Justin Lee Lived a Spoiled Life, Leading to Unhealthy Sexual Addictions?

Before the Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex scandal broke out, the 27-year-old Taiwanese socialite was already known in the entertainment circle for his lavishing spending habits and flirty behavior. According to tabloids, Justin Lee’s spoiled behavior was due to the indulgence of his mother, Shi Chin Hsiu (史錦秀). 

Justin had taped his sexcapades with over 60 actresses and models this past year. In the tapes, 10 women reportedly appeared to be unconscious during sexual intercourse, spurring drug rape allegations. One of the women featured in the sex tapes was Taiwanese actress and model, Maggie Wu (吳亞馨), whom the police has confirmed to be a victim a few days ago. 

Justin Lee was an illegitimate child of the former Director of Taiwan’s Yuanta Financial Holdings Company, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼). When Shi Chin Hsiu met Lee Yue Tsang in Taichung, he was already married. After Justin Lee was born, Lee Yue Tsang decided to abandon Shi Chin Hsiu and their son to return to his wife. Shi Chin Hsiu brought her son to Taipei, where she worked as a public relations specialist in a hotel. 

Under the alias of “Yang Hsiao Li” (楊小莉), Shi Chin Hsiu opened a drinking bar with a friend in Taipei. The business was very successful. They opened a second branch in another Taipei district, which also made hefty profits. 

With such thriving businesses, Shi Chin Hsiu did not have enough time to care for Justin Lee. All she could offer her son was to satisfy his materialistic needs and fulfill all of his wishes. As a result, Justin Lee became very rebellious as a teenager, and often caused trouble at school. 

Justin Lee’s spoiled behavior worsened when he entered college. As a result, Shi Chin Hsiu sent her son to study in the United States, hoping that Justin Lee would develop independence. However, Justin Lee’s behavior did not change and developed even bigger splurging habits, spending at least $7 million TWD per year during his stay in the United States.   

Justin Lee Still on the Run

Justin Lee has been on the run since the outbreak of his sex scandal earlier this month. On August 20th, Lee Yue Tsang released a press statement to urge his son to turn himself in to the authorities. Lee Yue Tsang was also interrogated by the police for Justin Lee’s whereabouts, but the former director of Yuanta Financial Holdings said his son never contacted him since the outbreak of the sex scandal. Taiwanese police authorities have increased investigative measures around the border, and coast guard officers are also on the lookout in case Justin Lee tries to escape as a stowaway.

Source: Daily News

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  1. The parents should have cut him off in terms of allowance, make him get a proper job and use the belt and give him some good whipping. Tough love works and if they had been parents rather than anything else, this creep of a son that they have won’t have that sense of entitlement over everything. But the biggest blame is on the creep himself. I still feel parents helped him to run whilst playing the “I don’t know where he is’ card. Total BS. Check his credit cards and his accounts. Such a bastard would still need his money to eat that fancy food he is accustomed to.

    1. Funn,
      Perhaps with wealthy parents, it is a lot easier to “care” for their kids with money rather than quality time spent with them. The parents no doubt worked constantly in order to make their money and allowed their son to spend it to his content, even if that included dabbling in drugs.

      In the neighborhood that I live in, many young kids are allowed to go out on Friday nights and club away all night. They go home drunk, but the parents allow them to have a “good time.” Drugs are also a big problem in our neighborhood, in which the kids use them as “recreational drugs” because they are already bored with other things that money can buy.

      Maybe Justin Lee made off with a large wad of cash, thus no credit card trail? Obviously he ran off with money, otherwise he would not have been able to stay afloat for 20 days.

      1. And who gives him that sudden large wad of cash, and arrange for the sudden escape? If mommy really spoils him as much as the article suggests, it won’t be beyond her capabilities to arrange for beloved son to run away and hide somewhere, in comfort and until this thing passes over. But he is probably out of the country by now.

        “Perhaps with wealthy parents, it is a lot easier to “care” for their kids with money rather than quality time spent with them. ”

        Not just wealthy parents, any parent who works/divorced/both. Modern parents spoil their children with talking sense approach, compensating for the lost hours, etc. Kids can have fun, a bit of booze and a bit of sex is ok. All teenagers or young adults are irresponsible at least sometimes in their young life. But this creep, this sort of garbage to society unfortunately are bred by parents who doesn’t know how to be parents. But then even mass killers had normal hardworking parents. He was certainly overindulged. Drugs? Yes, plenty of drugs since plenty of cash. Good money is wasted on such garbage, good upbringing wasted on these trash. Good kids die young, the leftovers either learn their lesson before too late or like this garbage, never learn. Certainly being raised by as the article suggests a single parent, a woman who made her own fortune didn’t teach him a thing or 2 about respecting women and people and his own self. Would he have turned out different if there is a strong male presence? I don’t know. If seeing how hardworking his mom was in providing for him when he was young or ditched by his father didn’t teach him a thing or 2 about being responsible, I don’t know what will.

        A pity; money wasted on this trash. I still hold firm to my belief he can’t have run away alone without help from someone close to him. Friends probably would have deserted him but not the mother who raised him by herself or whoever close to him.

        Nonsense talk also to advice him to come back and surrender. Which parent who overindulges their child will say that with the only son or most beloved son most certainly will face criminal charges for rape? He even “bettered” Edison Chan. You may Edison coerced or even is a creep, but this new lowest of the low, from the reports, most certainly seduced some, coerced some and of course raped some. The girls who threw themselves at him most certainly learned their lesson; just because he is rich doesn’t make him a considerate lover, not when he is more interested in filming you and making you his own private porn star.

        To those who were raped by him, I hope they will be brave to face the many accusations of them being slutty, etc.

      2. Funn,
        “To those who were raped by him, I hope they will be brave to face the many accusations of them being slutty, etc.”

        Given the current leak of photos of the women who had sex with Justin, the women may be afraid to step forward to testify in a lawsuit. It becomes a matter of what price it will take to have justice served. Public exposure of who these women are?

        A friend told me of an acquaintance in which a girl was raped when she was 15 by another 15 year old boy, who was a neighbor. One night, when the girl’s parents were not home, the boy knocked on her door and she let him in. Her lawyer said that since the boy will be tried as a juvenile, his punishment will be light and perhaps not worth the emotional turmoil that the girl will have to go through. Aside from the legal fees, it was also difficult to prove that it was nonconsensual.

        Aside from fear of public exposure, victims of a rape crime may not wish to testify if they do not feel confident in proving that the sex was nonconsensual.

      3. My comment awaits moderation and I didn’t even curse. Wonder why?

    1. Guess he figured better the police than the triads?

      1. Justin:

        Police, I go to jail.

        Triad, I got chopped to 18 pieces and burned into ashes and thrown out into an ocean in the middle of nowhere……

        *surrender at local police station*

      2. Police is safer. So he surrendered eh? Not really about money, more about personal safety. a decade from now he is still with money so a bit of jail time is nothing except some bashing up in prison.

    2. I guess he ran out of money and/or just got tired of being on the run which is really tiring. I think you may be right TVBFanatic, I guess he would rather face the police than the triads…

  2. It’s always wrong to rape and hurt others.
    Justin cannot be forgiven but what about those indirectly involved such as talent and modelling agency.

  3. The Law of Kamma is like a shadow that always follow the doer.

    1. Good way of saying it… But sadly, at times, the Law of Karma does not always work…

  4. Dont worry ……. in case he is really guilty .. he will be caught ….. and very soon .

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