Flora Chan’s Husband Was Once Mistaken as Daughter’s Grandpa

Taking a break from acting, Flora Chan (陳慧珊) is currently pursuing her Master’s of Education. Due to her beliefs in lifelong learning, Flora and her husband Mike Chung (鍾家鴻)  will soon be launching their new education-themed variety show, After School <放學後>, on Hong Kong Open TV.

Hoping to contribute more to the field of education, Flora has been focusing on getting her master’s degree rather than acting in the last eight years. Flora stated, “I have three different roles now – a parent, a student, and an educator. I’ve been recently going to different places to give speeches as well.”

Asked whether she will film dramas again, Flora responded, “I’ll always be an artiste. I’m just taking a break for now. I’m very lucky to become an actress and be given an education. I hope I can crossover my entertainment career with my educational knowledge to spread awareness among viewers.”

Explaining that her educational program will not be like any other regular program, Flora admits that she invested a seven-figure sum in production and will feature guest stars such as Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱).

Raising their 12-year-old daughter, Flora and Mike believe they are technically over-aged parents. She said, “I’m almost 50. Mike has been mistaken as Grandpa when he went to pick up our daughter from school. Many of the parents at school are only in their 30s.”

They face many challenges when trying to educate the next generation. When asked if there is a generation gap with her daughter, Flora exclaimed, “No! My daughter will tell us how she wants to be taught. She really likes learning about philosophy. We’re always updating ourselves due to how fast technology is advancing nowadays.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I wonder how old is the husband? Maybe the hairstyle makes him look grandpa if he clean up himself he won’t be like this old. Well maybe the rest of the men’s who has a younger wife such as Kevin Cheng, Aaron Kwok and Leon Lai who became a father at a real late age maybe if they go pick up their kids other people might think it’s their grandpa too. Gigi Lai husband might have the same situation too.

    1. @cutie777 O.M.G but he does look very old. Some people do not look as old even if they in their 50’s depending on how they dressed & style themselves but I guess some people don’t care. I remember once an older colleague’s hubby came to pick her up and he does not look 50 at all due to his nice trendy hipping style so sometimes even if you are getting older your fashion sense is a huge factor just like a hairstyle.

    2. @cutie777 well, if you are old and have grey hair, you are old and have grey hair and people will think you are a grandpa lol. Whether you are a good looking grandpa (because you clean up well) or not, you are still look like that to other people. Like my friend’s husband, he well groomed, short hair, a little moustache, but hair is pepper colour (mostly white), physically stronger than my 40yo husband because he played sport every day, but he’s old, he has children that are 30yo and his youngest son (my son’s best friend) is only 2yo lol. Unless you want them to dye their hair to look young as part of clean up well. But I find those parents, the one that is old and have young kids, know about that stigma other have on them, so they are a lot more relax, as in they teach their kid about that, joke about that, and the children tends to be much much more rounded. In western society, old parents young kids are becoming the norm, I think it will becoming more and more commons for Asian, too.

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