Fiona Sit Finds Solace in New Lesbian Lover, Eman Lam?

The last couple of years have been rough for Hong Kong singer, Fiona Sit (薛凯琪). While coping with her break-up from Jaycee Chan (房祖名), she also had to endure her parents’ divorce and her father’s illness. The many events eventually led to her depression and prompted her to consider suicide. However, Fiona seems to be in much better spirits after finding a soul mate in fellow singer, Eman Lam (林二汶), who is the sister of Chet Lam (林一峰).

Woes Abound

Fiona met Jaycee while filming 2 Young <早熟> in 2005. They were often spotted together and only admitted to their relationship when it was over. In 2010, Jaycee mentioned in the Taiwanese variety program, Kang Xi Lai Le <康熙来了> that “a four-year relationship” just ended for him. At the same time, in a recording for Murong Snow < 慕容雪>, Fiona also revealed that she had broken up with her boyfriend on bad terms, saying that “her soul has been taken by the other party”.

Fiona once said, “Everyone said I’m a princess. Only child, good background, many wooers, and exciting dating life. Perhaps everyone is wrong. My parents may be going through a divorce, or we may be broke. I don’t have a boyfriend, and not as blessed as everyone made me out to be. Am I still a princess?” The truth is that in the midst of going through her own break-up, Fiona was also coping with her parents’ divorce. Said to have another family, Fiona’s father was also riddled with several debts from 1993 to 2004. Not only did Fiona take over the financial support of her family, she also had to fork out money for her father’s medical fees as he was suffering from heart disease.

At the same time when all these unfortunate events fell on Fiona, her relationship with her company, Warner Brothers, was also going through a bad patch. Unable to shoulder the burden, she eventually suffered from bouts of depression. Not only did she consider suicide, she was also prone to outbursts while working. Fiona recalled, “2010 to 2012 was a long period of time for me. I was really unhappy. I could not sleep and could not eat. My weight dropped outrageously. Later, I went to attend a course where I was taught to pray and forgive others. Actually the most difficult person to forgive is myself.”

Though Fiona has been thereafter romantically linked with good friend, Khalil Fong (方大同) and special events manager Reggie Martin, nothing came out of it.

Sensuous Dance

Eman Lam Fiona SitActually Fiona was already acquainted with Eman Lam when Fiona took part in a stage play with Joey Leung (梁祖尧) in Then, Joey had introduced Fiona to Chet who in turn introduced her to his sister, Eman. Though Fiona attended Chet and Eman’s concert that year, they were only casual acquaintances. After signing with Paco Wong (黄柏高), Fiona grew closer to Eman.

Together with Ivana Wong (王菀之) and Kary Ng (吴雨霏), Fiona and Eman performed on stage for the 903id club Music Live show at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in May. Fiona and Eman sang a part of Leslie Cheung’s (张国荣) “Stealing Love” <偷情>. Their sensuous dance stole the limelight that night. Eman surprised the crowd when she rested her head on Fiona’s chest, while Fiona lifted one leg on Eman’s hips and gyrated against her body.

Fiona Lost Hope in Men

An insider said, “Eman will often ask Fiona to go to the studio earlier to rehearse their dance. Because Eman is a girl, Fiona dared to be bolder with her dance moves. They often practiced until late at night.” With just the two of them in the studio, Eman also served as a good listening ear to Fiona and slowly gained her trust. Even when the concert concluded, Eman would invite the other three singers to her house to cook and dine. Unsurprisingly, Ivana and Kary eventually dropped out of the gatherings.

The insider added, “Fiona always loved to play with boys, but Jaycee has hurt her deeply. At the same time, there were so many unhappy things going on in her life, which eventually led to her losing hope in men. In the few months when she got closer to Eman, Fiona felt very warm and comfortable. She discovered that a man can never be as attentive as a woman. The moment she felt dizzy or her body aching, Eman will grow really anxious!”

Last month, Fiona suffered an infection in her left ear. Unable to record songs, she was downcast again and even declined a role in Fruit Chan’s (陈果) Lost on a Red Minibus to Taipo <那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角开往大埔的红VAN> which is based on an Internet story.  Except for Eman, Fiona has refused to see anyone else. Not wanting her mother to worry for her, Fiona also moved into Eman’s house and recuperated under her tender care.

Romantic Notes

It has been known that the low-profile Eman used to have a same-sex partner when she entered show business. However, it did not work out. Full of love for Fiona now, Eman will often leave hints of her love for Fiona in her column in the newspapers.

On the column titled, “Another Kind of Girl” that she posted on June 25, Eman mentioned, “There’s a kind of girl who really knows how to be a girl. Willful, clever… and when they love you, they really love you. High EQ is their best merit. Once you find such a girl, you already achieved half the success.”

On July 20, Eman posted about her feelings in an article titled “Door”. She wrote, “Just when you decide to leave the door which is locked by happiness, who knows, you meet the person whom you never dreamt of meeting. Thus, the door has changed.”

Eman’s Background

After meeting Ellen Joyce Loo (盧凱彤) at the “Original Music 2000” <原音2000> singing competition, Eman and Ellen Joyce started performing together at university campuses. In 2002, Anthony Wong (黃耀明) signed them under his company. Like her twin brother, Chet, Eman is not only known for her singing, but she is also known for her songwriting talents.

When Chet revealed his homosexuality earlier this year, he was asked about his sister’s sexual orientation. Though he declined to comment, Eman was more forward in revealing her preference for women. Eman said, “I believe everyone has experienced being in love with someone of the same gender. Especially women!”

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  1. what about khalil? He always seems to be supporting fiona in not just a friend way.

  2. Fiona has such a sweet face what men would not want to cherish and love her!!

    1. she is SOOOO thin though, looks like a skeleton

  3. LOLLIPOP head and a tomboy… eh, it could be worse

  4. shenanigans! I used to hear similar stories of transforming into lesbians after boyfriend woe in college and I didn’t believe it then and I don’t believe it now. You don’t like someone because they are NICER to you than the other gender – so if gay guys are really unhappy, do they go after women? NO, they do not. SHENANIGANS.

    but for what point? where is all of this heading????

  5. I too think Fiona will make a good pair with Khalil.

    1. really? she’s way too pretty for khalil or eman lam

      1. Looks has nothing to do with it. I’m thinking if the loves her very much and cares a lot about her, then the guy is a good guy to have.

  6. Club Sparkle 星星同學会 (2009.02.09) – 08

    Watch it. Ah Fi denied having relationship with Jaycee.

    And I think this article is a bit funny lol.

  7. stupid. there is no evidence in this article that says she is a lesbian, its all a bunch of extremely weak assumptions woven into a story.

  8. Another bad example from celebrities. Homosexual used to be a behind close door secret and now everyone is so proud to ‘show-off’ they are actually lesbian! What have become of this world, really.

    1. And why should homosexual be a behind closed door secret? This world is shared by everyone, not only you, NZ.

      1. Because homosexual is a wrong message to the world! I suppose you must be homosexual yourself. Since you are into it, I shall think no point arguing. You will naturally think that homosexual is right. But really, what so good about touching what you already have????

  9. Maybe it is true, maybe it is not. But can’t a girl have a girl-friend without the other girl being called her lesbian lover?

  10. Summary of article = Fiona hangs out with Elam therefore Fiona is lesbian. Next!

  11. Fiona has quite a few lesbian rumors over the years, maybe she is really bi?

  12. Bah, such a ridiculous article. How can Fiona be lesbian when she admitted that she was in a long term relationship with Jaycee Chan? Just because she’s not dating anyone now and prefers to hang out with a close girlfriend, it doesn’t make her a lesbian necessarily. One doesn’t simply turn gay overnight after a bad relationship experience. Fiona might just be wary of trusting men and getting hurt again. Girlfriends are often the greatest support system one can find. Eman might be a lesbian but it doesn’t mean Fiona is also one.

      1. It’s possible that she’s bi. But it irks me that 2 gals cannot be close friends without being accused of being lesbians nowadays. Likewise with the guys….”ooh, they must be gays!” There is such a thing called friendship and that is also a beautiful thing.

      2. It irks me too that men and women cannot be friends without being accused of being couples nowadays. There is such a thing called friendship and that is also a beautiful thing.

      3. and when you are NOT married by the time u r 35, they will still call them a gay/lesbian as well. ahaha it’s like you can’t really have fun w/same gender friends.

      4. windy,

        Oh, really? I don’t know about this. Does this only happen in certain countries or what? Perhaps, it is true to some extent when it comes to men, but I always thought women above 35 and not married = spinsters, not lesbians. What I mean is in chinese culture at least. We call them “lao gu po”, right?

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    1. I somehow guessed that, but not sure if that was what you meant by bi. My friends and I do that too, some straight, some les. We are fine with doing what couples normally do to each other. As to whether I am bi or not, no idea. lol

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