Justin Lee Surrenders Himself to Police for Sex Crime Charges

Taiwanese socialite, Justin Lee (李宗瑞) has been wanted by the police for allegedly drugging and raping numerous female celebrities.  The police awarded $200,000 TWN for information on Justin’s whereabouts.  After missing for 23 days, Justin surrendered and turned himself in to the police.  Due to the severity of the sex crimes involved, the police held Justin in custody. 

It was reported that Justin had videotaped 60 models and actresses while performing sexual acts.  As several of the women were unconscious, it was suspected that Justin had drugged and raped them.  The public had begun to speculate on the identities of the victims.  After several of Justin’s sex photos leaked on the internet–to the embarrassment of Taiwanese authorities–the clues to the identities of the women emerged.

After the police confirmed Maggie Wu (吴亚馨) to be one of the sex scandal’s victims, the  Taiwanese model and actress had an emotional breakdown.  Initially, Maggie intended to address the matter during a media conference.  However, it had been called off as Maggie was unable to face the public at this time. 

Justin Had Not Changed Clothes in Days 

Missing for close to a month, Justin appeared at the police station at 8:30 PM last night.  Wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, it was evident that Justin had not changed clothes in days. At the police station, Justin who had messy hair, attempted to keep a low profile and acted as a “passerby”.  However, reporters still recognized him, thus Justin rushed inside.  Police officers then escorted him to an interrogation room.  Soon after, three lawyers arrived to assist with Justin’s case.  

Police Department Holds Press Conference on Justin’s Surrender 

At 9:30 PM, the police held a media conference to advise on the development of Justin’s surrender.  The spokesperson indicated that contact to the police was initiated by Justin at approximately 4 PM.  It was stated that Justin wanted to surrender with a “Ms. Chan”.  After the police confirmed Justin’s identity, the prosecutor told Justin to drive towards Taipei.  At approximately 8:30 PM, Justin arrived at the police station along with his lawyers. 

As Justin was a wanted criminal, he was apprehended and his case would be thoroughly investigated.  Regarding the aforementioned Ms. Chan, her relationship with Justin is still unclear.  Police will be conducting an investigation to obtain a better understanding of whether she was harboring a fugitive or an accomplice to the crimes.  Once it becomes clear, another media conference would be held to address her involvement.

In addition, tabloids earlier linked Dee Hsu’s (徐熙娣) husband, Mike Hsu (許雅鈞) to Justin Lee’s sex scandal. Yesterday, Mike Hsui issued a press statement claiming that he did not know Justin well and did not have any monetary exchanges with him. Mike further stated that he did not know the women implicated in the sex scandal other.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. The police might have to thank the triads dangerous pressure. If not due to their threats, Justin may continue hiding.

  2. it was about time, just hope that The police and the lawyer won’t get trick by his money

  3. at least he surrendered.. do your time n learn a lesson.. u r stll young .. built a new life upon release

    1. Unfortunately he might have a hard time in prison, but at least he will still be alive.

      1. Jail and alive better than cut into pieces and fed to sharks or pigs LOL

    2. He turned himself in with 3 lawyers accompanying him. They probably worked out with something or came with a plan that can bail him out that’s why. Plus, his father is loaded so you never know what they’ll do

      1. I think he will declare not guilty and claim that the girls are willing.

      2. Or plea bargain because there are many videos as evidence which may show some girls as unconscious.

      3. The latest news I heard is he’s claiming the girls are consensual partners. His 3 lawyers must’ve prepared something. Now it’s up to the 60 girls to come out and charge him

      4. If most are well-known models/actresses, maybe they’d be reluctant to appear as witnesses and be subjected to vicious line of questioning by the defense lawyers. So, from the 60, the percentage being discredited, paid to shut-up, etc.. may have been anticipated by his panel of lawyers. Hence, his willingness to surrender now.

  4. Good! He must be scared stiff from the gangs that are after him. His sorry arse deserve punishment!

  5. i’m pretty sure he’ll what he deserves in prison. lol…

  6. I hope he has to do jail time. With so many victims, I don’t think he’ll be able to walk away with just a slap on the wrist. Three attorneys or not, money can’t buy everything!

  7. this niggah is far away from Edison Chen ! I didn’t know Taiwan girls are that ugly …eee… I don’t even want to

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