Former TVB Actor Bond Chan Strips All for Serial Rapist Film

Former TVB actor Bond Chan (陳少邦) may be the next star to watch, but it won’t be an easy break.

Guilty <有罪>, the upcoming film about the infamous Justin Lee (李宗瑞) rape case, will star Bond Chan in the lead, as a character based on Lee. Lee was a Taiwanese socialite who is currently serving 39 years in prison for sexually assaulting over 20 women between October 2009 and July 2011.

At the film’s premiere event, the 38-year-old former TVB actor was drilled on his expectations and impressions for the box office. Asking if he is worried about the box office performance, he said, “I think our boss is more worried. I, on the other hand, am more worried about my own performance. I hope everyone would give me good feedback, so I know what I would need to improve on. These kinds of opportunities aren’t easy to come by.”

As the film is based on the life of the serial rapist, Bond had numerous intense scenes with many actresses. There were also several instances where he did his scenes nude. “There won’t be any frontal nudity,” he said, “but I had protection anyways. No one wanted to be a body double for those scenes, because they’re not easy to do.”

Bond shared that many actors had auditioned for the role, but once they found out about the demands, they backed out. “The topic is too sensitive, and it requires a lot of nerve. When I first accepted the role, I did ask my wife for advice, and she encouraged me to do it.”

Reporters then asked if any of the sex scenes in the film were real, to which he said, “Of course not. I wouldn’t have agreed to do this film if they were real. If I really wanted to those kind of films, I would consider a career in the Japanese [adult film] industry.”

Asking if Bond would like to “strip to fame,” he said, “Of course not, but this would be a good opportunity for others to notice my performance. I hope it’ll get me more jobs. I’ve been in the industry for nearly 20 years, and I hope to get more recognition from everyone. Money isn’t important at the moment. It’s about being identified.”

Guilty is directed by Chinese director Lu Zongyue (鲁宗岳) and also stars Jacqueline Ch’ng (莊思敏).

Justin Lee was first arrested in July 2011 when two sisters filed a report against him, accusing him of rape. He was soon released due to the lack of evidence, but was arrested again a year later when several women came forth with the same accusations. Over the next few years, more women came forth to sue Lee for rape, and the socialite was ultimately given a prison sentence of 39 years.


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  1. Good for him! As an HK actor, if you want any recognition and success, you must leave TVB and take risks.

  2. Hopefully this movie will highlight the trauma that it leaves victims, educate girls/women on how to prevent being date/drug raped, and how the police should have investigated more when the first woman reported the rape incident, which could have prevented more victims. And not to use nudity to glorify/encourage rape/sexual assault or attract viewers because sex is involved because it is forced/unwanted sex.

    1. @coralie Yes, I am worried that they would glamourize the rapist. Or at least make him sympathic. He is an entitled predator and the movie should be about the survivors and their battle for justice, if there were to be a movie at all.

  3. Bond Chan. Another one from Raymond/Tavia TVB acting class. Last time I heard, he was working as a fitness trainer and body building. A very rare opportunity for an unknown actor to lead a movie but I like rooting for an underdog…

    1. @jimmyszeto He’s a pretty decent actor actually. I remember him from a few HKTV series that he was in (of course the irony isn’t lost on me that I’ve been watching TVB series for decades and never noticed him, but the moment he goes to a different station, he gets better roles and finally some recognition – so many former TVB artists fall into this category, it’s not even funny). Though I also dislike the fact that a movie is being made with a serial rapist as central focus rather than the victims, that’s not Bond’s fault at all so I’m happy for him getting a chance to make a name for himself and hope that this will lead to more opportunities for him.

      1. @llwy12
        I remember him mainly as Raymond’s enemy in an early couple of episodes of A Step in the Past. Only had tiny screen time at TVB really..

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