Felix Wong and Bernice Liu to Star in City Telecom’s Ghost Series!

From the surface, newly formed Hong Kong broadcasting station, City Telecom (CTI), did not appear to have done much, but in fact, it was busily preparing for their first drama, which will be based on Hollywood movie, The Sixth Sense. Felix Wong (黃日華) and his 21-year-old daughter will star in CTI’s new series. Other cast members include Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀).

As the first generation of “housewife killer,” Felix Wong has a loyal audience following. With his daughter, Wong Tsz Ching (黃芷晴) in tow to star in her first series, CTI’s new drama will no doubt generate hot discussion and pull in ratings. Tsz Ching was completing her fourth year of studies in Social Sciences and had expressed long-time interest in entering the entertainment industry. Although Felix often went to mainland China to film dramas, he will spend time with Tsz Ching in his free time, generating a good father and daughter relationship.

Asked about partaking in CTI’s new drama, Tsz Ching bowed her head and did not respond. Felix’s wife and Tsz Ching’s mother, Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華) said, “Where did you hear the news about Tsz Ching filming a series? She is still studying in school! Why don’t you ask her father?” Felix Wong did not respond to the press’ inquiries before the print deadline.

Filming Drama in August

Aside from being swayed by CTI’s owner, Ricky Wong’s (王維基) sincerity, Felix Wong decided to film the new television drama due to its emphasis on high quality. Inspired by The Sixth Sense, CTI’s new drama will be a family suspense story centering around ghosts and Felix Wong’s father-daughter relationship. Bernice Liu will have romantic arcs with Felix Wong and Kelvin Kwan. The drama will focus on Felix’s character and feature several ghost stories in the narrative.

Asked about filming in CTI’s new drama, Bernic Liu replied, “We did discuss the matter. However, I am uncertain yet, as I have to complete filming two mainland dramas first.”

The scriptwriter for the new series was Lau Choi Wan (劉彩雲), who wrote the two installments of Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>. Due to Ricky Wong’s priority in featuring a high-quality production as its first series, the original filming date has been postponed from March to August, requesting that the script be fine tuned to its best form prior to filming.

CTI’s Official Operations to Start in October

CTI applied for a license to operate a free broadcasting television station in Hong Kong and although the government has not yet formally approved the application, CTI has already started assembling staff. CTI tentatively planned for 8 new dramas. Aside from the series based on The Sixth Sense, CTI will also feature Soler in a musical-based drama, which will start filming the earliest in March.

Although CTI did not build its filming studio yet, this was not an issue at this time since all dramas will be filmed at real locations. CTI will hold a press conference at the end of February and officially begin operations in October.

Artists Who Have Signed With CTI

Ricky Wong was rumored to have budgeted $600 million HKD in recruiting cast and production staff for CTI. According to Apple Daily, the below artists have signed or will sign with the newly formed broadcasting station:

Leading Stars

Kenik Kwok (郭可盈)
Jessica Hsuan (宣萱)
Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)
Bernice Liu (廖碧兒)
Maggie Cheung (張可頤)

Felix Wong (黃日華)
Frankie Lam (林文龍)
Joe Ma (馬德鐘)

Supporting Actors

Catherine Chau (周家怡)
Lam Hui Fung (林曉峰)

Keung Lai Man (姜麗文)
Keung Man Kit (姜文杰)
Eddie Li (李雨陽)
Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪)
Maria Chan (陳霽平)
Wu Kwing Lung (胡烱龍)

Veteran Actors

Yue Mo Lin (余慕蓮)
Paul Chun (秦沛)
John Chiang (姜大偉)
Feng Subo (馮素波)
Ai Wei (艾威)
Lai Bei Tak (黎彼德)
Wong Chak Fung (黃澤鋒)
Chan Wing Chun (陳榮峻)

Production Staff

Cheung Wah Biu (張華標)
Terry Tong (唐基明)
Chu Keng Kei (朱鏡棋)


Excerpt from Face Magazine and Apple Daily

Jayne: Wow, CTI’s new drama, based on The Sixth Sense, sounds like a very interesting project. I do believe that Felix will film for CTI, as he openly had very positive blog exchanges with Ricky Wong on Weibo. I think Bernice Liu will likely work out as well.

Hopefully, CTI’s creation will pressure TVB to get their act together and produce higher quality dramas as well. The audience will benefit in having more choice in watching Cantonese dramas with Hong Kong flavor.

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  1. TVB will be hurt for sure – financially and mentally. If other stations have 10-15 point rating, TVB income will be seriously damaged.

  2. CTI’s line-up looks great! I can’t believe they managed to get all those veterans to jump ship!

    Although I have my reservations, I do wish the station luck because this could be the thing to make TVB shape up and TV-viewers will benefit if this results in two good stations.

    1. Advo,
      ” I can’t believe they managed to get all those veterans to jump ship!”

      CTI reportedly paid artists several times more than their old TVB salary. Certainly, money talks. Also, Ricky Wong is not a newcomer to the Hong Kong broadcasting industry. He was a former majority stakeholder at ATV, so he has some experience in producing dramas and programs.

      Hopefully, CTI can take cues from Japanese and Korean dramas and produce shorter format shows (11 to 13 episodes) that feature less cast members but have tighter narrative and less filler space. I always felt that TVB’s 20 episode format is too long; half the footage can be cut and half the characters removed without impacting the bottom line too much. TVB series are too crowded and feature too many side distractions.

      1. TVB used to produce short, but good quality series back in the days. Now, eh…

      2. I just finished a 40 episodes old TVB series. Not very short.

      3. The Japanese drama were one episode weekly, I wonder can Hong Kong audience at use to that? if to show every weeknights then the show will end in half a month?

      4. Korean dramas are usually 70 minutes per episode while hong kong drama is 45 minutes.
        So there isnt really much of a difference

      5. Jayne,
        I don’t really agree that 20 eps is too long. It just depends on the series and the plotline of that series. Remember back in the days when some series were 40 or eve 60 eps but were still good?? Remember how long Looking Back In Anger was??? 11 or 13 eps can be bad if the story itself is bad… Length doesn’t always signify if a series is good or not… However, I do agree that if a series is too long and draggy(even if it is only 20 eps) then it is no longer good with all of those filler episodes…

        By the way, Korean series can be really really long. I have seen 2 that are over 100 eps!1 They were so long, boring and redundant….

      6. I think Jayne means that TVB today can’t produce a quality series as long as 20 episodes. Just look what happened to BP with the final episode, LOL

        Can’t compare to the real grand production back in the 80s with almost perfect casting and good scritpwriting.

      7. @exiodus,
        Thanks for clarifying that and I agree… I really miss the golden old days of TVB.. I wonder if TVB will ever have another golden era like the 80s??

      8. Well im pretty sure there is no golden era ahead on the other hand i think:

        620 + “46” = the end of TVB

        and 2012 is the beginning of the end, LOL

      9. Well then a good resolution for TVB is to kick 620 out…. Who is 46?? if he/she is bad, then kick them out too… I am sure there are way more fair and nicer people to work for TVB if they want to fair against these new companies…

      10. “46” is not a single person but a composition of “some” people working in TVB with close connetion to 620, hehe

      11. @Exiodus,
        Who are the “some people” that you are referring to??? I really don’t know why TVB gives 620 so much power?? Don’t tell me that they don’t even see her bringing them down….

      12. @HTS

        Well these “some people” can be anyone I don’t know all of them myself and it keeps changing all the time. I think “cough” sausage sister is a member of 46 though, LOL

      13. Ok now I am confused with all these numbers. 620 I get. 46? Who is or what is or … aiyah… 46?!

      14. I used to watch a lot of TW, Japanese and Korean dramas but I went back to TVB recently. Taiwanese dramas are too kiddish, idealistic and flippant for my tastes. Love stories were lame esp the idol dramas. I can say I liked a select few because there were some that tackled more mature themes but generally I don’t actively seek TW dramas unless I like the actors or the storyline.

        Japanese dramas have remained consistently good, but having to read subs is a pain. Searching for them is hard too, and trying to look for a good one or a hidden gem (amongst the gazillions they produce) is sometimes tedious.

        Korean dramas have seriously annoyed me so much. Melodramatic, draggy, sappy, repetitive and sometimes outright stupid… Ugh, the episodes are too long as well. Actresses usually look alike and its lame that a lot of idol singers have gotten starring roles in dramas because they just can’t act. I know you mention all the side distractions but I actually ike that more in the sense that I’m noy watching 20 eps on the two same darn people and their dramatic and heartwrenching love story and the cycle they got themselves into. I much prefer some filler work problems or family issues or friend side story. I love how Tvb uses their kelefes and supporting cast, whereas Korean dramas are thr four or so leads and that’s it. Friends appear once or twice. No one recognises the randoms in kor dramas. I don’t know, I likr that tvb is more likr a family than a whole network of actors the way kdrama industry is like. And honestly it may sound like I hate hallyu but I don’t. I love their kpop (well the older idols) & their kvariety. But kdramas have bored me to death recently.

    2. I have a feeling cti will be just another atv.good luck to them.you cannot just really on series but also annual gala shows

  3. Not only is this good pressure on TVB, but also more interesting dramas for me to watch, lol. Support!

    1. I love the pressure too and yes the drama does look interesting. I support this too

  4. Would be interesting to see Steven Ma to jump on to CTI…

  5. The signed artists does not appeal to me at all. They are all formerly tvb artists.

    I am looking forward to original plots (not housewife series with the same concept all the time) with a new cast (with no famous actors/actresses). TVB had some series in the past with only new actors/actreses in it.

    1. All TVB seniors actually. I dont feel anything fresh here, but they still have audience power. Anywho, just hope they can create rush competition so that we can see good series from both side.

      1. I agree. But they bring with them experience and hopefully a bevy of fresh faces later on who will depend on these stable stars. After all who would watch a series by nobodies? However I hope the stories are fresh or at least somewhat fresh because if not they’re just a recycled TVB. As of now I am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz over some names in the list.

      2. I think Ricky is prioritizing on the fresh and top form script. I for one am interested over the 6th Sense theme.

      3. Then again, most of the famous HK artists came from TVB anyways (or had once been affiliated with TVB), so it’s not a surprise. You wouldn’t want to cast an unknown lead to be in your grand opening series…

      4. Well everyone starts off as nobodys until people start to know them.. I think everyone needs to give everyone who is a new a chance… I still think some of the most important aspects in a series are the stories/plotline and the script…

    2. yeah, agree with ya. Im glad to see Felix though.

      Want to see some new faces and it would be better with something like “ghost hunt”

      Anyway go City Telecom!

    3. There is way more to a series than just the cast. I don’t mind the cast but am looking forward to the fresh storyline and scripts. However, the fact that they are basing it on the 6th sense is nothing really fresh at all. I guess since many series are being made or have been made(not just by TVB but other companies as well)so it no surprise they have ran out of ideas and have to keep on repeating and recycling themes, storylines,etc… I wonder where they will get any original ideas from?? The only thing that I can think of is by adapting novels that have not been adapted yet, OR they can remake a novel that has not been remade for a long time….

  6. Competition is great, since audience can gain benefits. But I do hope CTI will not cast their leading artist for roles that half their age.

  7. The only people I’m surprised about is Charmaine since I thought she had a per series contract and Benjamin Yuen who seems to be promoted right now since he has many series coming up where he has big roles.

    Also, so they basically lured Felix to film for them by giving his daughter a leading role? lol

    They need better male leads though because I find Joe Ma and Frankie Lam both really boring actors and I don’t see them having too much appeal because of all their cheating rumors.

    1. lol agree with you on Frankie and Joe Ma. Both are boring to watch..

      1. Agree with you two about Frankie and Joe ma. But I will also add Kenix to the list. She used to be good in the 90s, but after she went on her slimming spree, she looks and acts like a wooden chopstick.

      2. Yeah, I agree about Kenix too. I know all the actresses are quite skinny but she looks like she’s all bones. Also, I heard that she’s quite b**** in real life.

    1. I am wondering the same thing… I heard that they went bankrupt. Maybe they are only purchasing series to air and not really making anymore of their own?? Not sure…

      1. Wonder why cti don’t recruit old atv peeps? Some can really act! and it seems cti only have little main stars

      2. lychii04:
        “Wonder why cti don’t recruit old atv peeps? Some can really act! and it seems cti only have little main stars”

        CTI needs big names to lead their first few series, to capture the audience’s interest. Although ATV actors may act well, CTI wants more popular (well known) actors leading their series. TVB artists have much higher name recognition than ATV artists, for both leading artists and supporting level.

        TVB averages 28 to 30 points in a series while ATV struggles to even make 5 points.

      3. @Jayne: But when big names ex tvb artistes like Ada Choi and Chilam Cheung’s series was aired in ATV, their series still garnered single digit ratings. So it is not the absolute pull of big names but tvb itself.

  8. I don’t know but the following list is abit too over the age to act young ppl. If CIT only plans to aim the old viewers, their market will be limited.

      1. Wong Tse Ching is so new and her face is not that pretty…… just a very common face. Unless she has Felix Wong’s genes and talents in acting, she will have a long way to go to become a lead actress.

      2. I agree that Wong Tse Ching doesn’t look that pretty, however, she is lucky that Felix is her father and that he is established and veteran actor. I think that that will really help her even if she doesn’t look that great or act that great… Connections is one of the keys to success in this field as well as many other fields…

      3. I remember that once she was able to go onstage with one of the singers of the former Lollipop because of Felix’s status.Many other fans would never get to do that of course, but she did…. Therefore, I think if she did enter the circle, she would sort of get some special treatment that others would not get due to her connections and both of her parents used to act…

      4. I heard that Felix said on his blog that he and his daughter did not sign onto City Telcom. Also, many of the artists that are listed in this article have not confirmed as well… I think we should not believe everything in this article and only take it with a grain of salt.

  9. Charmaine too?

    Anyway real daughter of Felix? Now that is quite a headline grabber. And 6th sense eh? Thanks for killing the spoilers!! Sigh… I think maybe 6th sense as in someone who can see ghost.

    1. yes, the real deal (daughter) however don’t find her anything special whatsoever. Maybe she has inherited her fathers acting ability?

      1. The father daughter thing can generate headlines and promote their new series for free. Many will be excited to see Felix’s daughter’s talent

      2. I think even though she may not have any experience in acting but since she will be acting along side her real father, her acting may be more natural. Also she will have her father teaching her a lot.

        The article listed actors/actresses from TVB but I think therthink

      3. …i think there are more new faces that will be added to the list.

    2. I was wondering about seeing Charmaine’s name there as well… she’s coming back to HK television? Was mainland filming too much to handle?

    3. Charmaine still have another year of per series contract with TVB. Even if she doesn’t fulfill her 30 episode for them this year, she will not be filming at other HK stations.

      The reason why the tabloids keep speculating abt her possibility joining CTI is because her management agency (MediaQuiz) boss William Lau has jointly opened another agency called Red Star with Ricky, which they provide artistes to CTI production.


    4. HeTieShou
      You are absolutely right. Good connections will make a big difference ….. good example: Nicholas Tse got highly promoted when he first entered the entertainment industries because of his dad Tse Yin.

      1. in that case I would prefer leila as the daughter over felixs daughter. idk suits better somewhat

  10. The mentioned actors and actresses do not appeal to me. Will not watch it.

  11. yeah, finally new blood into the hk drama scene. tvb’s dominated for way too long and the quality of their series suck

  12. it’s look like very interesting drama, can’t wait to watch the sixth sense..Felix Wong is a great actor..always love his series. btw his daughter look likes his wife.

    1. Yeah, Felix Wong’s daughter does not look like her father at all. She looks very much like her mother. I don’t think she is very pretty.

  13. Felix’s daughter is pretty and she looks a lot like his wife.

    I’m glad to see Felix back in the TV series.

  14. Wow, so a TVB cast, in a script written by a TVB scriptwriter, copied off an american show, is considered interesting?
    How is that anything different from what we watched on TVB.

    1. Yeah nothing original about this plot on the Sixth sense…another copycat.

      surprised that managed to get the veterans to jump ship…which means the TVB series will suffer without those veterans

  15. I remember when Wong Tsz Ching was still a baby, Felix has said that he will not let his daughter enter showbiz because he was unhappy with the working condition in the circle. I guess, he has given in now and let her choose her own path.

    1. I also heard that Felix did not object to his daughter entering the circle since he saw her act in a school play. He said that she was pretty good. However, he claimed that he did not want her to rely on him and had to work things out on her own. I heard that Nic Tse did not want his sister to enter the circle, but she did anyways… I guess they all had to let their loved ones choose their own path…

  16. I’m surprised that Benjamin Yuen is on the list. Isn’t he still filming the sitcom ‘Til Love Do Us Lie’? He’s a regular cast in the sitcom. So, it shows that TVB is giving him opportunity.

    The ones who should be going over are the other Mr.HKs who are still playing bit part after so many years.

    I wonder if Matthew Ko started getting big roles again because TVB want to retain him.

    1. Matthew Ko does not know how to act. He needs to work hard on his acting if he wants to get heavier roles.

  17. I hope that Sammul Chan will join one of these new station so that I can see him in a Cantonese series again.

    1. Probably not gonna happen. He left the TVB ocean and has now grown into a much larger fish in a vast chemical free ocean.

      That’s what happens when the TVB ocean is full of deadly chemicals and predators!

      1. Well anything is possible and I have a feeling that Sammul will come back to HK sooner or later. I don’t know if he will work with TVB again, but will come back to Hk and have a good feeling that he will join one of these companies sooner or later….

    1. It’s suppose to be Catherine Chau 周家怡. Janet Chow is 周家蔚.

      1. Addy,
        Thanks for catching that. I will change the article to reflect Catherine Chau. Their names are similar and didn’t catch the error in my haste.

    2. The English names for the following artist are:

      周家怡 = Janet Chow
      林曉峰 = Jerry Lamb
      姜麗文 = Lesley Chiang
      姜文杰 = Benji Chiang
      艾威 = Wilson Tsui
      黎彼德 = Peter Lai

      Haha funny that the entire Chiang family (Paul Chun, John Chiang and Paul Chun’s two children all join CTI).

      1. Oops 周家怡 = Catherine Chau.
        Argh I still make the same typo.

  18. Wait, so if you sign up with City Telecom, does that mean you can’t film for TVB????? cause wow, everyone on the list is from TVB………..

    1. I think contractually, they will be able to, as CTI boss mentioned that artistes signed with him will be able to film with other TV stations. However, TVB under the capable leadership of Ms Lok, probably will hold a grudge, and not allow them on air on their channels.

  19. getting excited with the competition! but if the list is true, Im feeling sad for Benjamin Yuen to leave, coz I just begin to get hooked of his drama lately! cry..

    1. btw it is a smart choice for CTI to make a ghost story! I am not such a fan but think we haven’t have that genre for ages, except occationally from ATV?

  20. Haha..perhaps since I’m now a bit of out of touch with TBB or HK television world in general; I don’t feel anything anymore for these news. It’s like: “Um, new competition. Okay..I wish the best for HK television viewers..haha” 😛

    I may not watch any TBB or HK drama this year. Or maybe just watch one, depending on the situations 😛

  21. There are more and more choices for people:
    – Their national series gets better (Thailand, Lao, Campudia)….
    – More quality Korean series, Taiwanese series, and Mainland
    – Many Asia countries provide cable licenses, people can watch American channels
    Plus the the quality of current Hong Kong series goes down make Hong Kong series is less and less popular in Asia.

    No Hong Kong series broke the Asian market in 2011 while Korean had a few (My Princess, Secret Garden SBS – well, it is an idol series but a hit)

    With this kind of pressure, TVB can do something good in 2012. When TVB rating reduces by 25%, it will burn the executives’face.

    1. That is because Koreans are very very aggressive when it comes to promotion. And people still watch TVB series. I would worry more for mainland china series. I know they generate headlines but few generate worldwide or rather far reaching hits.

      BUT people do watch everything. TVB or HK series is not dying, a bit of cough but nothing serious.

      1. Korean drama a bit over rated. But asian tv drama festival2011 for best actor,actress ,best supporting actor and actress went to tvb artists

  22. Srsly hope that TVB will get their quality back up like years before! At the same time, I’m looking forward to how CTI dramas will be like.

  23. Honestly, I have a kind of bad feeling about this new company.. They sound really good with all the great benefits of a high salary, good hours and other things. However, will that be good for the company in the long term?? I read another article about how the chair(CEO or whatever) of the company doesn’t mind losses in the first 3-4 years. Even if they are going to be able to bring TVB down, will they last and be successful in the long run?? I really question that…
    Sorry to sound so negative but it is just a feeling that I have…I hope that they don’t end up like ATV…

    Even though TVB has been going downhill lately, they have been one of the main companies in HK for over 40 years. They have a long history and has established a place in the hearts of the Hk people. They used to be able to produce very classic and great series, but of course times have changed now. It will be awhile until these companies will be able to catch up if they can…

    1. Losing the first 2-3 years is to be expected from most companies as it requires a large intial investments.

      Don’t know how it will turn out in the long run as there are too many factors at stake, however the fact is that it will promote quality series and better working conditions for the artists on the short term basis.

      Sure TVB have been in the market for a long time, however like you said time have changed and people are now acceptable to new things.

      Furthermore it seems like CT has a sound strategy plan and I hope that they will succeed. That’s coming from someone who’s been watching TVB series for a long time!

      1. I guess so and I have been watching TVB since I was 5 years old but have been watching less and less of TVB in the mid 90s and 2000s… But yea, none of us will know what will happen so lets wait and see…

    2. Having the same motto of atv since early 90s will eventually have the same fate as atv. Tvb is the best.

  24. It is better for the economy when people spend noney unwisely rather than spend nothing!!!!!! Putting money in safe-locker is wasteful!!! So CEO does something really nice – does and takes risks

  25. Hm… I wonder if they will be making their debut wuxia series then?? I am looking more forward to that since I love ancient series and don’t like modern series much. I also wonder if they would be able to remake any JY series since JY has banned TVB from doing so??? It would be interesting to see how their first ancient series is…

    By the way, is there any news about Now TV??? How come we are only hearing about this company and not Now TV???

    1. You will most likely have to wait much longer for wuxia series since it cost due with the location and clothing.

      Tired of all the remake of JY novels already, LOL.

      I too preferred ancient series over modern, but have changed bc TVB only produce crap ancient series these days.

      1. I know and know that ancient series of course takes a lot more work and money to make. I do agree that I am SICK of all the JY remakes and did not watch many of the remakes from HK or China. However, I still watched some of them because there was nothing else that was good.

        That is why I watch mainly mainland China series for some good ancient series since TVB doesn’t seem capable producing any good ancient series anymore… I find that sad because ancient series from TVB used to the best to me…. Sadly, times have changed.

      2. Think i have fast forward most of the mainland remakes of JY novels, LOL

        Saw some episodes of HSDS with Tony and Kitty and its still the best! Another favorite is the “Grand Canal”

        TVB can’t even do a proper modern series these days…

      3. I actually watched most of the remakes all the way through or else what is the point of watching them??? One of the main reasons why I do is because the previous remakes weren’t accurate to the novel even though I enjoyed them as a series.

        I actually enjoyed the HSDS remake from China but still like the TVB version. The Grand Canal was a good series overall but some parts were a bit flat and draggy… The remake that I enjoyed the most is The Sword Stained with Royal Blood since the 80s version was not that accurate. The 2000 remake by TVB was a BIG joke…..

  26. I have a feeling that a lot of the things in this article aren’t all true. I don’t think Felix’s daughter has signed with this company and neither has he… I think we should wait for more articles to see who has really signed and who hasn’t yet…

  27. WOW Felix’s daughter is really pretty!!!

    Hope CTI will sign up good writers as well.
    Big stars without a good script & great director is as good as a BIG waste of everyone’s time!

  28. Wow!!!! That’s an A-list of actors. I’m sure the acting will be top notch. BUT, best not to have too high expectations, at least for the first few series.

  29. Interestingly, I feel that the idea of a new company competing against TVB will intrigue viewers as it has intrigued netizens, so first series is definitely important. I think Felix has both the fanbase and acting abilities to lead this series. His daughter, hmm I don’t know if he would agree to that though. Even though it’ll be a stepping stone into ent industry, I don’t know if a professional actor would be thrilled about bringing their father and daughter dynamics to be such a crucial part of a series or an attraction point. But who knows, will have to see.

    With CTI’s list of artist, I’m not too keen on any of the main actors though I’ve always thought Eddie Li was cute, so hopefully as one of the young actors, he might have an opportunity to shine, improve and gain exposure. I kind of hope Fred Cheng jumps ship just for more opportunities seeing how few young actors CTI has signed and for better pay since he’s a decent yet underused actor at TVB. Bernice is pretty but doesn’t look good with any of the mains tbh, except maybe Frankie. Kenix is a good actress and so is Maggie. Charmaine and Jessica have gradually seem to have lost their appeal to me. Regardless, I’ll probably look out for and watch both tvb and cti dramas then see how it goes.

  30. What do you guys think about the future of ATV?

    I think the new public channels will be the end of ATV. ATV does not air local produced drama’s (only import them) and variety shows does not appeal to me.

    1. Jason,
      “What do you guys think about the future of ATV? I think the new public channels will be the end of ATV. ATV does not air local produced drama’s (only import them) and variety shows does not appeal to me.”

      Earlier, I posted an article about ATV filing for bankruptcy due to serious cash issues. Their majority stakeholder wished to withdraw financing. There were also rumors that ATV was late in issuing paychecks. They have a serious cash flow problem.

      If ATV does not close shop entirely, then they need to cut back severely in costs. They stopped producing their own ATV dramas to cut back on costs. They only air mainland or overseas shows to cut down on costs.

      If ATV wishes to survive, they have to run a leaner and meaner operation, probably look to fellow cable companies. Allegedly, they do not have any valuable real estate assets that they can sell either.

      1. I think we all know that ATV is in big trouble when it comes to finances.. I really wonder if they will be completely close down?? That would be sad since ATV has been around for a long time and did produce some great classics in the past… Once again, I really lament the old days…

      2. I always thought ATV will close, will close, till now still there. Maybe some rich dude will buy over it and revamp it. After all ATV is an established company.

  31. if she wants to get on showbiz she shouldnt have to cover up like that. its only natural to promote yourself if u r breaking into the biz. the mom was ok looking but not like sharp pretty the 2nd pic of the doctor is the EXACT SPLITTING image of the moon. if the one driving is the mom OMG she is a celebs wife she should really put on some makeup hahaha…lol thats a horrifying pic

    1. I heard that Felix said on his blog that he has not signed with City Telecom and his daughter did not either. I don’t think she is even in the circle…

  32. all typos aahah…
    i meant to say the DAUGHTER is the EXACT SPLITTING image of the MOM. haha lol

    1. haha 2…

      I read your previous comment and you said “moon” (knew it’s a typo but still its funny);) sorry.

  33. Benjamin Yuen said on his weibo that he is not going to CTI and is staying with TVB.

      1. He’s actually not? He has a pretty big role in the sitcom series and he has a bunch of other big roles coming up too. He’s also featured in the front of the On Call 36 poster too.

  34. Yu Mou Lin is still not retired ? I like her, very funny looking

  35. The situation now is quite funny. The new TV stations are actively seeking ex-TVB artists to join their stable while TVB is seeking ex-ATV artists. TVB as successful signed up Alice Chan (the news said Virginia look has been discussing with her for nearly 1 year). They have also attempted to get Joey Meng an Kwok Jing Jing, but, unsuccessful, as the 2 have already accepted some jobs in China. Who will ATV be seeking?

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