Justin Lee Faces Up to 30 Years in Prison, 10 Women Press Charges

Since turning himself into the police last week, Justin Lee (李宗瑞) maintained that he only had consensual sex with the women featured in his explicit sex videos.  It was understood that 10 women have pressed charges against Justin for drug rape and the secret filming of the sexual activities. If found guilty of committing the sex crimes, Justin faces up to a maximum of 30 years in prison.

176 Nude Photos and 93 Sex Videos Surface

Justin Lee’s parents reportedly were blackmailed by the triads and police who had threatened to expose their son’s sex photos and videos. Justin Lee’s family reportedly paid millions of dollars (TWD) to the extortionists but stopped paying the astronomical amount in May. Since then, more and more Justin Lee’s pornographic photos and videos have circulated in online adult forums.

Six video clips of Justin Lee were initially found online. In recent days, more photos and video clips were distributed widely on a massive scale. Thus far, 176 nude photos and 93 videos have been leaked online, including videos of Justin engaged in sexual activity with two women. These clips depicting Justin Lee’s sexual acts are 883 minutes in length and 27.5 GB!

Approximately 60 models and actresses were implicated in Justin’s sex scandal, while 50 women reportedly were filmed in sex videos. Approximately 10 of the women appeared to be unconscious or under the influence of drugs.

Many of the videos and photographs seem to reinforce police speculations that Justin had allegedly drugged the women or intoxicated them before taking them back to his home and having sex with them.

Police Criticized for Leaking of Pornographic Contents

The public criticized the Taiwan police for their inefficiency to prevent the spreading of Justin’s lewd pictures and clips. After the nude photos of Taiwanese actress, Maggie Wu (吴亚馨) were leaked, the police have been unable to trace the distribution channel of the pornographic contents. The circulation rate of these lewd contents remained uncontrollable, exposing the female victims involved in the sex scandal. The women are said to be traumatized terribly by increasing public interest.

The disseminators reportedly are likely to distribute the contents via overseas websites. As these files are circulated rapidly, it becomes more difficult to trace the IP address of the distribution source.

Taiwan police reportedly have also started to investigate internally if the source stems from within the force. A reporter with the surname, Chan, was interrogated by the police and revealed the methods in how he had downloaded Justin’s sex photos. Chan stated that the origin of the nude photos was not a member of the Taiwan police.

Triads Wanted to Punish Justin Lee?

A member of the triad revealed that the disseminators may have been alerted that Justin Lee decided to surrender to the police, and the videos had become useless to them. Thus, the full version of the videos were circulated a day before Justin Lee turned himself into the police.

It was reported that some members of the triads were hunting for Justin Lee as well. Some of the victims reportedly sought help from the triads to teach Justin Lee a lesson.

The police have assured that Justin Lee will be kept in safety and that visitors are currently forbidden.

Sources: Sina.com, Oriental Daily

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  1. The lady in picture is the one who sometimes present at Kang-xi show and Jacky show. I forgot her name?

  2. >These clips depicting Justin Lee’s sexual acts are 883 minutes in length and 27.5 GB!

    See, he could’ve fit more stuff in if he didn’t shoot in HD.
    Just saying.

    1. But he wants to add in his collection, of course he wants HD and Blu ray quality. If not defeats the purpose of all those close ups, zoom in, zoom everything.

      1. If that’s the case, pretty sure he could have hired a director and a cinematographer.
        I hear Wong Kar Wai and Chris Doyle aren’t really doing much these days anyways.

        They really know how to work those angles, man.

  3. 30 Years in jail and when he is release will he change??? doubt it

    1. i guess probably he’ll get 10-20 yrs of jail term ‘discount’ due to his prospective good behaviour inside the jail.

      He’ll be very sure behaving excellently good good because inside jail, there’s no gal for him to drug or rape.

      1. If he survive at all, you know people in jail the worst thing they know are rapist and woman beater.

      2. i think everyone inside the jail will treasure&admire him like a god because they want him to teach them how to drug & rape gals so that by the time they get release fr the jail, they got at least sumthing to do to pass their time even if they cant get a job for living.

  4. So can anyone be a bit generous and give us some links to see these videos and photos?………share share now.

    1. You will know where to find them if you search for it. So far only some photos and a 45 seconds video because the rest are locked up. These sites are usually porn filled though but oh so much scandals!

      1. lol funn… nvr been on the site.. whch part of msia u at.. i am stayng in ampang

      2. never realize that you also enjoy watching porns alot.

        Can you elaboraTe further if they are all really very syok?

      3. From Malaysia. KL specifically.

        These websites which posts sucjh stuff depends on ads to survive and a bulk of them are porn. But the contents need not be porn or porn lovers’ site. You want the goods, you need to go these websites which will post everything, from ordinary folks doing stupid stuff to politicians’ sons doing really stupid stuff.

      4. The correct term is adult site. Adult site need not be porn. And no not syok at all. I am wondering what these girls see in him other than kaching.

      5. funn, i genuinely admire your boldness in admitting your obssession to this so-called “adult” site religion.

        we young gals should learn alot from you.

  5. the above girl looks willing enough. sigh… its hard to put him in jail long since he probably has millions of equally money hungry lawyers working for him.

  6. i am wndring where on earth did u guys get thw idea funn enjoys surfing porn sites.. i dont get tht at all frm her comments.. maybe its just me…

  7. I truly dont understand why girls would throw themselves at this guy for he’s not good looking and it looks to me the he’s going bald I guest girls are pretty BLIND with it comes to $$$$$ and FAME they will do anything

  8. I do feel sorry for the girls like what the media sez that they’ve been drugged this guy should ROT and JAIL n get RAPED himself If he was in the US trust me his ASS is gonna be very tempting to the INMATES in the CELL LOL……..

  9. Ladies, while I can’t agree with drugging and raping girls, you have to realize they put themselves in this position. Which self-respecting girl would spend their free time hanging around clubs, getting drunk, mingling with rich people, etc.?

    1. Like 99% of all girls these days. Clubs and pubs are nothing these days.

    2. Some girls tend to exposed themselves to danger without realising.. by the time they realised it..it is always too late to feel “regret”

  10. Folks! The lesson is, please don’t spoil your children. They will grow up to appreciate nothing and no one, including you. If I’m on the jury, I will find him guilty. This scumbag deserves to be in jail but the kind of grief he is causing for his parents is such a shame.

    1. he has gotten more than what he deserved from those illicit pleasures deriving fr the wealth he inherited fr his mum so even if he was to be sent to 30yrs jail he has nothing to regret for his life.

  11. Why the police leaked the pix out? It is unethical somehow. Rape is sensitive case and even the names of the victims should be protected. Dont wreck their life more

    1. it demonstrates that police cant be reliable when one is in the most dired need of their help. If you were one of those victims, I bet 1000% that you’d rather keep quiet than be coming out only to be shamed by the public.

    2. Not the whole police force, but some rotten apples took the opportunity to blackmail and i guess to prove that they have what they claimed, they’d release some to scare the victims into paying. That’s how the pics got leaked.

    3. Not only did the police leaked out photos, they also leaked out videos.. this have been expected. (dunno why) I aldy knew it will be leaked out despite being under the police possession.. Same thing happened to Edison’s scandal..photos leaked out to the world.

  12. this is nothing.. in msia underage rapist got away wth rape.. just pay 25k.. world is going bonkers

    1. Agree. Why don’t they just abolish the law which was there to protect children below 16 yrs old – waste time and effort to go to court only for the ‘clever’ judges to let the rapists go because it’s CONSENSUAL. Either the judge for both cases don’t have daughters/grand-daughters or they think it’s alright if their own daughters/grand-daughters aged 12 & 13 consent to intercourse.

      1. The judge does not understand statutory rape. Doe snot matter if girl consent, run naked, open her legs wide, whatever, as long as she is below 16, whether you know or not, you are wrong legally. Only mitigation is perhaps didn’t know, etc but conviction is there. That is why it is called statutory rape. Prosecution should appeal.

      2. Are you guys talking about the case with the bowler? I don’t know can appeal or not. From the news report I read, he was convicted, but, the judge sentenced him to the lightest sentence he could find under this law.

        Correct me if I’m wrong.

  13. I’ve seen the videos (full length) – and let me say, at least 4 of the 7 videos I’ve seen so far totally shows each and every one of the girls drugged with some sort of ridilin type drug – they aren’t full conscious and mutherfkin justin forcibly rapes them. Each of the victims repeated yell NO.

    1. I agree. Let’s see how he is going to fight the charges. Looking at pictures you can’t see the whole thing but the videos show differently.

      1. There are 13 videos so far I have seen. Nearly 9 of those have the girls all drowsy/drugged up. You can tell they can’t fight back and are delirious. Aside from the moaning from the girl while getting pounded, you can hear them say NO more than 7 times.

        Not only does this rapist forcible force himself into those girls while under the influence, he DOES NOT WEAR A CONDOM in any of the videos I’ve seen thus far. He also ejaculates into many of the girls as well without disregard.

        At this point in time, I would not worry about the lawsuit but instead have them all get checked for STDs.

    2. @The other justin,

      Where did you find those videos???

      And damn him, he ejaculated to those girls?? I hope he didnt got them impregnated..

      1. I have seen 17 of the 21 videos leaked already. My god, this guy is one sex addict. All of the tawdry videos posted depicting him of sexual intercourse and there is one that is over 35 min long with 3P action going on. In every single video posted, he DOES NOT WEAR A CONDOM. I’m telling you guys, he must have STD or else he is protected by some form of chinese sex god because the odds of him not getting STD is like winning royal flush hand in poker at Macau casino.

        Maggie Wu pics (high res) are released and what a sordid model. Justin Lee is ugly as Wong Hei and yet this fine (fake boobs btw) is willing to suck him and F him obviously for the benefits of $. SHe is willing in the video and still pictures.

        The other chicks are drugged up and you can tell their legs and arms are limp! They wake semi-conscious to see Justin pumping them and they can’t even fight back. It’s inbetween a nightmare and awake.

        This Justin Lee will get buried in court – of 17 videos I’ve seen, there is no doubt he has induced them with some sort of drug and he does mention in exactly ONE VIDEO that the victim RAPED **HIM** instead..and when she was awake, he said to her that he gave her some “water” and she drank it and then went home to sleep with him (sleeping as in sleep) – then she raped him.

        The girls that were willing to bed him knew what they were getting into. BUT the no condom wearing sexual intercourse I don’t think they understood just exactly HOW MANY GIRLS he fornicated with WITHOUT PROTECTION. Truly despicable!

      2. He does ejaculate in many of the women – most of the models are probably on birth control pills anyway. But judging exclusively on the fact these fine honies are willing to bed with Justin Lee, you can bet they are willing to carry his baby; the alimony money alone will help them retire and or to buy more expensive hand bags.

      3. @Veejay –

        you can find them online if you search for his name and the words “sex videos” – there are reportedly 93 videos – this guy is probably whom Edison Chen tried to be. Justin Lee makes Edison Chen look like a 12 y/o playing with his weiner for the first time.

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