Wanted by Police, “Serial Drug Rapist” Justin Lee Targeted 60 Models and Actresses

Taiwanese heir, Justin Lee (李宗瑞) is accused of drugging and taping his sexual encounters with numerous female celebrities. On Justin’s computer, the police discovered explicit videos in which Justin had intercourse with more than 60 models and actresses. Since ten of the women were unconscious in the videos, it was speculated that Justin had drugged and raped the women. The scandal has shaken the citizens of Taiwan. Wanted by the police, Justin Lee’s current whereabouts were uncertain.

Twenty-seven-year-old Justin Lee is the son of Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), the Director of Taiwan’s Yuanta Financial Holdings Company. Justin was a constant fixture at nightclubs around Taiwan, known for footing extravagant bills for champagne and alcohol. Many models and actresses often flanked his side, while displaying public acts of affection. Justin had a habit of capturing his intimate actions with his female companions on camera and sharing the photos with his friends.

Justin Lee Has History of Drug Rape

Last year, a police investigation started when two sisters filed a lawsuit against Justin Lee for sexual assault. According to reports, two sisters met Justin at the bar, Spark, in Taipei. After accepting a drink from Justin, the sisters felt dizzy, in which Justin proceeded to escort them out of the bar. One of the sisters’ friends tried to intervene, but was stopped by Justin’s security guards.

Shortly after, the sisters found themselves in Justin’s apartment. Their desperate attempt to call their friends and boyfriend for help was unsuccessful. It was understood that Justin waited for the women to fall back into unconsciousness, as the drugs took intermittent effect and continued to rape them.

The next morning, the women woke up and found themselves with bruises and scars all over their bodies. Justin yelled at them, “Go get contraception!” The sisters went to the hospital for medical check-ups and filed police reports one month later for the sexual assault incident. Justin protested that the women had willingly slept with him.

Justin Lee’s Sex Videos Involve 60 Models and Actresses

The police’s year-long investigation uncovered multiple videos which documented Justin Lee’s sexual encounters with over 60 models and actresses. Justin Lee’s pornography collection was even more expansive than Edison Chen’s (陳冠希) photos!

Ten women appeared unconscious in Justin’s photos and videos, sparking speculations that Justin had drugged and then raped them.  The women were apparently unaware that they were being filmed in the sexual acts. Even when the women were having their menstrual periods, Justin proceeded with intercourse.

It was understood that Justin often drugged his victims, filmed the sexual encounters and proudly shared the videos with his friends. Viewing the women as his “conquests,” Justin labelled the videos alphabetically with the women’s complete names. His precision revealed that Justin was fully aware of what he was doing.

Justin Lee may have received some insider information that he was being investigated by the police. Justin has since escaped and fled. The police department in Taiwan has issued an arrest warrant and is currently searching for him.

Source: Sina.com, Sohu.com 

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    1. Your comment disgust me! This is exactly how rapists excuse themselves.

    2. Tony has problem understanding the article. Those girls are drugged. I repeat, DRUGGED! How is that considered willing parties? Geez, Tony if only you are a female.

    3. Geez tony if only you were drugged and rapped by a guy. I would love to see how you would react to that! 🙂

    4. He may be an idiot but he is voicing his opinion and so there is no cause to arrest him since we are not some communist country. But can ignore him, ban him, banish him, scold him or maybe inflict the same sort of thing he so actively promote in here on him. I mean you will never know until you walk in the shoes of the person who went through it.

    5. Tony the elusive neighborhood troll amuses me. I say we let him express his delusions as he wishes, after all is anyone even taking him seriously? >_>

  1. Castration would be a good start here. (and I don’t mean chemically either).

    1. Chemical castration is probably more severe than the standard surgical castration. It is absolutely fitting for a despicable scum like Justin.

      1. The problem with chemical is that you have to monitor / ensure that he takes his medicine regularly. There is no cost involved in physical castration after the event.

        I suspect if he is sent to jail, he’ll experience what he did to many of these women – without the “benefit” of being drugged unconscious.

      2. crap…Sorry, in my initial response I had no idea chemical castration was even possible. I had thought your post on chemical castration was done figuratively to demonstrate the severity of his crime and the kind of punishment he deserves. I just looked up chemical castration and I am shocked that it has been practiced in Russia and South Korea. Also, chemical castration isn’t technically castration, but it is used to reduces a person’s libido and is essentially reversible. In which case, I agree with you on the cost effective factor of surgical castration. Chemical castration is too good for this scum, he needs to be castrated and thrown in jail.

      3. No need chemical castration. Chinese says “break his legs”, since he can’t walk or stand, he can’t go around doing what he did. Cheaper also.

    2. Yeah, chop it off so he can start praticing the sunflower maunal instead, LOL

      1. Good one Exiodus!! But then again, if he becomes too powerful after that, then it would be a lot harder to catch him..

      2. Haha, that’s true however if the bounty is high enough there will be powerful people willing to capture him.

        I just love JY novels 🙂

      3. I love JY novels too. I hope that the bounty is high enough so that this jerk gets caught.

    1. Tony,
      You are sooo sexist and the things you say really disgust me. I am shocked that you are still allowed to roam and troll the articles here… If I were Jayne, you would have been kicked out of here a long time ago!!!

    2. Jayne,
      I was wondering if you can ban or kick this Tony guy out of your site because he is doing nothing but spamming an trolling around here. His comments are disgusting, offensive and just plain sick. He has offended me and do many others here. He really needs to leave or change his ways before everyone leaves due his overly sexist and gross messages that me and others very mad.

      1. HTS, I think Jayne mentioned a “ignore” button with regards to specific users in the future.

        For now we have to spam filter with our brains 🙂 Just ignore him, if nobody replies the pests will naturally die out.

      2. Thanks a lot Exoidus!! I will try to ignore him but it is hard to when one of the messages was directed at me. I think many of us tried to ignore him but he still comes here to spam an troll that it is tough to ignore at times, especially on this case.

      3. Seems Jayne didn’t care much? Seeing that she posted some post after u posteed this. Anyway if there’s a petition I’ll be glad to sign it.

      4. HeTieShou, Exoidus, Amy

        We’ll work on a solution to filter out offensive vulgar messages in the short term.

        By no means do we endorse such disgusting remarks on our site.

      5. Of course Jayne cares. But she can’t do anything much since she can ban one IP and then he can use another computer and even if this is a registration site, he can still use many emails and register again and again. What an insane accusation and an unfair one as well.

      6. Sorry ! I m merely stating with a ‘?’
        I m not insane nor making any accusation, rather a statement. Look where u going Funn. Thank you for the response Jayne.

      7. @Funn, she might be using a strong word, but who are you to decide whether its insane or unfair? Now you are accusing her. The pot is calling the kettle black, eh?

      8. Amy, Jayne does care! Her comments are up after you said she doesn’t care =D

        Funn, she apologised. Don’t personal attack her.

    3. maybe Tony is one rapist himself or some psychotic pervert that is a sadist.

      1. i know, i was gonna say something to ban him from commenting more on this post. unbelievable, sick and disgusting comments.

    4. lol.. so they deserved to be druged and raped? I hope you never have a daughter.

      1. If those victims were men, he probably say he definately enjoy it, LOL!!!

        No time follow entertainment news lately, I was wondering is this Justin Lee guy the guy that was claim to rape some 20-something TVB actress?

      2. LeilaFan,
        No it was music producer, Lee Ming Ho, who was suspected of TVB artist rape.

        Justin Lee is a rich heir from Taiwan, accused of drugging and possibly raping 10 women. He filmed footage of 60 models and actresses.

    5. There is a BIG difference between willingly have sex with somebody and being drugged into sex with somebody. Tony has no moral compass. Please get him arrested.

  2. 60 women?!? How could this have not been reported sooner? I hope he gets prosecuted, don’t settle out of court. It’s unbelievable what money can buy though.

  3. This guy reminds me of this other dude that the same thing. The only difference was he lured them to his home, drugged, raped and recorded it in his home. The women also were not aware that they were raped and assaulted when they woke up. People only found out after the video tapes were discovered. Basically, he left his own tracks for people to catch him. There was actually a movie made about it too. I cannot believe that another sicko like this exists.. Hopefully, he gets caught so he does not do this to other women.

    1. I think it was the heir to cosmetic giant, Max Factor in the US. Simply disgusting how some rich people use their wealth to do such horrific acts.

      1. Thanks for reminding me and I did not remember the name of the guy or anything. Yea, it is sad how people use their wealth for the wrong reasons.

      2. He was captured and sentenced to 124 years for 3 drug induced rapes. I wonder how many years Justin will get for over 60.

      3. TVBFanatic,
        Justin Lee’s video collection included 60 women, in which 10 of the women appeared unconscious in the footage. Thus, he is suspected of drugging and possibly raping 10 women.

        Next Magazine published the expose this week. They must have extensive contacts in the police department to give them such detailed inside account of the case, including the two sisters who filed charges for sexual assault.

      4. Ah, thanks for the correction Jayne. So 10 women possibly drugged/raped. I still hope it means once arrested that he lives his life behind bars.

      5. TVBFanatic,
        I read some additional followup articles on the case. It appears that Justin Lee may still be in Taiwan.

        Even if they catch Justin, the models and actresses in question would have to testify against him. Aside from the two sisters mentioned who filed police report, if other women testify, they will have stronger case.

        Hopefully money will not impede justice.

        There are many men such as Justin Lee in existence. “Hunters” at nightclubs that prey at a too-drunk woman with equally drunk friends. A too drunk woman who would have weak defense mechanisms.

        Some do go to nightclubs with the expectation of finding one-night stand encounters. So hanging out at these places, you just have to be prepared to fend off unwanted attention or potentially dangerous situations.

      6. Yes. This guy has a good life, born with a silver spoon and more priviledges than most of us), why did he behave in such a manner?

        He brings shame to his family.

      7. @ jayne comment,
        Hopefully this thing wont be settled with money. I remember couple months ago a case in taiwan makiyo and bf beat up cab driver until unconscious but get away with very little money settlement.

    2. Taking photos of sexual encounters is not a crime if it is consensual like with Edison’s case. The girls actively participated in the act. However, drugging and rape is a very serious crime. I don’t think it is fair to compare the two.

      1. agreed deci… edison is no way on the sme playing field as ths sicko… consensual edison force drugging sicko…

    3. What the hell?? What the hell does this have to do with whether I watch porn or not?? How do you know if I have or not?? It also none of your business if I ever did or not. Dude, you really need to get a life and shut your disgusting mouth up before you are kicked out of here for good. You are really sick!!!!

  4. Justin Lee is a terrible and hopeless guy. He should be put into prison for a long time!

    1. In case you did not know, guys get raped too so do not think it is only girls that do. You need to shut your mouth before karma bites at you.

      1. it does nt matter if its a guy or grl.. drugging n raping someone is wrong.. i dont get whats porn got to do wth anythng…

  5. I’m disgusted by this news! It’s a whole different level more disgusting than Edison!

    1. Whether you like the guy or not, Edison Chen had consensual sex with all his partners; two (or more) grown ups engaging in an act that’s perfectly normal in human behaviour. It can never be compared to Justin Lee.

      And you trying to get a rise out of people with your comments has been a bore and wholly predictable. Right from day one.

      1. thats true. it does not elimination edison chan a pervert but this guy i guess can TOP him. WTH, he’s rich and needs to act so low in drugging all these women? OMG, i hope they catch him soon.

      2. Heh. What with Tony’s comments removed, it looks as if we’re all lambasting the wrong person instead. But good riddance and thank you Jayne.

    2. Can’t compare them. EDC’s action is morally wrong but nothing illegal because the girls area all adults and they agree to have sex with EDC. But with this heir, it’s totally illegal to drug and rape the girl. Morally or legally, he must be punished.

  6. GROSS. I hope he gets caught and gets sentenced behind bars for a long, long, long time. But knowing how much money and power his father has, I’m sure his family has some connections to the law enforcement.

    1. I bet daddy had already arrange for him to be smuggle out of Taiwan in order to resist prosecution.

  7. Wa..this guy make EC look like saint. And i thought edison was bad. Most ppl went to night club are sleazy. A lot of cases like that in real life. Ppl is shocked because he is the heir of so and so. But in real life if girls go to night clubs these kind of things will happen sooner or later to them.

    1. I know some people go to nightclubs to find people, but not everyone does that. I don’t think it’s fair to say that these things will happen to all girls who go to nightclubs. And no, these victims did not brought it onto themselves. The person who committed the crime of drugging someone should be punished, not the person who was drugged.

    2. omg wat century r we living in..thts r like saying because i wore a short skirt tht serves me rght for gettng raped.. we r humans nt animals.. we should be able control our instinc. nightclubs has nthing do wth it..

      1. wish there was a “like” functionality like Facebook cuz i love your comment!

        no one deserves to get drugged and raped.

      2. That’s the most sexist thing I’ve ever heard. You must be the only person on this site who actually sympathizes with Justin Lee. I’m sure you’re proud of that.

      3. yeah, keep relying on others from raping u because u dont “haz da right” to be raped. give criminals the opportunity and they’ll take it.

    3. edison wasnt bad.. yes he has some sort of fetish wth filming.. but to say he was bad no.. all the girls were willing.. edison should learn to be discreet and thts abt it..

    4. This comment is unfair. Going to clubs is to hang out with friends with dancing, joking and drinking alcohol/non alcoholic drinks. Rape can happen anywhere even at bible camp and public schools. There are so many types of clubs to go too. We know which ones have ‘bad’ ppl and tend to avoid thoses

    5. I am sorry if my comment offended some of you. Ofcourse nobody deserve to be drugged and raped. All i am trying to say is girls have to know to protect themselves, we all know how night club is. From i read above the girls threw themselves to him and showing PDA. By doing that they already putting themselves in certain risk. My sister always tell me that never let your drink out of your sight when you are in night club. Who knows tom dick or harry will drug you.

      From what i read above he is a nutcase as well. The girls woke with bruise and scar. Hope they caught him and put behind jail for life.

      1. I agree with you 100% percent. One question is that they went to the hospital for check up after he screamed at them “go get contraception” Why didn’t they file the sexual assault right there, why a month later?

        I am not condone to what he did but I don’t have any sympathy for girls go to night club and not knowing to protect themselves. It’s bad of what happen to them but I think they ask for it….

      2. The girls are careless but they shouldn’t be blamed. But it’s true that you have to be careful and keep yourself safe, also keep control of your action when you are in the night clubs.

    6. Women who go to nightclubs shouldn’t blamed! Some might be careless and left one moment of their drinks but that doesn’t mean they should be deemed as a guilty party! It’s this beastly guys that has bad intention on them that are wrong!

      1. Girls that got drugged and raped should never be blamed. But hearing about such disturbing news will remind us to be very careful wherever we go, not only nightclubs. rapes can happen during the “day” too… =(

    7. Going to night club isn’t something bad in this century. It’s a part of the social life in many countries. Not sleazy at all.

      Like that when you wear a short or a mini skirt, it doesn’t mean that you are a bimbo or you deserve to be raped.

      This guy, even if he rapes the girls he met in the night club, his action is still illegal. And the girls are not deserved to be rape, seriously.

  8. This is so scary!! What a terrible sorry excuse for a human being…scum!! I hope the authorities get him!

    Ugh. I feel dirty looking at his picture.

  9. That’s disgusting! I feel sad for all the victims.

  10. A lot of models are underage… he’s basically raping kids.

    I’m pretty disgusted by this man. The big picture of him reminds me of the Virginia Tech shooter a few years back.

  11. I think these date rape drugs are quite common. So women need to beware and take proper cautions, especially if going out late at night to bars or nightclubs, where people will be drunk and their judgement impaired.

    The women must take responsibility to protect themselves. Aside from not letting their drinks out of their sights, to go with trusted friends who can watch out for each other to ensure safety. Have designated, sober friend to take them home.

    However, some people do go to nightclubs to pick out one-night stands. And doing drugs at such night spots are common. So hanging out at such places, you just have to take the right precautions otherwise you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

  12. He is just a disgusting beast and ought to be shot. I suppose girls just can’t resist his youthful looks and money. Serves him right that the police are looking for him.

    1. Money is probably the only thing he has going for him. I highly doubt any of these girls will give him a second pass if he didn’t have his daddy’s money to flaunt. Nevertheless, this doesn’t absolve him from guilt. These girls may have openly flirted with him at these clubs, but what they did is not an invitation for rape.

      1. Girls go to nightclubs to have fun. It’s not a rape invitation.

  13. he is a jerk alright. but he’s rich. actress and models eyed for his money.
    ‘if a cow doesn’t drink water, you can’t ‘force’ its’ head down’ …. right? the girls ‘indirect/direcly’ asked for it.
    serves both sides right! 🙂

    1. Well said.

      The women are looking for money as well as media exposure.

    2. When you’re young and all you want to do is have fun, it is easy to be manipulated by men who offers to buy you drinks and shower you with attention. It is horrible to think that any of these girls deserved what was done to them. I am certain the ones who were drugged did not give him consent to sex and rape by definition is an act of force.

      1. agree with deci. i’m sure we all like the feeling of receiving a lot of attention, being flattered and probably showered with some gifts/drinks.

        but that does NOT mean we deserve to be drugged and raped violently.

        can i rape you if i give you some attention???

  14. Disgusted by his friends too that saw those videos and didnt tell anyone – but he prob bought them off. Too sad that it took over 60 girls to be rape before anything happened – now he is hiding and probably going to keep doing it to some other girls

  15. I am so disgusted to read that he even proceeded with the rape/intercourse although the girls are menstruating. What kind of animal is that? But if his rich father tried to use money n power to get him out of this mess,it will for sure do him more harm than good. If this news is true,i hope the police will get him caught fast n faced the consequences of his own actions!

  16. This is really the misfortune of a family. Give birth to a ‘cha siu’ better than giving birth to such a son.

    1. Hahaha, why not a steak instead as cha siu is too fat.

    2. Just because he is rich he feels this sense of entitlement. I believe the family is aware of his behaviour but ignores it. More so now that he has disappeared and with whose money he disappeared with? Daddy’s money of course so Daddy must know. Best to find some exotic western countries.

      So this is not about cha siu but rather if you won’t teach or don’t know how to teach don’t give birth.

      1. His family might know he sleeps around and play women. But, I don’t think his family knew he drugged and raped women.

      2. And when they know, what do they do? They help him to run and hide.

  17. The question is how do you get yourself involved with such scum? This guy have a serious problem….sex addiction is a serious illness. Love making should be a very beautiful experience with someone who you deeply love but to do it just for pleasure really is meaningless. I hope he gets what he deserves soon!

    1. “sex addiction is a serious illness”

      Flower don’t say that! Because he will have a defense in court, he can’t control himself because of this serious illness and he will walk free.

      Much like those who sleepwalks and then rapes someone and they walk free and my question is you know you sleepwalk so by not locking yourself in, you put yourself in a situation where you can take advantage of another so sleepwalking shouldn’t be a defence.

  18. I feel bad for those girls. They were probably thought he was rich and feel like they are so lucky to get his attention.

    This had happen to me after taking a sip of beer from a waitress. Within 5 minutes of taking a few sips from the beer. I couldn’t see or hear anything. It was very muffled and all i see is darkness and sparkly color orbs. I was DD that day so I knew something was wrong with the drinks. I forced myself to threw up and so I was ok. I noticed 2 guys following me when I went to the bathroom. So i had my friends walked me out and drove me home.

    I think these girls are just out having a good time and are inexperience to know how to detect these things.

    1. You are lucky. Some girls may throw themselves at someone but that doesn’t mean they want to be drugged and raped. Somehow why these men don’t just invest in flowers and such. Isn’t a willing woman better? Or they enjoy the fact they have control over these women?

    2. glad you are fine. need to share this experience with more people to keep more people warned. it’s true. sometimes you just want to hang out with friends and have a good time, then things turn bad when you least expect it.
      we always have our guards lowered when we are having a good time, laughing, and chilling.

      1. Yes. I was very fortunate. I am very careful when i go to the clubs. I absolutely does not taking drinks from people i didn’t arrived with. i always my drinks in my hand and i will only take my drinks from the bartender.

        That night the only reason why i took that drink was because i gave a waitress a big time. When she came back with the drinks and said it was on the house. I thought it was from her so i drank it.

        After i left i txted a friend so they could ask her who gave me the drink and she said it was a group on “asian guys” (she is white) at the next table. She thought we knew each other.

        I never went back to that restaurant/club again.

        I didn’t realized i was drugged until i got home and really thought about it. It was a frightening experience and after that night i stop going out.

  19. The issue here is someone feels that status and wealth can over-ride all actions and can get away from it. Most probably they are brought up with this behavior.

    Power (Status & Wealth) Corrupts and Absolute Power (Status & Wealth) Corrupts Absolutely. Money is GOD.

    It’s not the nationality or system of governance here, it is the societal norms that shaped these form of behavior. Positive societal values and norms are totally absent.

  20. everyone should now give edison a break, this guy is by far worst than him. at least edison didn’t drug the girls.

    1. No he didn’t but that doesn’t mean he is not a jerk and a creep.

      1. totally agree. EC is still piece of perverted crap haha…lol…
        did you guys delete or ban a tony commentator is on this board??????? hahahah wonderful, i was gonna say something.

  21. I’m so disgusted by this guy and his disturbing behavious. I wish there’s something that can be done to protect vulnerable girls. ie. more extracuricular programs to educate girls at school? guest speakers, etc?

    1. That’s a great idea! I don’t see schools promote this type of thinly. I wonder if I can talk about them in classrooms.

  22. I know many girls that loves to have fun like that and get the attention. They need to think twice about going to nightclubs. Its a crazy world out there. Ladies needs to know how to protect themselves. This disgusting looser that cannot get girls use these dirty tricks needs to be tortured legally for a long time. He needs to get rape for life in prison. He’ll b sorry for his little ass. A boy like this is not hard to find. He won’t be hiding for too long. He likes being in the public eye. Also, what bothers me is that he shows videos to his friends. His friends probably encourages him to do this stuff but his friends won’t do it. He does all the dirty work. He can’t get any girls in a normal way n he has to drug them????? He’s got NO game!!!!!

    1. well said Tikianna.
      but the problem nowadays is those with money can buy their innocent, love, status, and recognition. I’m just afraid he will get away with it.

  23. teresa p glad to hear u r allrght.. do be creful as creeps r everywhere.. nt jus nightclubs..

    1. that’s true but i think he might be threatening them or their family if they didn’t listen to him.

  24. i understand this guy. why? because hes too damn UGLY to have conscious woman to have sex with him. c’mon, look at him, he barely even have hair for cryin out loud

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