Filmart 2012: Kevin Cheng Speaks About “Ghetto Justice 2”

With its former monopoly over the Hong Kong television broadcasting industry about to be challenged by newly formed stations this year, TVB was anxious to showcase their best dramas. The international Hong Kong television and film expo, Filmart 2012, was held last night. Since TVB regarded the event with utmost importance, TV King, Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) especially took a red-eye flight from China to attend the event in Hong Kong.

Although TVB’s dramas continued to rake high ratings in Hong Kong, the general public sentiment was that their productions were often rushed, featuring partially inexperienced cast and containing weaknesses in script. Kevin noted that mainland China productions have already surpassed TVB dramas in the ancient series genre, due to the realistic sets and rich historical details. Nevertheless, Kevin put in a good word for TVB, “As for modern dramas, TVB series are more enjoyable to watch, due to the faster pace.”

When TVB dramas have all the right elements in place, such as last year’s Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, they prove that they are once again the ratings champion. Due to Ghetto Justice, Kevin swept multiple Best Actor awards across Asia. TVB hoped to replicate the success again with the upcoming Ghetto Justice 2, which had completed filming at the beginning of the year. In the last installment, Kevin’s character, “Law Ba” landed in jail for pushing the boundaries of the law in the name of justice. What twist will the sequel pull to allow “Law Ba” to continue to use the law to help others?

Kevin revealed that the best qualities of “Law Ba,” which included his uncouth mannerisms, casual attire, and laid back attitude will be seen in Ghetto Justice 2. The legal cases in the sequel will be more relatable to the public. In addition, “Law Ba’s” romantic life will be complicated by the return of his ex-wife, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), who will fight for his heart along with Myolie Wu (胡杏儿 ). With the majority of the cast reprising their roles, they were able to delve deeper into the characterizations.

Asked if he possessed the confidence to win the TV King title two years in a row, with Ghetto Justice 2, Kevin Cheng said modestly, “I always go by the popular vote. If it were not the popular vote, then it will hurt you more if you win the award!” Kevin noted that he felt Kenneth Ma (馬國明) possessed a good chance this year due to his recent popularity in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>.

Although Kevin was currently hot in demand in mainland China, he revealed that he considered the Hong Kong market to be equally important. After completing mainland drama, Red Dust <滚滚红尘>, he will be filming new TVB drama, As Far As The Storm <万水千山风雨情> later in the year. The drama will be a joint production between TVB and a mainland television station. Filming on location in China, the story will be set in the pre-modern era, resembling Country Spirit <茶是故乡浓> and revolve around a large family.

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Jayne: Looks like another fruitful year for Kevin. His income must be the highest male actor at TVB now due to such high salaries in mainland. Moses Chan may be second highest since he is still very popular with advertisers.

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  1. That’s a good pic of Kevin. He looks dang good there! Yummy!

  2. Eventually Kevin Cheng has some good luck in his acting career. Because he has a good-looking face, his acting has always been “ignored”.

    1. but his face is mostly what made him popular before GJ and BBJX so he thank.the face too

  3. “Kevin noted that he felt Kenneth Ma (馬國明) possessed a good chance this year due to his recent popularity in The Hippocratic Crush .”

    Won’t happen because by the time the awards arrive, viewers will remember the later ones.

    1. It’s possible Funn. I just read a news that TVB will promote Kenneth and Tavia this year due to the success of THC.

      1. So he might win for another series. THC I feel is pretty much dead by the time award seasons arrive.

        Oh please enough of Tavia!!

      2. to Funn and Jayne and whoever, this is the news about TVB holding up Tavia and Kenneth to fill the void left by departing artistes:

      3. Oh come on! Why they dun push the cutie pie Him Him instead :(?

      4. Isit true that tavia will be fliming justice attack and there wont be the other truth 2?

      5. “TVB holding up Tavia and Kenneth to fill the void left by departing artistes”

        Tavia again? NOOOO!!!!

        Agreed about pushing cutie pie him him but Tavia no no. Enough of her.

    2. Funn,
      Kenneth still has “Prominent Family” as his second card. Whether it is another Ace card is to be seen.

      I suspect Wayne Lai will deliver a brilliant performance in “The Great Eunuch.” Wayne is an actor who truly shines in period dramas, thanks to his great skill with the Chinese language (the man used to recite poetry as a student) and good grasp of ancient diction.

      So Wayne Lai threatens all future TV King contenders as usual. If Raymond Wong gets lead billing in “The Great Eunuch,” he may get nominated as well.

      Too bad Ruco Chan couldn’t film in “The Great Eunuch,” which is TVB’s more ambitious projects this year.

    3. Funn,
      you forgot 3K will be aired this year too with Kenneth being the lead.

      TY and LF will be in the series too.

      1. If it ends up with not too many scenes of MM, the MM craze will bombard Txb like wat they did to Derek and Paisley Wu’s poor blogs.

      2. Veejay.not alot ty shows le.tvb promoting linda chung larh.4 series sia

      3. 3 is shown before June while TY’s 2 series might be released in better period.

      4. Agreed. Too many Tavia this year. I’m starting to get bored.

      5. lol .. double standard!! When Kenneth Ma have same amount series to be air with Tavia, no one say he boring . Tavia already have less series compare her previous year and I think not that bad. As long as her series dun cramp together in year I think it good enough.

      6. If you want, a-pop, I’ll be the person: MM is boring, lol.

      7. >.< aiya I dun like. I love to watch more Kenneth Ma. He hot n not boring for me.

      8. Then I’ll keep the phrase “MM is boring” to avoid being called double standard.

    4. Can certainly happen! If TVB wants to give it to him, he will get it.

      Don’t forget Kevin Cheng won for Under the Canopy of Love – that series was also aired from Feb – March of that year, and not to mention Kenneth’s character in THC received a much much more positive response than Kevin’s character!

      Wayne Lai won for Rosy Business, which was aired from April – May and Moses Chan won for Heart of Greed, which also aired in April…not much later in the year. If you’re red hot, then you’re red hot (unless some one more red hot comes by later in the year to outshine you) and if TVB wants to award you, then TVB will award you.

      In other words, possible.

      1. If there is no higher :P, so the important word is this If.

        KC won with UTCOL because of Joe Ma’s bad luck on Maiden Vows.

  4. Totally agree “Won’t happen because by the time the awards arrive, viewers will remember the later ones.” Unless the script and acting are outstanding, otherwise people will easily forget the drama and its characters. Medical dramas are very common in TVB series.

    1. Not necessary because it’s up to TVB too. I will share the link that I read earlier about TVB promoting Kenneth and Tavia this year due to success of THC. I’ll find it back.

      1. Of course if TVB wants to promote Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung to be TV King and TV Queen, they will get the awards no matter what the audience think about them. Myolie Wu got her award despite all the protests from the public. Those awards are always “privately arranged”.

      2. Sandcherry,
        “Of course if TVB wants to promote Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung to be TV King and TV Queen”

        At THC functions, Tavia and Him’s rumors have overshadowed Tavia and Kenneth’s onscreen partnership. Not much of Tavia/ Kenneth promotion as an onscreen couple together.

        Kenneth’s stardom has definitely climbed up a higher rung on the ladder, but it’s only March and we are debating about TV King contenders already? 🙂

      3. Actually, I think protests against Myolie were in the minority. Compared to the other fadans, she was the most deserving. Also, when you look at the list of artists who supported Myolie, the results were overwhelming.

        However, looking this years projects, I think Myolie will only be nominated for TITS2 or GJ2 2 but I doubt she’d win for them considering they’re sequels and going back into an old character is hardly seen as a breakthrough.

        Tavia has THC, and Prominent Family so I would say her chances are quite high. Depending on how well they do, I think Fala will be nominated for TITS2 as well, Kate for the Fight Crime. I don’t know about Niki for BP or Policewoman one. I do doubt Linda will win since it looks like she hasn’t been given big projects this year. Natalie in Detective Columbus will be underwhelming I reckon. And, Michelle in Great Eunuch would be anticipated. I guess it’ll be largely influenced by the dramas reception but there are usually projects which more likely to win (though last couple of years they’ve been pleasant surprises such as GJ and RB .. however CBML and BTROC were very big projects which were basically nominated as soon as production plans were in place)

      4. Yeah Fala is a black horse for this year best actress, last year she didnt get any and TVB is sort of promoting her “still”. But TY has more series this year..ahhh really hard to decide but i personally want TY to win because i think she can act better than Fala imo.

      5. lychii,

        You mean Natalie Tong in Detective Columbus opposite co-star is Wayne? Wow, for real? she is sure given a big role to handle but she still carry the 2nd lead feels..

      6. Policewoman is warehoused. There is no chance for it to be re-aired in HK and bombard. So can forget Niki by now.

        Why don’t think of the old ladies?

        @Veejay: Yes, Nat Tong as 1st female lead. Too bad for Wayne since he wants Chrissie Chau :P.

      7. I think ty did quite well in THC. i would love to see nat with wayne fresh pairing^^. and its nat first lead role.looking forward.^^.Seriously.TY BREAKTHROUGH IS BTROC?Oo.i think she did better in topic i know^^.

      8. Why is “policewoman battlefield”? Niki and Laughing should be a funny couple.

        Is Natalie gonna be calling Wayne “uncle” in detective columbo?
        Yoyo mung would’ve been a better choice.

      9. Based on all these news about Kenneth winning award why I think Kenneth might win before LF? Fox will be sad LOL

      10. TY did ok in THC but too many series of her this year! PF is a big series too!


        and that new Justice series maybe can add another 20?
        Bored to watch same face onscreen.

      11. Myolie wasn’t great and was terrible in CORH. In GJ she was playing a version of her strong self so she was ok than usual, but if we compare to other nominees last year if we count out the has beens or never beens such as Yoyo, Myolie has slight advantage. TY was sleeping through all her characters last year.

      12. I don’t buy Tavia’s performance in THC… she’s bland. Maybe because she’s everywhere these days but I don’t feel much for her scenes. She’s become a predictable actress. In fact I don’t like her in modern series, I think she tends to do better in ancient dramas. One exception is The Building Blocks of Life which was my favourite performance of hers.

      13. @Vivien: No. I don’t feel sad a second 😛 because this will push LF out of Txb faster, hehe and also result to LF’s 4th Asia-Pacific award, LMAO~. Nothing to be sad. He’ll be compensated.

      14. Tavia in THC ok. Better than Tavia in all his series last year LOL but I can bear to think that she will be in more series this year. Tired and bored

  5. If TVB really wants to give Kenneth and Tavia TV King and Queen, then it can happen.

    Seems like TVB is in dire need of front-line artists. Their most promising ones are “digging gold” up north. Take Kevin and Myolie for example. So, TVB is just trying to fill in those spots. It seems just right for Kenneth and Tavia to step up amongst the siu sangs and fadans.

  6. Linda Chung has 4 series out this year:
    – L’escargot
    – Daddy Good Deeds
    – Happy House, Hidden Dragon
    – Miss Koo Spinoff
    The top 3 have/will all be aired before June 2012. Not really a good thing. Audience will get sick of her. every second series aired has Linda in it. Cry cry cry…..

    Myolie Wu would have 3 series out this year:
    – Wish & Switch
    – Happy House, Hidden Dragon
    – Ghetto Justice 2
    The top 2 have/will be aired before June 2012.

    Kate Tsui
    – Fight Crime
    What a surprise! Not much Kate Tsui compared to last year!

    Fala Chen
    – Queens of Hearts & Diamonds

    Tavia Yeung
    – The Hipprocratic Crush
    – Back to 3 Kingdoms
    – Prominent Family

    *I didn’t count TITS2 in this list because I think it will air in 2013. They haven’t filmed it yet and there’s other ‘big’ series that’s in production already that TVB should want to air first.

    1. fez,

      Thanks for the info, so it seems like linda has the most series this year but I don’t see any heavy roles in Linda’s series..probably Ms Koo spinoff since the story will focus about ms koo aka linda. L’escargot not bad but Mandy grab the limelight.

      I still think TY will stand a chance to win this year best actress.

      1. BUT the year has yet to end! We haven’t seen any of them except for the recent ones! They could suck, big time!

      2. Guys.Asking for your info you guys really think linda cry very well? offence.i have no particulary dislike to linda.but when i see her cry i dun really feel anything.but when i saw ty cry in mr and mol i felt my heart ache.serious.idk why also.but yeah:Dno offence kayy.<3

      3. I think :P. She looks pretty when crying and her jaw line isn’t affected by botox so it looks flexible. In YSSS she finally can make her eyes all red then she passed the crying class (but not in L’Escagot). And I don’t really like Linda. Different taste but when I saw TY’s habour crying in MR, I laugh so hard at the dialogue and turn off the voice because she was too noisy when she acts crying and yelling. I prefer the calm crying.

      4. Oh I mean MOL :P.

        I think she cried the best in HOG (wedding scenes), after that I can’t feel of any TY’s crying scenes.

      5. calm cry won’t show how much she loves for LF in MR. Must yell to show she loves him more than he does.

      6. Yes, I agree w/ Veejay. If LF is breaking up w/ u, must shriek hysterically.

        I don’t believe tavia’s crying anymore b/c all I see is her nose. Like Fox said, her crying was good in HOG.

      7. You mean MOL?

        Old quote: Barking dog = useless dog, lol.

        Cry out loud and yell dun mean love more, just sound very show off to me, in this situation.

      8. LOL.u all making me so confused siah.veejay i think u meant MOL cuz in MR tavia is raymond sis.LOL.Haha.I didnt really care about the dialogue but i think she cried untill v sad(nice).blamn the script writer.:P he made her cry while yelling:P

      9. Fromsingapore,

        Yeah I meant MOL in the scene where TY cried out LOUD for LF for dumping her. I got confused too by Fox’s comment above hehe.


        Well, TY expect she could marry LF but got dumped without reason hence the dumping was too hard for her to accept so she YELL. Yelling may be show off to you but to some ppl, they wants to get the opposite party’s attention so they YELL lol..and crying LOUD is to show how deep was her loves to LF because he mean alot to her.

      10. @josie: You will cry out louder?

        Why dun you care for this dialogue? The golden dialogue :P.

      11. @Veejay: To show to who, it is the matter, haha. To show to the audiences :P.

        But josie has a point. Looking this nice round tight pants go out may cause to a lot of yells.

      12. Yeah agree with Veejay,

        Her crying scene in MOL was good it was believable as she got dumped by her love. No correlation between crying loud/yelling and love, still how could the guy otherwise know how much she loves him.

      13. Yeah.i agree with veejay^^.
        @Fox becuz i dun understand:P and all LF was staying is i am sorry i am sorry i am
        @josie see her drama only see her nose.LOL.just cuz of the nose?==”i watch all artists drama just ignore all their negative news and watch their acting.^^.likedat then can enjoy the show mah.^^.

      14. Fox,

        Curious and question for you, So you weep calmly when your bf hurts your feeling DEEPLY? hehe 😛

      15. To show the guy how much she loves him? Lol, it’s more of showing off how much she WANTs the guy to know and feel guilty.

        If calm crying still can show how hurt and sad the dumped person is then it’s an art of crying! Remind me of BTROC, Yiu Gam Ling is very show off to her evil side by smirking, rolling eyes all the time but still can’t compare with a smile with brighten eyes of Yu Fei in WAB. Uhm, it is the difference in acting skill.

      16. Fox,

        Yes, I would cry out loudly like SLM- “u never said we were a calculation!”

        Besides kingsley’s tight pants, I also liked his vests. Look so handsome and gentlemanly.

      17. I think she cries well for reality type. In TV series, it is not beautiful to look at. But I can hear her quite clearly even when she cries like she needs oxygen which is good.

      18. @Veejay: Depends on the situation, lol. If I want to show off to let him see, then may cry and yell. If I don’t want to show off, I won’t waste my precious tears. But in the situation like in MOL (without the camera and the viewer in front of the TV), I won’t :P.

        To rmb, I was very calm last time when I broke up with my bf. Thinking of this, I guess I don’t want to show off this time.

      19. cry calmly = only shows you aknowledge the break up and probably accept its a fate for going apart but that doesn’t SHOW how much u CAN’T LIVE w/o him.

        cry histerically/yelling = shows you’re crazy inloves with him and can’t bear the breakup and in MOL, LF was a good catch, young and brainy (professor)so its normal TY dunno want to lose this big fish

      20. @Veejay: Talking about the big fish, I agree with you :P.

      21. Funn@yeah^^ikr?^^
        JOSIE@that was the part where my heart ache like siao knowD: very sadD:
        lols.u guys must ask the script writter why he make the script likedat lor.^^hehe.but i think that MOL was an awesome show<3

      22. wait, why r we discussing this crying scene in MOL when this topic is about Kevin? Fox, r u trying to get us all to discuss about LF? (joking).

      23. Fox,

        only in MOL he’s a big fish with girls flocking themselves on him not reality though!

      24. No, not me. From singapore started with TY @ MOL and I’m talking about her and her acting skill there. Then you changed to big fish and I agree :D. I’m very flexible, any topic I can talk, haha.

      25. HAHA,we were talking about linda crying den driff to tavia den mol.haha epic^^

      26. @From Singapore: Scriptwriter for MOL is a lady and MOL is a so-so but very funny show, especially the part in Aus (the suicide shown). What I like the most in MOL? Ok, the pants, lol.

      27. honestly i really the crying scene in MOL the one done at the harbour. I thought TY would slap LF’s face cuz he dumps her but just yell, yell and cry cry. the scene was quite realistic atleast to me.

      28. @Fox actually my main topic was linda:D
        i was just using TY as an example:D

      29. LF? MOL? I can only think of 3 things.

        1. Tavia’s very very very loud wailing
        2. Kenneth’s red shirt and very very very tight jeans
        3. Ray Ray and his super tight grey pants scene which is forever entrenched in my mind BUT not in my heart.

      30. @Fox ic^^neh see the producer name so idk:Di think that bernice and kenneth was a good pairing^^
        again.i agree with u VEEJAY^^LOL.

      31. Veejay,

        In reality, he is an even bigger fish! But u need big breasted bait to catch him. LF is not as innocent as kingsley. 😉


        U know I love my 2 guys unconditionally. 😀

      32. @Veejay: Yay! I like slap slap scenes! Someone should slap Big fish Kingsley to let him understand his mother’s lesson, lol.

        @ From singapore: I did answer to your question: I think Linda is a good cryer in YSSS, before she is overdone with it. However, she is still a good cryer with no botox jaw line and noisy/loud voice when crying.

      33. hehe thanks From singapore, but don’t ever cry like TY though cuz that will make you a weak woman/girl hehe.. try cry calm as fox suggested, maybe this will make u stronger.


        I guess it was the producer’s tactic to lure female to watch the scene with many male actor wearing really tight pant.. speaking about LF’s tight pant..pls dont make me to think of it AGAIN!! i’VE LONG FORGOT about that scene.. lol

      34. @josie: You are revealing his open secret, lol. Plus, he is O blood = simply admire big balloons, lol.

      35. @josie,

        Easy, just do a PS then u can lure LF in reality. LF in MOL is full of flaws.

        I see you like SM, u a fan of Him Law?

      36. @Veejay: I love these pants, lol. S shape! Totally suitable for the imagination of fan girls in the fanfics (which kind of fan girls I’m referring, I think you can understand :P. If not, the hint is: Not normal fan girls :)).

      37. no, I dont understand what u mean by fangirls since I’m not one 😛

        I will never understand them…sorry lol

      38. SM = Steven Ma? Quite like.

        Him Law? Lol, I liked his cutie face in D.I.E 2 until he had the brick body and changed his taste of gfs.

        Uhm, my list of guys now? In Txb I like LF, Ron, Derek, Benjamin, Vincent, Jason, maybe Bosco and someone. But top of the list now is Matsuda-kun and Nino-kun, keke. Nagase I also like. Shun I also like. Sho-kun? Maybe a little. Matsuda-kun’s smirk way is damn adorable! Love love!

      39. The fangirls I’m referring, for example is 2R fangirls :), not the fangirl type like “I don’t understand what you are saying, please talking about Head Fish (TY+MM in THC) for good sake” in Derek and Praisley’s blogs when they were talking about their characters in THC. The 2R fangirls are quite cute and I like reading their posts. The other type of fangirl, I don’t know what’s in their heads.

      40. @fox iknow^^
        @veejay NOO.haha, i wont cry like her larh.she acting i not:P

      41. @From Singapore: Veejay is trying to say that crying like this is realistic and you are saying that it’s acting :D. Then basically you and me went to an agreement on this.

    2. All of Kate and Fala’s stuffs aired last year, of course they dun have anything else on hand. Only Linda who is having a lot of stuffs last year and this year.

      Out of these 5, we have Michelle, Idy, Elaine and… TVB’s new sweetheart Aimee, haha.

    3. But i think that tvb like storyline like keep the same,somemore so many sequels==.
      i am not staying sequels not good but tvb keep making sequels of good dramas.and i meant alot==. like TITS2,GR2,TOT2 etc.and the storyline for most of the dramas are the same

      1. Myolie revealed today that the storyline for TITS2 will be different from TITS, and the cast will be potraying a new set of characters. It’s not a direct sequel.

      2. i heard that they will be playing the SAME character. Kevin will be LAW Ba

    4. TITS2 shouldn’t be counted although it will be the biggest production of 2012, because it might only air the earliest in 2013.

    5. There’s also Michelle Yim (The Great Eunuch), as well as Sheren Tang and Ada Choi (WAB2). As Eunuch and WAB2 are big productions, they are probably virtual shoo-ins for nominations, as long as the scripts don’t turn out to be horrible. We may very well have a repeat of 2009 and 2010, when Wayne was crowned king and Sheren crowned queen.

    1. lol…

      maybe shoudl give him a peter pan costume to match with his pixie looks lol.

    2. Actually he looks like Commander Han in Qing Shi Huang Fei. Who’s the actor? Zheng Kai? Zhang Kai? Something like that. Except that actor is younger but if kevin was 20 year’s younger he would look like that younger actor.

      Actually all handsome beautiful people have this pixie like look, don’t you think?

  7. Looking so dashing and suave as usual. Kevin, did you go for botox? You still looks so young. LOL.

  8. Tabloid rumours now claim that KC and Annie Liu (Ruolan in BBJX) have been dating secretly for 3 months. The is hot news in the Weibo, and many of the BBJX fans are very happy with ‘real’ outcome.

    1. Interesting rumour… Annie Liu actually shocked me in BBJX b/c her role was very different from her offscreen personality. If the rumours are true, I’d think they make quite the pair together since Annie is quite spunky and outgoing whereas Kevin is more guarded and quiet.

      1. Kevin quiet? He can be chatty and talky in his interviews!

    1. not that shocking. As predicted TVB will milk Laughing Gor and Law Ba until milk is finished

    2. You mean Law Ba will meet Laughing in hell issit? Since Laughing has been dead like … I lost count.

    3. LOL, Tvb’s running out of ideas. I though Laughing has already reached its swan song and yet they choose to milk it even more.

      So Law Ba use astral projection, travels to hell, help Laughing win the case against Hell and returns to life as a zombie, ROFL!

      This will drag Law Ba down the drain.

  9. Aww I am sad. I wanted the other truth sequel since that drama made me remember why I like tvb dramas. Ghetto justice just seems overrated. I watched it and them the other truth and it was just so much better. Ghetto justice was ehhh and I would be fine without a sequel and god , please no movie

  10. Speaking of TV Queen, Linda and Tavia will have a lot of series this year. Another year of Tavia? I don’t mind 2-3 series, but it was 5 last year and now possibly 4 this year. Eh But, I think TVB is paving the way for her to get TV Queen, or it’s THAT time.

    1. its definitely her time now.. first Myolie..then TY now? since she joined earlier than Kate, Linda and Fala. Unless TVB purposely wants to promote Fala to 1st leading actress like Charmaine or else, its definitely TY’s year this time..

      1. I doubt Fala will get it this year. Her promotion is not all-up-in-your-face.

        Given the status of TY, she’ll get it next. However, if Beauty at War is aired this year, I don’t know. Might be 2009 deja vu again where TY thought she was a lock-in, but got beat by Sheren. Also, Michelle Yim in Eunuch.

      2. TVB most likely will push Tvia this year. She’s the first female in PF. Idy is only second fiddle and so is Rebecca Zhu.

      3. It’s obvious Rebecca is a supporting.

        As for Idy, she filmed it for the sake of acting. TVB might put her name first out of respect, but her role is not big.

      4. Then hope her nose won’t get bigger or exposed after that.

    2. I wonder if Tavia would be the main if Fala was also in the series. Remember in the SP, Tavia and Fala were co-lead.

  11. I hope Sheren Tang, Ada Choi (in WAB 2) or Michelle Yim (in Eunuch) will get the Best Actress Award. Their acting is way better than any of the new top 5s. None of them is great for Best Actress Award. It was a joke that Myolie Wu got it in 2011. She does not even know how to act with inner feelings and she speaks way too fast for ancient drama series.

  12. there is a short trailer of GH2:

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