Florinda Ho Bestows Lavish Gifts Upon Joel Chan, Remaking Him As “Her Man”

Since Macau casino tycoon, Stanley Ho’s daughter, Florinda Ho (何超云), started dating TVB actor, Joel Chan (陈山聪), she felt blissful, floating on “Cloud 9” on a daily basis. Aside from Joel’s impressive talent in making his girlfriend happy, Florinda also knew how to show appreciation towards her boyfriend. Every 3, 5, or 7 days, Florinda would buy extensive gifts for Joel: shoes, trousers, and clothes.  

The most important aspect of gift-giving was the thought coming from the heart. Possessing “Do-It-Yourself” skills, Florinda created a copper coin necklace and hand-knit scarf for Joel earlier. Another gift was a pair of leopard patterned Jimmy Choo sneakers. Interested in design, Florinda re-packaged her boyfriend and single-handedly revamped his image from head to toe. Apparently, Joel was very willing to accept his girlfriend’s transformation of his image. Each time he received Florinda’s gifts, Joel would ​​publicly declare his enthusiasm and show off their loving relationship! 

Due to Florinda’s wealthy family background, her relationship with Joel was regarded as the woman possessing the superior position. Over the Lunar New Year holiday, Joel went to Florinda’s house to pay respects towards her mother. Afterward, Joel and Florinda went to Macau to set off new fireworks over the holiday. 

Florinda Ho to Give Money to Joel Chan to Open Fashion Store?

According to Sohu.com, recent rumors circulated claiming that Florinda Ho had the intention to give Joel Chan money to open his own fashion clothing store. When reporters confronted Florinda’s mother, Mrs. Ho (the third wife of tycoon, Stanley Ho), she replied, “I do not know of their plans.” (Do you want them to start a business?) Mrs. Ho said, “It depends on what they have in mind. If that is truly what they want to do, I will support them.” (Do you want them to have independent finances?) “There finances have always been independent of each other.”


Excerpt from East Magazine #440 and Sohu.com

Jayne: Sounds as if Joel and Florinda are still in the “honeymoon” phase of their relationship. Even during the sensitive period following Joel’s divorce from his ex-wife, Florinda seemed unable to resist from blogging about their relationship. I found it humorous that Florinda likes to dress Joel in her own style.

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  1. I wonder what’s going to happen if they break up? He basically stopped acting so he can be with her all the time. lol

      1. Well, other than money, it seems like he gave up all of his friends to be with her as well. He used to be close with Christine Ng and Sharon Chan but they are no longer friends.

    1. Yea, it would be sad if they do break up since Joel seemd to sacrifice a lot in order to be with her…

    2. They will eventually break up when Florinda finally realizes that he is a money-grubbing guy and is only after her money and status…….she’s just too young to figure it out now cause “love is blind” when you’re young as her………..God, the guy looks like a faggot with the way he dresses now. Use to be normal looking.

  2. Is that Florinda’s mother (the one who is in the picture with Florinda and her sister)?


    Her clothing style in unattractive and she dressed Joel like a lady.

  3. Err. Florinda’s mom looks so “homely” and plain. Not glamorous for a wife of a rich tycoon

    1. mayb some people might want to dress humble (if u know what i mean lol)

  4. So… based on all the comments recently about women being gold diggers for marrying wealth, does this mean Joel is also one? 😀

  5. Florinda doesn’t seem like she has a good fashion sense. I saw a pic that she had this wild haircut. Anyway she dresses Joel a little too girly.

    1. Summer,
      “Anyway she dresses Joel a little too girly.”

      I wonder if Joel’s new perm was also Florinda’s idea? I find her hair to be bleached too blond. But she has pretty features though.

      On a side note, Joel may have realized he was gaining too much weight. Earlier photos from last month showed him with a rounder face, now he seems to have shed a few pounds.

      1. I agreed that she has pretty features too. But compared to her sister, hers is stronger and her sister has softer features. All the children seem to have their father’s nose.

    2. Joel dressed this way before dating Florinda. But get girlier after having her.

  6. He clothes is to femmed out for me. He needs to get his own style, I look at him as a gigalo, well at least she is not an old lady lol. Anyways he better be banking the money she spends on him, if he stops working and they break up, it will be hard for him to work his way up. Not that he was that good of an actor anyways.

    1. I think Joel is a decent actor with a lot of potential and it would be a big waste if he gives up his career just to be with her… If it doesn’t work out then he is doomed…

  7. I love people who like to be fashioned, style ones. They think wearing branded, expensive clothes with strange style = fashion. They are right!!!

    Too bad with my income and my vision-problem eyes, I cannot help myself be…good looking like these gold fishes.

  8. At least they are only dating and are in their honeymoon stage still so it is still too early to see what will happen…

  9. ah joel. i never liked him, he looks like someone ‘goodfornothing’ type same as most of his roles in tvb.

    i rmb he got the last place in the vote of most handsome actor with the first being Ruco.

    i just hope hes true to her, not leeching off her wealth.

    no offense, just an opinion

  10. He should concentrate on his career in acting besides dating.
    Florinda should support him in that!

  11. “Every 3, 5, or 7 days, Florinda would buy extensive gifts for Joel: shoes, trousers, and clothes”

    I can quite imagine this sentence in Chinese.

    I like how the couple just blissfully ignoring all suggestions and go their own way whilst the media ignoring their blissfulness and keep on suggesting Joel is eating soft rice. But as Raymond’s producer’s new song eat soft ice cream, maybe this relationship is eat soft ice cream? As in young girl keeping an older toy boy.

    But let them be blissful. He doesn’t care people calling him a toy boy eating “soft ice cream” (funn’s new term!!!) and she obviously doesn’t care people telling her he is obviously after her money (but I shall say he is after her, money is bonus but if she doesn’t have money?). Since are either blissfully ignorant due to the influence of Aphrodite, I shall say… love on!

  12. do anything you want as long as your happy in life.. we do some many things to make other happy and lose out on ourselves..

  13. Not a good start to a relationship if she wants to change him already, be it in externally for now…

    1. You are quite right, I mean he might like it right now. I don’t care if he is after her money or not but who doesn’t like expensive gifts or nice stuff. He might get used to it and what if they break up, with his paycheck he can not keep that same lifestyle unless he really marry her.

  14. Last saw him in Bottled Passion, is he in any new shows? Or stop working???? Hope not!

    1. Filming a series of Lee Tim Shing that I dun rmb name. Stair something.

  15. I don’t them both stylish at all…on the contrary I should say!

    The coin necklace is quite horrid..ewww

  16. I guess if you’re rich, you can afford a live “Ken” doll, right?

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