Justin Lee’s Father Begs Son to Turn Himself In

Nineteen days ago, Taiwan’s police authorities released a search warrant for Taiwanese heir, Justin Lee (李宗瑞), who was accused of drugging and raping several women. Justin’s sex videos involved 60 models and actresses. The police offered a monetary reward of $200,000 TWD for anyone who can provide whereabouts of Justin, who remains missing to this day. Two of Taiwan’s major triads, the United Bamboo Gang and the Four Seas Gang, were also reported to have been involved with Justin Lee’s sex scandals through blackmailing, and they are also actively pursuing information on Justin’s whereabouts.

Recently, the police received information that Justin Lee may be hiding in southern Taiwan, and that his driver had already sneaked out of Taiwan’s borders. Increased security efforts are taken by Taiwan’s Directorate General of Customs department to prevent Justin Lee from leaving the borders.

Justin Lee Gets Help from Girlfriend

In early August, the police discovered that Justin Lee had borrowed $200,000 TWD from his mother and that he may still be in hiding in southern Taiwan. The next day, Justin Lee’s girlfriend, Joyce Lai (賴慕禎), was sent in for questioning, but she claimed to have lost contact with Justin since the scandal broke out.

On August 15th, Joyce was seen walking into a motel in Taiwan’s East District in the middle of the night. When she was interrogated by the police, she denied that she was meeting with anyone and insisted that she did not have new information of Justin’s whereabouts. On August 17th, Joyce was found driving her friend’s car to Kenting in southern Taiwan and returning to the north a few hours later. Suspected of meeting with Justin Lee in the south, Joyce was brought back to the police for questioning again. Joyce and her elder sister are also under investigation for forgery charges.

Justin Lee’s Father Releases Statement

Justin Lee’s father, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), has remained silent since the outbreak of his son’s scandal. On August 20th, the former Director of Yuanta Financial Holdings finally released a press statement regarding the incident, urging his son to turn himself in to the authorities.

Lee Yue Tsang stated, “When the media reported on my son’s recent suspicion of taking indecent photographs and related offenses, I felt very uneasy and anxious. My son, Justin Lee, is now an adult, and he must be legally responsible for his own actions. I have failed in my role as a responsible father, and I deeply apologize for the negative effects that this incident has created. I solemnly urge my son to report himself to the police and face the law with courage, that he cooperates with any related judicial investigations, and that he carries out his responsibilities so this incident can be resolved soon, and everything will turn back to normal.”

Source: QQ.com, QQ.com

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  1. I doubt he will turn himself in. I feel sorry for his father. Hopefully the cop find him soon.

    1. At least his father showed remorse that he failed as a paretn. Very sad for him.

      Give your children only what they need. Not more so they will earn their keep and possibly stay out of trouble. Sigh…

  2. I also feel bad for his father. He seemed to have a good family and father but yet he did all of those bad things that hurt not only others but his father and family. Zhen de ke lian tian xia fu mu xin…

    1. The father 李宗瑞 is actually not Justin Li’s real father. Her mother has a dark past and I blv she is the one who spoiled Justin Li.

      Btw Joyce Lai, Justin Li’s gf is actually committed crime in Taiwan. I guess it’s why she protected him that much.

      1. Thanks for the info! Even if it is not his biological father, he probably raised him but sadly did not have time to teach him good morals. I had a feeling that it was probably the mother that did not teach him well. Very sad indeed…

  3. Hi gf must be brainwashed by money to help an accused rapist!

    1. His girlfriend may not know. He could be treating her well and never drugged her

    2. Joyce Lai herself was arrested by police for a drug case and ran away, did PS to change face and ID. You can see why she protected him that much.

      1. If I was the gf and I think my man is being accused , I would tell him to turn himself in, if he wasn’t guilty nothing to be afraid off. She has to knows its probably all over the media.

  4. The showbiz and modelling industry players are worried as they are the ones connecting the girls with these rich guys. They call it networking and business development.
    Further investigation will unravel how these showbiz and modelling masters (tai loh) pimp out the girls.
    It’s high time the showbiz and modelling industry needs transparency.

  5. I feel sorry for the dad too but didn’t he know about this earlier? Or did he just close one eye and think this won’t get too far? Some dads just focus on work and left the wife to take care of the kids.

  6. Haha how sad, for all the money that he has he still cannot stop his hairline from receding.

    1. That is kind of rude. How you do you know he didn’t try having hair transplant, perhaps it didn’t work for him.

  7. Oh no…when your parents want you to turn yourself in…that’s the end. Justin is a grown man, and there are a lot of things that he could be doing that his parents don’t know of. Sometime, your parents don’t even know what you are doing if you are in the same house as them if the kids don’t want to share…not to mention an adult.

    I wonder why the mafia is involved? Uh oh…was Justin Lee found canoodling with one of their girls?

    1. It’s is rumored that some showbiz and/or modelling personalities are going after him to shut him up. They have engaged Taiwan triad gang to finish him.

  8. What a failure in life. Jail better for him so that he can be a better person.

  9. Poor daddy, this guy should think about his family and father too, don’t he know how much he is harming his family.So shame on him..

  10. It’s probably a better idea for Justin to turn himself into the police rather than have the mafia get a hold of him. I don’t want to imagine what they would do to him.

    1. a gang is after him already, he better turn himself in, then been killed by a gang

      1. I think even if he turned himself in, the mafia can send people to finish him off in prison before trial if they’re serious in shutting him up. Hence, his reluctance to surface and get caught.

  11. Justin only has 3 choices
    1. Live in fear while hiding for the rest of his life.
    2. Die or be tortured by the mafia
    3. Go to jail, save his fathers face and reflect on what he’s done.
    Choice is his!

  12. His mother is still using money to convince the girls to say that they all agree to do so without being raped.

    Then, that’s why Justin Li is spoiled.

    1. This is the power of rich people, using money to make people shut up.

  13. Maybe Justin dad want him to be in jail then rather seeing him in the hands on the traid gangs of Taiwan I heard they shed no remorse on anything

  14. if the rumor is true about the TRIADS gand on Taiwan

  15. Maybe the father was pressured by the board of his company to issue the above statement? I find it hard to believe that with his money he can’t find private detectives to find his son, Taiwan is not that big.

  16. it is partially the up bringing, partially kids personality as well. That’s why sometimes in a family there is one black sheep of the family.

    1. I agree and at times you have a good family and good parents, but if you just have a bad personality, then you just do. You cannot always blame the parents…

  17. Justin Lee’s actions imitate in general Taiwan, Hong Kong and China culture. Sad to say.

      1. I am not talking of getting away from murder or rape.
        I am highlighting their behavior.
        For example, gifting is a cultural norm, just check out those luxury industry doing business in and around this region.Watches and bars of gold are often handed out by those seeking favors from business associates.

  18. Edison chen used stored his files in his apple laptop…and so justin with his apple phone. who will be next with apple ipad?? hehe

  19. justin had lots of fun. now he has to suffer! i dont even feel sorry for this monster. have you seen the video clips? i cant believe he is a pervert and a sex maniac!

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