Flora Chan Becomes an English Teacher

Although Flora Chan (陳慧珊) was a famous TVB actress in the 1990s, she has faded out of the limelight after giving birth to her daughter. When her husband Mike Chung (鍾家鴻) filed for bankruptcy in 2012, Flora made an attempt to return to acting but she was unsuccessful in reviving her career to its former glory. Forging a new path in her life, Flora appears to have given up on acting and has taken up a teaching position in Shenzhen.

Netizens recently discovered that Flora created professional biography online, and listed herself as an English lecturer with the Shenzhen’s Keyword Youth Education Institution, providing in-person lessons. Flora’s qualifications include a degree in communications at Boston College, experience as a host for TVB’s English programing, and she is currently pursuing a PH. D in English at Hong Kong University.

The discovery of Flora’s whereabouts spurred a heated discussion among netizens, who expressed pity that the former TVB actress had to change tracks to support her family. Other netizens praised Flora for her decision to step away from the entertainment industry and forge a different path for herself, “Many people say they want to change careers and do it right away, without any lingering thoughts of the entertainment industry.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am impressed with her drive to continually advance her education. Being an actress is glamorous, but it has a shelf life. Educating the future is a more influential career.

    1. @potatochip
      Glad you admire teaching unlike the many in my family who look down on it due to the low pay. Everything is about money these days sadly.

  2. I love teaching and it is a very fulfilling role for me. She will be very well paid to tutor…

    1. @hohliu
      Are you a teacher too? That is my field too and my family opposed it as they say you get paid very little. Sadly teachers should get paid more and are often underpaid but definitely not under appreciated.

      1. @hetieshou I do professional classes thus it is well paid. I do teach as one part of my role. I love it. My son is looking to teach in future too as he too finds it fulfilling… As long as he can get a job in future and support his own family as he gets them. That is all that matters to us.

      2. @hohliu
        Really? I know some types of teaching are well paid but not many. Sadly my family thinks all types of teaching are low paid. My family is a bit materialistic but I can understand as having money is important, however, I feel doing what you like is important too. Otherwise, you are pretty much a robot.

  3. good for her for being able to capitalize on her skills and foster her interest at the same time. i think she’s a rare breed in the entertainment industry. most either don’t have the skills to do other things or don’t know a better way out of entertainment. the fun has to end someday and i think she has already achieved the epitome of her entertainment career and now she’s has the skills and interests to thrive in the outside world.

    1. @m0m0
      Not sure if being in the entertainment circle is all “fun” like you think. There are a lot of things you need to deal with. Katie Tsui retired from the circle to pursue further education too. Many who retired in HK did either insurance or business. However, I never saw any of them get into teaching and yes that is rare. Kudos to her for doing what she truly likes.

  4. I thought she furthered her studies then so she could teach? Don’t understand the need of media to make an issue out of this and it sound as if she’s living a sad life now

    1. @conan2209
      I think it is because they look down on teaching as it is a satisfying job but is a low paying job as opposed to being an actress of her status who would get paid a lot more. Basically, they think she is going down lower by becoming a teacher now versus a more well known actress.

      My family thinks the same way as I am in the teaching field too. It is always about the money for most people sadly. You can do a admirable job as a teacher but many don’t think highly of you because they think you are poor. My cousin who is a college drop out and earns more from tips dealing cards at a gambling casino gets more respect than me as she makes more. Sadly money seems to rule it all although my career should be more respected, but I get looked down as I make little compared to her. Everything is about money these days sadly.

      1. @hetieshou true everything about money. I didn’t have marks to get into medical school but family doctor aren’t pay that well. After deducting expenses they might roughly same amount as I do. I have pension from my hospital job as a senior analyst. I own two properties so not only i will retire early but I might have more wealth in the end. Family doctor might sound more better career. In the end money is all matters. The reason I mentioned family doctor is because someone I know graduated this week as family doctor after 14 years of university including undergrad and getting PhD. I went to work force after 4 years of university and picked up Master degree along the way while working full-time. People would question why I can own two properties. They don’t think hospital computer programmer married to pharmacist can afford it.

      2. @vortex123
        lol, people need to understand the value of compound interest and invest early. lol. depending on where you are, houses were actually affordably before they sky rocketed in the last couple of decades. where i am is the same. had anyone actually had a decent job 20 years ago, they could have bought a few properties with a loan. nowadays, with loans, savings, and salary, still a struggle to buy just one. it’s the timing.

      3. @m0m0 i graduated in 2007 and was last grade 13 from high school. I live in Toronto, Canada. I started purchasing about 5 years ago my first property. My second property purchased two years later due to marriage.

      4. @vortex123
        speciality doctors do make a way more. a GP isn’t exactly a lucrative career. i think for anyone wanting to become a doctor is purely out of true intention saving lives and interests in meds for that matter. i don’t think anyone who simply thinks because it sounds cool would actually make it through med school.

      5. @m0m0 yes I know specialty docs make tons. Most ppl go to become family doctor because only 2 years of residency while the rest is 6 years of residency. It is just a quickest route for them to graduate.

      6. Thanks and I can careless about what others think. We love for ourselves not others. Plus, we are not doing anything bad so why should any of us be scared?

    2. @vortex123,
      Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad things are good for you though. Pharmacists make good money so why are people shocked that they can afford 1-2 houses? Sadly, we live on a materialistic world where money is above all. To me it is not just the money but what we do to get it?

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