Also, it is implied that Fan Bingbing’s scenes will be filmed separately and will be added to the movie during post-production.

Although Fan Bingbing did not comment regarding her travel ban, the actress had traveled to Korea for a fashion photoshoot in June, indirectly proving the speculations to be false.

Source: Ettoday

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