Former Manager of CCTV Says He Will Miss Godfrey Gao

Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) passed away on the set of Zhejiang TV’s reality show Chase Me <追我吧> on November 27. Yesterday, his body was transported back to his birthplace in Taiwan. Following Buddhist rituals in which it is believed that the newly deceased’s soul returns back home on the seventh day after death, the Gao family organized a service yesterday to mourn Godfrey’s passing.

Among the attendees at the service was former manager of China Central Television, Jiang Fengqi (江奉琪) and Taiwanese veteran artiste Chen Kailun (陳凱倫) to offer their condolences. Chen Kailun left through the back doors to avoid interviews, but Jiang Fengqi stayed to respond to press questions.

To those who may have been confused with Jiang Fenqi’s appearance, it turns out he is old friends with producer Wang Jun (王鈞), husband of Qiu Xiuzhu (丘秀珠), the owner of Godfrey’s management agency. They worked on many productions in the past and also had dinner with Godfrey in Penang once. He came to pay respects to the late actor, whom he described as a very warm and caring person. Jiang said, “We previously had dinner together, and he personally used both his hands to give me a shoulder massage. I will really miss him!”

Taiwanese celebrities Jiro Wang (汪東城), Blackie Chan (陳建州), and Christine Fan (范瑋琪) were also in attendance. Godfrey’s good friend, basketball player James Mao (毛加恩) and his wife disregarded their newlywed status and were at the service.

At approximately 7 p.m. last night, the service marking the seventh day of Godfrey’s passing concluded. His girlfriend, Bella, was seen looked tired and distraught. Godfrey’s second brother, Charles Gao (高宇橋) greeted reporters and thanked them for their attendance, while Godfrey’s father didn’t look carefully while stepping out and lost his balance, hitting his knee and elbow on the ground. Family members immediately rushed over to help him.

Godfrey’s agency, JetStar Entertainment, said that mourning services will be open on December 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to the public, including fans, who want to pay respects to the late actor. But all gifts and flowers will be refused.

On December 15, Godfrey’s funeral will take place and he will be buried in Chin Pao San Cemetry, a private cemetery in New Taipei.

Godfrey’s father fell
Christine Fan and Blackie Chan
James Mao and his wife

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Godfrey Gao Transported Back to Taiwan; Funeral to Be Held on December 15

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