Fans Call Out Leehom’s Ugly Hair

In the spirit of the Double Fifth Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, Taiwanese American singer Wang Leehom (王力宏) shared a rare family portrait he took with his wife and two daughters on Tuesday.

The photo features the 41-year-old singer holding a zongzi, or sticky rice dumpling—a traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival—while his older daughter Wang Jiali (王嘉莉), who is turning 3 in July, points at it. Leehom’s wife Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾) looks down at Jiali while she is holding their younger daughter Wang Jiana (王嘉娜), born in October 2016. For privacy, Jiali and Jiana’s faces were not shown to the camera.

“Today is a big day,” wrote Leehom. “It’s the Dragon Boat Festival! This year, our family has added an extra member to celebrate the day, and also an extra zongzi!”

Fans showered the Wang family with love and glee, commenting on Leehom’s cute and sweet message. Some fans, however, left behind very honest comments about Leehom’s looks, jokingly calling out Leehom as the ugliest member of the Wang family—many are saying that Leehom’s middle parting has go to go!”

“I’m so disappointed with your hair recently,” wrote the hilarious fan. “Out of the four you’re the ugliest. (But you’ll no longer be after you cut your hair!)”


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