Edison Chen Comments on Justin Lee’s Sex Scandal

Taiwanese socialite, Justin Lee’s (李宗瑞) drug rape case has become the biggest sex scandal to hit Asia in years. Justin’s fetish in recording his sexual activities have spurred comparisons to Edison Chen (陈冠希), whose notorious sex scandal four years ago remains embedded in the public’s mind.

Justin Lee Had 3 Male Accomplices?

Although Justin Lee’s sex videos featured 50 women, only 10 women have agreed to testify before court in the drug rape case. Justin maintained that the women were willing parties, in which he paid some of the women for one night stands.

Among the 93 sex videos leaked, Justin was seen engaged in sexual activity with a woman, while three male genitalia were also seen in the background. Police suspected the three men to be Justin’s accomplices in the drug rape case.

Based on the video clips, it was impossible for the police to identify the identities of the three men. It was speculated that Justin’s habit of drugging and bedding women was a practice well-known and shared by his Taiwanese socialite friends.

Barbie Hsu’s (徐熙媛) husband, Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲), who is part of the “wealthy second generation,” has been implicated in the Justin Lee scandal. After Wang Xiaofei denied the rumors, Barbie also stepped forward to state that they felt helpless in being dragged into the scandal.

Edison Chen’s Women Were Willing

Justin Lee’s scandal has been widely compared to Edison Chen. Appearing at an event to promote his latest CLOT branded merchandise in Taiwan, Edison was asked to comment on Justin’s scandal. Edison countered, “Do you think there is a difference between him and me?”

A female reporter quickly pointed out that Justin Lee was a criminal. Edison smiled and thanked the reporter, implying that he had only slept with willing women.

Source: 21CN.com

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  1. He looks terrible… indulging too much…? But I thought his answer to the reporter was kinda cool though…

    1. He has finally grown smart. Let the person asking to answer so that your words won’t get analysed, dissected for hidden meanings and twisted to generate more interest.

  2. None of Edison’s photos showed any sexual intercourse or women falling asleep as the man engaged in sexual activities. This is no comparison.

  3. Ok, so far I have seen nearly 27 of the leaked videos (full length videos). I have the following to say :


    2) There are 7 videos I have seen that depict the women half conscious and under the influence

    3) In one of the videos, Mr. Lee says to the victim she “raped him” instead. And something about her drinking water and then falling asleep – seems very consistent with the online reports about him giving the victim water then they fall asleep under some influence of drugs perhaps.

    4) The women in many of the videos repeated yell NO. Mr. Lee continues to pound away

    5) There is a 3P performance by Mr. Lee and 2 willing participants. Again, NO CONDOMS.

    6) There is one video of the girl named, MIA – she looks underage, but can’t be certain. She is a willing participant.

    7) Maggie Wu is featured in the first video I have seen and the high resolution still images of her show everything including fake boobs. She seemed to be drugged up while he attacks her as well.

    8) Despite the moaning from the female victims, 7 of the videos do show resistance but for certain, their legs and arms are limp perhaps due to the influence of drugs. You can tell they are half awake and half resisting while Mr. Lee sexually engages them.

    9) Mr. Lee shuts off the webcam after every performance and 99% of the video shows the victim doesn’t seem to be aware she is being taped; except for the “MIA” video, she seems to be camera shy.

    10) There is one video of in which Mr. Lee takes a hand held camera or perhaps his iPhone to video tape the sexual intercourse, but then it was so good, he decided to put down the camera and pound away. Again, depicted on camera WITHOUT A CONDOM.

    11) Mr. Lee is a meat and potatos man. I am digressing here but he is strictly pound for pound instead of anything romantic. He missionizes the victims a majority of the times and he ejaculates into the victims plenty of times.

    12) At this point in time, I would not bother worrying about compensation from Mr. LEE – instead I would worry about STDs.

    Edison Chen is a little boy compared to Mr Justin Lee. Edison just wants to be infamous, but Mr. Lee is a straight up pervert. Not only does he film all of his victims, he enjoys watching it over again because the victims are drugged.

    This guy will burn in hell or burn real bad due to STDs. maggie Wu should be ashamed, the guy has bulging eyeballs, receding hairline, and is as ugly as Wong Hei. These women do it strictly for the drugs/and or money. No doubt about it. Whether they are raped, that will be solved in court.

    1. You should have not watched the videos or viewed the photos as majority of the women were raped. In any case, Edison’s scandal did not involve any intercourse nor were the women were resisting.

      1. WTF you talking about? It’s on the internet, you can view it if you please. Do not tell me what to view what not to view. If your mom was on video, I’d refuse to watch that sh_t.

      2. I can’t stop you from watching these videos. However, those women were clearly raped. Violence on any human beings should not be viewed as entertainment.

      3. And just so all of you who are curious (and I know you are), it’s just a porn collection. If you’ve never watched porn, then you need to open up your eyes.

        The difference in this porn collection is that these girls seemed to be aware of it and half unaware – in fact, money on the button bet that these chicks all knew what they were getting into. Justin Lee is very common socialite who picks up models and actresses. He is a known playboy but the videos show how much of a real perverted sick rapist he truly is.

        I will watch every single video released to date. You can bet on that.

      4. you sound like a 16 y/o girl who just saw a guy kissing 2 girls. Seriously, turn off the internet. You are quite young to comprehend what’s going on.

      5. Some ppl can get so irritated and innocent when others watched porn or etc. Those vidoes got leaked out and very obvious there will be ppl watching them.. its really no big deal and that doesn’t mean those who watching it “supported” what Justin Lee did to his victims. Asking someone to not watch something which was circulated widely on the internet is like asking someone who cannot breath oxigen when it’s a natural thing to do.

      6. There is a HUGE difference between porn and those videos that were leaked. People who do porn are paid and are willing participants. If you wanna watch porn… all for it. The videos that were leaked are of women potentially being RAPED. If I were in those women’s shoes, I would never want a anyone to see those clips. As a woman, as a matter of integrity and principle, it disgusts me that people would purposefully search and watch it.

      7. If things like this bothers you then you’re certainly too “simple” to be online. There are more disgusting things online you have yet to see like for eg.. man slaughtering pets, beating girlfriends and wives, kids etc..Human are natural born curious animal and they will curious of how Justin drugged them and how they faught him. If watching these videos will downgrade someone’s integrity and principle, then i think half of the asia’s nation will be label as no moral with low integrity.

      8. Yes, people are animals, but we are also higher functioning animals, meaning we make choices. We can choose to participate or not, and that’s what makes us human. Am I curious… yes, but I certainly won’t go looking for it online simply b/c I’m curious. If that’s what makes me ‘simple minded,’ sure, why not?

      9. Cloud,

        “Edison’s scandal did not involve any intercourse nor were the women were resisting.”

        Not resisting is true, the intercourse part is not true because we don’t have the videos. But we do see a lot of foreplay and I doubt Edison stopped at just pictures and such.

        I myself watched about 3 of the videos. Different girls, same modus operandi, got bored with it after a while. No doubt the girls were drugged out of their mind. The defence will have a hard time but unfortunately the girls may not want to testify. You have a choice to watch or not to watch. But I watched, admittedly, because out of curiosity, whether the prosecution has a case. After 3 videos, I can say the defence will have a case but the prosecution was not creating some fiction whatever. The videos should be watched so that you learn not to get yourself in those situation. The Other Justin may not be eloquent but he did provide some of the facts and the more I watch the more I feel Justin Lee is a predator. If he is not stopped now, he will probably become more rampant. And he is also very very reckless. Some are genuine, some are sex for drugs, some are as you say date/drug rape. The prosecution just needs 1 girl to come out to testify.

        Edison’s case involves more bigger names though but yes yes Edison can now saw at least they were willing partners, sort of.

        Anyway if you want to watch you will know where to find it. But if you don’t want to, then don’t. Do not judge either way. And it isn’t porn or entertainment. Once curiosity is satisfied, move away before it makes you sicker.

      10. I’ve seen worse things in Internet. Some I stumbled, some I deliberately searched for. Doesn’t make my life more exciting or complete nor does it destroy my intergrity, honour, respect but it did open my eyes and I can honestly say until you see for yourself, you would never know your reaction. But again it is a matter of choice. If you don’t want to, don’t. If you want to, do it for the right reasons.

        I am in the line of work where I can and will be exposed to such stuff. It is not a matter of integrity but a matter of knowing the facts. I admit some do search such stuff for excitement of it. One thing I do not search for and it is illegal sexual activities involving children. I do not wish to cleanse my mind for the rest of my life.

      11. @Funn Lim.

        Of course Edison didn’t have sexual intercourse. He couldn’t because he’s impotent, according to Cammi Tse. He probably could only hold up for several seconds to take some nice photos of himself. If he did have sexual intercourse with those ladies, I’m surprised that he didn’t take a single photo of it.

      12. I won’t search for the videos although I’m tempted to, just like I won’t watch the Carina’s video or Aaron Kwok’s supposed sex video. It’s out of respect for Carina and out of support for Aaron as a fan back then.

        But, I won’t fault The Other Justin for searching out and watching. It’s normal for people to be curious. I’m sure The Other Justin didn’t watch this videos with the same mindset as watching porn, but, more out of wanting know what really happens. And The Other Justin didn’t make any lewd and lusty comment on the women when he was describing the videos. He’s more on stating the facts and condemning Justin.

      13. Kidd,
        Aaron Kwok’s sex video is leaked too? I thought he did not have sex with the woman in Australia and that they had only made out.

        I’m not interested in watching Justin Lee’s videos. Reading the news articles contain enough information for the story development. I’m disgusted by his purported drug rape tactics. I’m following the story to see it to fulfillment, hopefully a long prison sentence for him.

      14. @ Jayne

        I don’t know whether he has video leaked or not. During the height of the scandal back in the late 90s, there were Aaron Kwok’s sex video sold by bootleg video stalls. But, I refuse to buy it back then in support of Aaron as a fan. But, turned out, from what I heard, those videos were fake.

    2. ive only been able to find news clips so its hard to tell if these girls gave consent. dont read chinese so i cant search for the videos. youre right about the women semi knowing what they were getting into. free drinks, vip access,etc; are appealing to them however nobody deserves rape. would you mind linking some non news article vids?

    3. I’ve watch the vids although im a female. Curiousity kills the cat. And i dont think me nt watching those vids will make any difference cause there are a lot more ppl out there who are watchin them.

  4. I need to add to this: On the video tape: KRIS, the victim is clearly sleeping/unconscious and/or drowsy. He turns on a single incandescent light bulb and films her sleeping. He creeps up on her unfolding the blanket back to reveal her black panties.

    He takes her panties off, then spreads her and does his deed. She semi-wakes to complain of PAIN ~8minute mark. She is resisting him by shoving him with her right hand but it is so limp, it’s futile attempt by her. He stops for a moment to see if she is fully awake, then folds her hind legs back into asian squat position and beats her down (sexually).

    Rought 3 more minutes fly by, he finishes INSIDE of her…then takes the black panties the victim KRIS held in her right hand and slides the panties back on her then you can see him exit the camera view and you can hear him showering, then coming back to shut off the camera.

    You can see some kind of bird or phoenix tattoo on the right shoulder of this KRIS victim. This video is so compelling the victim is not aware of being attacked, he will get buried in court.

    1. I must admit some of your post makes sense but the more you post the more it seems you are glorifying the facts but pretending to be sickened by it. I can read your “excitement” in your post. Maybe you can post these blow by blow account in your own blog and leave your mysterious not so well hidden fascination with these videos in here.

    2. these play by play aren’t really necessary. it’s a little too vivid. it would be more respectful if you can tone it down a little. it is the internet but each person can do a little to make it better for others.

  5. what comment? thanking a reporter for stating that justin lee is a criminal is not a comment.

    1. he (edison) was implying he was a true player, not a rapist. His (edison’s) victims were dumb asian actresses who fell for his little school boy pervert antics, but Justin Lee is the real deal therefore he (edison) wants to make clear he is not a rapist when asked to comment on Justin Lee.

      In the public eye, these two scum bags are the same. It’s only Justin Lee got caught raping and Edison got caught being a douche pervert.

  6. no comparison….pls justin needs to be cstrated… ec well he thinks hes the dawg..

    1. Are you that pervert to want the full list of women? Please! They are raped, give them some space for them to live without the curious eyes of the men.

    1. Oh please don’t put LF in the same sentence as those other two dirtbags.

  7. To ‘The Other Justin’,

    Let me preface this by saying, there is nothing wrong with watching porn. In fact, masturbation is healthy and normal for all males.

    But do you realize, how f**king creepy you made yourself out to be by not only spending hours through questionable channels and underground BBS’s to download “most” of the 27.6GB of leaked Justin Lee content, then proceed to go on a forum and give us a FRAME BY FRAME analysis of a dude raping some drugged out woman (in frightening detail), then blasting the guy saying he needs to go to jail? Dude, what the hell. My god, I don’t even want to think about how many times you replayed that s**t over and over to build like a hypothesis on whether or not the girls were drugged/willing/raped. Especially to a dirtsheet site whose main demographic is probably women.

    1. @dd,

      how did you know the file size of these videos if you didnt watch them first yourself? just curious. Honestly, I haven’t seen any of them just because I’m lazy to surf for them..I do agree with you what “the other justin” did online here by telling bit of bit of these Justin drugging women etc is a bit of “III rated” but thanks to him so I can know more of how Justin drugged these poor women w/o sourcing for the videos.

      1. I think the file size was reported in some article before.
        And I do agree with dd, kinda. Honestly, I watched part of one video (like less than 5 minutes of it), just to see what is it about, and I feel quite sick and not turned on because the girl was just lying there like a corpse. And JL was having sex with a zombie. Gross.
        And for “The Other Justin” to watch it so intently, and then proceed to analyse it, it’s creepy as hell.

      2. I’m sure deep down inside all you men here, you know you’d like to watch it. Some of the videos released isn’t bad at all. It’s just some douche fxxking some chick(s). There is no BDSM, no dirty sex like you see in japanese porn. In fact, if you watch japanese porn, J Lee’s performance would not even be accepted in the porn industry because it is purely LAME.

        It shows barely any sexual intercourse, more like an erotic flick at best. There are only a few intercourse porn scenes and he shoots those himself with his iPhone. Other than that, the entire collection I’ve seen so far is just unflattering. You can’t even really tell (without a doubt) if the chicks are moaning in disgust or moaning in lust.

      3. @Nicole,

        WEll i haven’t seen any of the videos so not sure if its really so gross like u and Dd mentioned here. But I am too lazy and scare to download one to watch though fearing there will be virus in the website I download haha.

      4. @Veejay
        Filesize was reported on this very site last week.
        But you’re right, I’m a mega-creeper and I just traced your home address from your IP, and I’m coming to your home right now with chloroform and ducttape.

      5. @Veejay
        I don’t think you are missing much, because I only watched less than 5 mins, and deleted it. 😛 It’s quite sick because the girl is like a corpse, and boring, because there’s like no foreplay or anything, he just goes and starts having sex in missionary position. it’s like if someone get turned on by documentaries of animals mating, maybe these videos are for them.

      6. @dd,

        Come, I’m waiting for ya~ hahaha


        Well that’s really no fun cuz AV has more actions than Justin’s collections.. but I’m still curious to know if there is any big star involved like the Big S, jolin etc?

      7. You will need to ask “The Other Justin” not me. 😛
        But I don’t think there is, because if there are big names involved (as of now), the news will be plastered all over the mainstream papers/mags (eg. orientaldaily) as well.

    2. What the hell are YOU talking about? How the f did I make myself look creepy? The play by play? If I did not give you any insight into how Justin Lee did what he supposedly did, you would only be reading about it online from blog sites like jaynestars and other sites that sugar coat you the truth.

      I didn’t replay it over and over like a sex porn fantasy, but instead watched it like any man would do when watching porn sans masturbation. I’m not an expert on RAPE cases, but if a woman says NO once and you continue to pound her, you are raping her.

      There is a difference between play rape and real rape – it’s a fine line and in these videos, Mr. J Lee is playing the rape fantasy pretty good. The women featured in these videos ALL KNOW HIS NAME and his face. Maybe they didn’t like it at first, but some of them actually continued to have sex with him amidst being “raped”. One video even depicts her giving him an after ejaculatory blow job.

      It’s not my hypothesis it’s the reality of these videos depicting Mr J Lee sexing them up like eating meat. If the frame by frame story telling is too much for you, I don’t know what world you live in because sex is a very natural thing to do; you wouldn’t be here if your parents didn’t fornicate, my dear.

      In the case of Justin Lee, it does not apply (the natural sex). He is a scum bag and extremely perverted and sexual addict based on these videos. I encourage EVERYONE to watch it because how do you know what he did if you don’t see him actually do it? It’s sex, not him cutting their heads off.

      Good grief, I didn’t release a link to any sites or BBS or underground channels nor did I get them from those either. It’s all in plain site, just google it. And for your information, I don’t advocate rape. So don’t come at me like I raped these women; you need to address your hate mail towards Justin Lee.

      1. >There is a difference between play rape and real rape – it’s a fine line and in these videos, Mr. J Lee is playing the rape fantasy pretty good. The women featured in these videos ALL KNOW HIS NAME and his face.

        Yeah, no. Rape is rape.
        Knowing your assailants name doesn’t make it NOT rape, you creep.
        It’s also mad suspect that you downloaded ‘most’ of the leaked vids out there.

      2. Watch the videos before you pass judgement, dd. Don’t be ignorant making your comments because you have not seen anything at all.

        These girls all know Justin Lee. Whether or not they agreed to lie in bed with him only they know. From all 7 of the videos I’ve seen out of the 30 so far released, I believe in my opinion they were drugged and then sexually assaulted. But I am not an expert in rape cases so I can’t tell if they all loved it or loathed it.

        I didn’t say the victims knew him and it was OK – it’s just that some of the videos show the victims allowing the sex to continue (even when nearly fully awake by then) and further participating. Again, if you didn’ t watch the videos, you will never understand.

        So stop with your gung ho sh_t about rape is rape. We all know rape is illegal. This guy is a serial rapist.

      3. You even said yourself that they didn’t have the energy to make him stop since they were drugged.

    1. if you think Edison the worst of the worst for what he did then you sure are naive. There are a lot worser people in this world. What Edison did was just what regular playboys do. Tell me what you think Hugh Hefner crime is

    2. EDC is a pervert douche bag. He’s not in the same league as Justin Lee. He thinks he is hot sh_t but in reality, only the stupid chicks fall for him and his perverse camera addiction.

      Justin Lee’s case is premeditated. He planned on drugging these women and then sexually assaulting them. Huge difference.

      One is a little boy pervert douche bag, the other is a serial rapist.

    3. Not homo, but there’s no denying Edison is one handsome motherf**ker.
      All he did wrong was cheat on Vincy Yeung.

      1. come on now, vincy was underage when he was wooing her (into bed I might presume).

        Here is the latest video with some chick named nancy: in fact, it’s nearly 2 hours long. Here is the description from gutter:

        “In this homemade sex film that is almost two hour long Justin Lee (李宗瑞) is seen having sex with Nancy. Then they engaged in some interesting pillow talk with Nancy asking if she was his girlfriend now. Justin told her that she was his girlfriend but Nancy asked if it was an one night stand. Nancy wanted Justin to tell the whole world that she was his girlfriend now so he told her that will update the relationship status on Facebook. He told her that he is a normal guy and that he had not have sex in 4 or 5 months. LOL.. All lies on Justin’s part you ca be almost assure… Then the had sex again but this time in the dark. Ad then there was more pillow talk. And some more very interesting conversations were had… This video go black after the first 15 minutes but you have to listen to the pillow talk after the sex. The conversation between the two get amazingly interesting and super weird.

        And by the way, why the hell this Nancy chick want Justin as a boyfriend so much? Could it only be because his father is rich as hell? The naive girl in this video actually thought he was a nice guy too and totally bought all his many lies. He told her that he would marry her right away if she got pregnant as a result of the unprotected sex they were having in this video. LOL… He was telling her all that when she had no clue the camera was filming the sex session. Justin Lee is a monster. Forget the threesome video, this is the video you need to see.

      2. Maybe this so called “nancy” thought she could marry to the rich and become like Christy Chung, Gigi lai etc? Some girls thought they can sleep with the riches so they can easily become mrs. rich too. That’s sad and foolish of “some girls”.

      3. The list of names will come out soon enough – it’s all being put together atm.

        For all your underage naive girls, a little pillow talk and your panties fall off literally. Stupid girl does what stupid girls do best. That goes for dd here as well.

      4. Says the guy who thinks rape isn’t rape if they both know each other.

      5. I do believe Vincy was 18 at the time, The Other Creepy Justin.

        Vincy Yeung was 14 when the pix in the bath room leaked from EDC’s computer. But 14 is legal age in Canada so EDC dun have a problem.

      6. @fox:

        wow, so it makes it right then. You’re quite the cradle robber.

      7. Legal 14 is irrelevent, because Edison is so much older than Vincy.

  8. All of these women need to go get an STD check asap. There is absolutely 100% chance of getting something from this scumbag.

    I’m sure every single “victim” is shaking in disbelief (or they do know for a fact) that Mr. Lee gets around ALOT. Unprotected no condom sex with 60 women, lol, I’m surprised his dong has not fallen off yet.

    1. Oh look. Guy who downloaded all their videos and watched them with great scrutiny actually feels sorry for them!

      1. @dd – no, I feel sorry for you. I got exactly the perfect thing for you: a dirty sanchez to lighten you up.

      2. @dd: I’m not female, but it’s nice to know how you treat women.

        Too bad because you sure act like one and for sure if you were one, you’d be treated like how Justin treats his women; exactly like how he does in these videos.

        Your name is quite befitting: dumb and daft (dd).

      3. If we’re arbitrarily assigning words to random letters, then you certainly gave me a lot of room to work with on your name.

  9. It is sick for JL to do that, it is even sicker if someone can actually search, downloaded and watching the video like some sort of entertainment. Thos who like to watch rape fantasy prn has no different than a person who commit the act of rape. The difference is The guts to do or not to do.

    1. lol, then the entire nation of taiwan is sick. I’m sure the jury won’t watch the video to decide his fate. The audacity of some of you posters is just redonkulous. These women are sordid and depicted in these videos are some tawdry sex between one man and one half willing woman/women.

      Take a sociology 101 class and learn about deviant behavior. You might learn a thing or two regarding rape. I’m glad you people aren’t part of the jury because Justin lee’s fate would be the death penalty just because he had sex with some willing women.

      1. Jury is different because they NEED to. I am saying those who go all the way search it, download and watch it for their own pleasure. Hmm, someone is overly sensitive here.

      2. @ita u misunderstood his post. He was being sarcastic about the jury not needing to view it. You are e one who needs to chill here not him.

      3. I agree with everything “The Other Justin” has said in several posts on this page. Ita, it has nothing to do with guts. From a rational perspective, you’d weigh out the probability of getting caught and the consequences for the rest of your life, and if you think about it you just wouldn’t do it.

        Have you even watched Japanese porn, where rape fantasies are just rampant? It is not “bad” to watch this kind of porn, as some posters here suggest. You just need to 1) Not overindulge in it; and 2) Know that it is wrong to do that in real life.

  10. Thanks for the play by play! I will download the videos to check out. Thanks!!!

    1. Wow that does sound creepy, like you just read some porn review/recommendation and just want to watch it for pleasure

  11. No comparison. One is a rapist the other is just a plain playboy..

    1. I agree. I mean, it kind of confuses me how everyone goes on about how much of a pervert Edison is, when we live in such a messed up world. Ok so he has sex and records it. Yet, so many people take naked photos and sends it to people /partners, no reaction. People watching and getting off on whack **** porn, ‘porn is normal’. All the guy did was have a personal collection of videos of people he had sex with willingly who he probably knew or was with. He obviously kept the videos for himself and ruined their careers/lives, but everyone was willing and at the very least, I think he still saw them as humans and not just a piece of meat like Justin Lee did. Especially to those who claim they’re the same, wow. No. One is a criminal (or to be) and the other one is just probably like a lot of other men who like to record their sexual deeds.

  12. Bad versus worse. They are both terrible, but at least Edison didn’t use force.

  13. @Funn – It is not a matter of integrity but a matter of knowing the facts. I admit some do search such stuff for excitement of it. One thing I do not search for and it is illegal sexual activities involving children. I do not wish to cleanse my mind for the rest of my life.
    Sames thoughts as me, we do not search stuff for the excitement. I feel, with children, nieces/nephews of our own, we sometimes need to know the minds of the predator and their modus operandi. I read about the scandal and only watched 3 vids to come to the same conclusion that JL is a rapist and if the girls are truly willing, they wouldn’t be high on drugs while he’s so alert and able to rape and tape. Men who derive pleasure when a woman is unconscious or semi-conscious is worse than an animal.
    While I don’t pass judgement on who watches what, I do hope The Other Justin won’t state it in such detail here. Some who only reads gossips/scandals for general reading may feel disturbed – after all, if they were interested in the episode synopsis they can very well search for it themselves.

  14. hey…edison chen is always cool
    there is nothing wrong to be a scandal,as long as both parties are willing to do so.thats it.
    hope to join you guys..

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