Myolie Wu Shares Childhood Boarding School Experience in Ireland

In Flora Chan’s (陳慧珊) educational program After School <放學後>, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) appeared as guests and took the audience to United Kingdom where they went to school. The episode began with a trip to Myolie’s middle school in Belfast, Ireland where she shared her childhood experiences and upbringing.

Revisited Boarding School

Myolie attended the Methodist College Belfast when she was 12 years old. Although Myolie thought it was difficult to adjust to living in an unfamiliar country, she persevered and learned to be independent. “Before I thought school and studying was hard, but once you stepped into the real world, you will understand what real pressure is.  Being a student is more relaxing and fun. Students who are currently studying should cherish their time.”

As Myolie toured her childhood school, she recalled getting callouses from walking between classes. “After English class was Chemistry class. We had to move between classes. Many people walked to classes together and it was a far distance. Back then, shoes weren’t well made and I developed calluses from all the walking.”

Limited Pocket Money

While studying, Myolie learned to budget her pocket money as she was only given £5 per week, “The dormitory provided meals and I essentially didn’t have to spend money. However, when I go out with friends and I get hungry, I would only buy the cheapest snacks like potato chips. Honestly, I usually didn’t go out for food because I didn’t have a lot of money. Our form of entertainment was window shopping.  If I saved money, I would watch movies with my friends.”

At a young age, Myolie learned how to cherish things in life. “Many things in life are hard to get and you can’t simply grab it with your hands. Instead, it is good to understand the importance of money and to earn your own money.”

Compliments Husband

During the program, Myolie also praised her husband Philip Lee (李乘德) for being a good fatherly figure. “I am grateful for my other half and feel relieved in regards to educating the next generation. We have many similar values that we want to impart to our sons, such as respect for parents, family values, value of money and life. I think he can instill them in our sons.”

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