Justin Lee Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison for Drug Rape

Closure on Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee’s (李宗瑞) drug rape case, finally came in the form of a guilty verdict on October 19. Justin was sentenced to 14 years in prison, after he admitted to purchasing date rape drugs online, which he purportedly also used on his own stepmother!

The woman Justin’s father dated last year, who is now Justin’s stepmother, is also reportedly one of his drug-facilitated rape victims. According to Hong Kong news reports, Justin’s stepmother did not appear as a witness in court, but she helped the prosecutor in recovering physical evidence, which assisted in unraveling the case.

In the case, the crucial argument is whether Justin had planted drugs in the women’s drinks before engaging in sexual activities with them. Thirteen women pressed charges against Justin for drug rape and the unauthorized filming of the sexual activities. Based on the video evidence, the drugs recovered from Justin’s residence, and the victims’ testimonies, it clearly pointed to drug rape.

Justin Lee Admits Purchasing Date Rape Drugs Online

Throughout the trial, Justin’s defense was that the women in the video tapes had engaged in consensual sex with him. Faced with the witnesses’ testimonies and the mounting evidence–including retrieved samples of the date rape drugs found as his residence–Justin finally admitted the drugs were purchased online.

It was reported that Justin has videotaped 93 videos of his sexual activities with a total of 50 women, in which some of the women were taped taped on more than one occasion. Although the police were able to identify some of the victims, only 13 of them decided to press charges. The District Prosecutors’ Office urged more victims to come forward, if the video was shot without their knowledge or if they believe they were drugged.

Justin Lee Had a Fetish for Long Hair

Justin had raped several young models. His plan of action was usually getting the victim drunk at the bar, and then taking her home. If the victim was not drunk enough, he would create excuses to invite the woman to his place.

After slipping the drugs into water or liquor, they were tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Justin will then wait for the sexual assault opportunity.

Many of the victims were unconscious while being raped. Some women will wake up intermittently during the rape, and under the influence of alcohol and drugs, would slip back into unconsciousness. The process was captured in Justin’s video camera, in which he showed the footage to his friends.

The police also discovered Justin’s affinity for pretty women with long hair, as almost all the victims have long hair. Sometimes if the victims were in a prolonged state of unconsciousness, Justin had a habit of taping the sexual activities on his cell phone camera, in addition to the concurrent camcorder taping.

The Origins of Justin Lee’s Drug Rape Case

In July 2011, two sisters filed a complaint against Justin Lee for drug rape and unauthorized video recording of the sexual assault. Justin denied the women’s claims and counter-filed charges in return, insisting that the women had consensual sex with him. After further investigation, the police unearthed Justin’s pornographic collection with close to 50 celebrities and models in them.

Many actions were extremely explicit, and most videos were shot without the knowledge of the victims. Justin also categorized the videos based on the themes and methodically filed them in different folders. The victims’ names were used for the movie files.

After a year of investigation, the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office issued a warrant for Justin’s arrest in August 2012. After playing fugitive for 23 days, Justin surrendered himself at the police station on August 23. Based on his hiding from the police and the severity of the crime, the District Attorney convinced the judge to deny bail.

Final Verdict

After a well publicized trial, the Justin Lee drug rape case finally concluded with a guilty verdict. Initially denying of the crime, Lee finally admitted he bought the date drugs online. Justin Lee was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

TV News Coverage on Justin Lee’s Case

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Source: QQ.com

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  1. Disgusting creep, even drug raping his father’s girlfriend (now stepmother)! Good riddance, although 14 years is too light for the women’s lives that he had ruined.

    1. Was raping his stepmother one of the reasons why his father stood aside?

      1. Nicole,
        The police started investigating Justin’s drug rape incidents last year. It is not clear when he had allegedly violated his stepmother, who did not testify in court.

        Nevertheless, Justin’s father obviously continued to support his son financially.

      2. Jayne,
        Reading up about the father, “李岳苍先后与4个女人,生下5个孩子,还与演艺圈女星桃花不断。”, I’m not surprised the son ended up like that.

      3. Nicole,
        Justin was likely ignored by his father while growing up. His mother reportedly neglected and spoiled him in childhood.

        Maybe he was a victim of parental neglect, but the severity of his crimes are beyond any excuses except that he methodically targeted his victims and apparently was proud of his “collection”.

      4. “Maybe he was a victim of parental neglect”

        And not many jump from neglect to sexual predator. I feel he is what he is because he has this sense of entitlement. Nothing to do with neglect. If he felt aggrieved by being neglected as a child, he could have compensated all that neglect by adopting dogs, cats, pets.

      5. I don’t think any of us can choose how cuckoo they turned out. I definitely not tryingignore his crimes due to parental neglect, but more of a way of understanding what this guy is thinking. His lack of respect for women is evident. It’s more so a feeling of self-entitlement when it comes to women, perhaps due to his years of watching countless women flocking to his father for his money and power?

      6. oops “any of us” should be “anyone” and I’m definitely not*. No idea what I’m typing.

      7. Agree with Nicole. No one can possibly decide why Justin is the way he is or pick what he should have done to make up for his neglection. People do behave a certain way for a reason and it would be interesting to know why he is like so. The guess about women flocking to his father adequate.

    1. 14 years for raping 50 women? That’s gonna encourage more guys to do the same. I hope he takes it in jail.

    2. In Malaysia everything can be settled with bribery. Rape ? No problem, a stash of cash, rapist co free. Murder ? No problem as well, just pay a little more cash.

    3. Also, because he also asked her nicely and didn’t force her, according to the judge. (>.<)

  2. If Justin Lee had drug raped his father’s girlfriend, it presumably happened before she became his stepmother.

    So his father knew of his son’s sexual violation of his own girlfriend and did not disown him?

    1. Because he is his only son? Because father’s opinion does not matter since the one with the money is the mother?

      1. Funn,
        Some family members are better disowned and Justin’s father likely knew of his son’s habits long before the police started their investigation.

        Justin apparently did not keep a low profile of his conduct, as he had showed videos to his friends. He also kept a large stock of date rape drugs at his home.

      2. I don’t know about the father. My impression is the mom is the one with money, correct? If yes, then he probably did disown his son? He was paid by his mom to shut up? Or maybe he never knew that wife was one of the ones raped until recently? Or maybe father and son shares girlfriend. Kinky sort of family.

      3. Funn,
        His father, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), is the former Director of Taiwan’s Yuanta Financial Holdings Company. His father stepped down from his position at the company after Justin’s scandal erupted.

        His mother is a bar owner.

      4. So father is rich, mom more rich? I think the father probably doesn’t know?

      5. Funn,
        “Or maybe father and son shares girlfriend. Kinky sort of family.”

        It’s like incest, not kinky at all. Maybe Justin targeted his father’s girlfriend (now stepmother) as a sort of revenge/ punishment towards his father for hurting his mother and himself as a child.

      6. Bar owner is richer than Director of some financial holding company? Funn, where did you get the info about the mom?

      7. Technically is incest by relationship.

        I think with all the theories there can be 2 movies; one pro him, one anti him.

        I doubt he cares much for his own mom’s feelings. He is just as selfish as his actions demonstrate.

        1 year per girl is a slap on the wrist. Whipping him would be better. Since in prison mom can bribe the guards and all. O maybe the prisoners will hate him and so here begins his life as the “poor” convict.

      8. Nicole I read previous articles here and my impression was the mom did very well and made her own fortune? And spoilt him? No?

      9. Funn, I read that but I didn’t get the idea that the mom was richer than the dad. Maybe because one is a director of a large listed financial companies. “Yuanta is firmly established in Taiwan with a distribution network of 141 securities branches and 88 banking branches combined with 7,600 professionals providing clients with diversified financial services. ”
        and the other owns a bar with two branches? Quite a big difference don’t you think?

      10. You know why things can get blown up into out of proportion, it’s because of mouth like Funn who make baseless speculations based on her own blind ignorance !

      11. Whether or not it comes from the real Funn or fake Funn, there’s not diff!

      12. @ Anon

        Everyone is making speculations here. What is so specially serious about Funn’s speculations that you especially point her out?

        And, from the recent-comments page, I see that you have 3 posts dissing Funn.

  3. Wonder how he face his father where he has actually raped his stepmother??
    He is an idiot.
    14 years is infact too light for drug rape case

    1. I agree that this guy got such a light sentence for raping so many women. It is just so unfair. But sadly, life is not fair!!!i hope that karma bites back at him and what goes around will come around.

  4. Are you being raped before? You seem to have alot of experience on the subject and know more than his dad.

    1. Most women here have offered themselves to their boyfriends to be raped. They do have a lot of experience.

      1. I cannot believe you would say that. It sounds like you are supporting what this sicko has done..

  5. let’s hope he get a taste of what he did to the victims in prison. oh yeah justin try not drop the soap.

  6. >93 documented counts of rape
    >14 years

    Uh, something is very, very wrong here.
    That’s 1.8 months per rape.

    Think about it people.
    And that’s just the times he filmed it.

    Imagine how many times he raped people WITHOUT filming it.

    1. that is so true dd. you made a great point. i still think it’s too little time. maybe his father is rich and pay his way to lesson justin’s time in jail. that is not enough. 93 videos is a lot. he should spend time in jail for 50 years to see how he likes it. those 50 years is without female genital areas in there. it’s like he raped all the female population in Taiwan since its so small there. this guy got no game thats why he need to drug women. i wonder if raymond lam is like this?

  7. OMG, 14 years when he’s raped so many women and with video evidence??? What the hell is wrong w/the justice system in taiwan? laughable and after he comes out, hes barely 40???? man, wonder what those victims feel must be insane over the kind of justice served for such a piece of shit…

  8. He should have gotten 14 years for EVERY woman he violated. Disgusting.

    1. 14 years is truly ridiculous. He should get whipping in addition to the prison sentence. Making him into a eunuch is a good idea too, but such a pervert like him may turn to other violence against his victims when he’s released from prison if he lose the tool of his trade. Feed him stuff that’ll make his willy rot and wilt off and make him kill himself would be a better punishment.

  9. 14 years thats nothing. he should be sentenced for life. he is such a sick person, evening raping his stepmother.

  10. Omg! Something is wrong with the Taiwanese justice system, 14 years for 13 sexual abused victims? Totally disgusting!!!

  11. 14yrs is a joke. I can’t believe it!
    He should be in prison for 140yrs.

  12. 14 years is way too light a sentence, by the time he released will be his early 40s which can still commit again unless he repent n change for the better. I heard those girls in the video are all young n beautiful, so he must be thinking 14 years are all worth it.

  13. I bet he would be eligible for parole in like 2 years time. Doubt he would be serving the full sentence.

  14. Woah, raping his own stepmother. Why isnt his dad mad at him and instead supporting him financially? If im his dad, i’ll pay some gangsters to beat the shit out of him first.

  15. His bank account money will be confiscated anot or is still there and has interest for 14 years accumulated? lol.

  16. What a creep!!! This is so not fair, he need more jail time. The megaload man got 20 years in jail, and this man who RAPE women and his own stepmother only got 14 years, this is so injustice.

    The stepmother need to divorce the creep’s father. He support his son, to be a good parents is not this way. Good job to the creep’s mother to divorcing the father long ago.

  17. why did it take the cops over one year to arrest him? during that time, he must’ve continued his rape rampage and got other innocent girls as well. this could of been prevented!
    14 years for 50 girls. 13 girls pressed charges and testified…. that’s an average of 1 year jail for each girl raped???? what?!?! that’s too little!

  18. 14 years? Did Justin’s father somehow bribed someone in the courtroom? And I bet even when he goes to jail his father probably paid the guards or inmates to “protect” him. This is disgusting he did soo many wrong things and this is his punishment?

  19. Didn’t one of the articles say Justin have alot of free drugs for hot girls and the reason some many girls go to his home is to take those drugs in exchange for sex?

    So that is incorrect?

  20. Parental neglect may have played a part. If he had a positive role model when growing up he would have more direction in his life and someone to inspire to. He probably didn’t so out of boredom, arrogance because he thought he could get away with it and to prove his status as a man contributed him doing the things he did. Being born into a wealthy family he didn’t have to work hard to prove himself but maybe he felt he needed to prove himself in other ways. He really messed up his own life. He had it all but he’s got no one to blame but himself.

    1. Do agree with you here however society do blame parents for children’s wrong doings. True some parents do neglect their children emotionally and physically but cant blame parents completely. One should know what is wrong and right. Obviously he is a pervert and psychologically damaged. He not only messed up his life but gave shame to his family.

      1. This is an argument of nature versus nurture. It is true that some parents teach their kids but whether they listen or not is another story…

    2. Sometimes i wonder if perverts are born with those characteristics or their upbringing/environment made them into such?
      Instead of parental neglect, could his parents or friends of his parents have sexually violated him for him to turn out this way? Reading about his mother’s background and his father’s playboy ways, could it be possible this douche-bag had it bad during childhood and is taking it out on others? Hmmm… too much of watching criminal minds 😛

  21. He raped so many women and he only gets 14 years of prison? I wonder if Taiwan have capital punishments. If so, he deserves it.

    1. I heard they do for people who deal drugs but I do not know about rape but I guess this case tells us that they might not. I heard that Taiwan is corrupt so in a sense not that shocked that this sicko hot off so easy.

    2. They did not use treason for some what reason. I dont know.

      1. Maybe the father bribe the judge into giving him a lighter sentence?

  22. 14 years is quite low. It makes no sense at all. There is truly something wrong with the Taiwan judicial system if rape is punished that minimally.

  23. 14 years is enough… Just make sure his cellmate is another rapist.

    Hey Justin, have fun… and make sure you don’t drop your soap bar in the shower.

  24. manglodinho lol… well i got to say 14 yrs better thn nothng

  25. I’m surprised the sentencing was this quick. Don’t trials usually take years to conclude? Perhaps it depends on the country and how many cases are on hand for court bookings at the time?

  26. I’m surprised that he has a less punishment for only 14 years, he should be in life in prison without parole. I don’t know if you know about this guy Andrew Luster in US, did exactly the same thing. He’s the grandson of the cosmetic company called Max Factor. A rich socialist used dated raped drug on 3 women and video tapped it as well is sentence to 124 years in prison.


    We should sign some sort of petition to keep this man locked up forever.

    1. Yes, I remember the Max Factor guy who went to prison for the same thing as Justin Lee. I’m glad I live in the states where the law is more strict. I guess rape isn’t a severe crime in Taiwan.

    2. wow 124yrs compare to 14yrs. Same law should apply to Justin.

    3. Yea, I remember that and watched the movie about it. I do not think it is because the law is not strict about rape, but I am guessing maybe his parents may have bribed the officials or something. I heard they are really corrupt in Taiwan.

      1. i know right, it’s gotta be really really corrupted to have this kind of light sentence when video evidences are there to prove he is SCUM. unbelievable, wow Taiwan sickos are not afraid to do anything w/this kind of verdict.

    4. Justin is lucky that he surrendered to the police. Maybe that got him lighter sentence. Andrew Luster was tried in absentia and not illegible for appeal he ran away.

    5. yes, i have heard about this guy but not the sentence verdict. wow, 124 years that sounds more like. TAIWAN, take note
      WTH is 14 years???? i mean seriously so many videos and women? 14 years?? what were they thinking? perhaps their system is more corrupted than anywhere?

  27. Way too light sentence. This guy is evil. Should have cut his part off.

  28. OMG he raped his stepmother , what a creep and 14yrs in jail is nothing.

  29. I thought he was getting a life sentence or at least 30 years. 14 years excluding holidays, good behavior he will be out in no time.

    1. I’m not sure of how Taiwanese jail works like.. but if he’s in M’sia and committed the crime here, he will probably get whipped and sodomised by those jailmates since I heard they detest those who committed in rape.. btw, how old is this guy??

      1. 27-28 if I remember correctly. Nah, his parents are rich so he will most likely live in a “suite”. Will also have hookers visiting him on a regular basis, LOL

      2. haha, not sure about the “service” in there but 14 years isn’t a short term. He will definitely bored to death without pretty models to sleep with.. =\

        and those women who reported him should really be more careful in not following guys to their homes anymore.. but I doubt they will learn their lesson anyway.. since most are active clubbers.

      3. Veejay, it’s funny you brought that up the fact about the victims being “active clubbers”…you think that has something to do with the sentencing decision? If that’s the case then there’s something wrong with the judge. People go to clubs to have a good time, they don’t go to clubs to get rape.

      4. 14 yrs of celibacy after he had all the — he wanted. its still too good a deal for him. anymore indecent acts should be left to any rogue male inmates in there to do community service and make him suffer the way he did these women, until he is scared s—less of it. will be a lesson learned.

      5. “14 yrs of celibacy after he had all the ”

        Who says he will be a celibate in prison?

      6. well yes correction, he’ll probably still get some but might not be from women. up to those inmates if they can stomach him.

      7. @Lol,

        I think you’ve read my sentence wrongly. I said those girls are mostly active clubbers so they followed Justin home without hesitation or any sense of worry. It have nothing to do with sentencing decision at all. 🙂 Please read properly before jumping into conclusion.

  30. he should at least be sentenced for life. 14 years is way too easy on him. Disgusting piece of useless crap.

  31. How is prison in Taiwan?
    Can he bribe his way through? Like some of you say, apparently in Malaysia you can. Any chance it’s the same in Taiwan?

    1. Most likely, in most places in Asia, you can. I remember reading news about a Chinese guy raping a girl in the US recently, and the parents flew in from China trying to do the asian thing, attempting to bribe the girl, and instead got charged in US for bribery. LOL

  32. If he could do it all over again, do you think he would do it?

  33. He’s one person rather than an entire community in Japan does that. because of his case, it was reported that Tokyo has clubs known as “1000 beheaded club” so Taiwanese and Korean starlets should really take care when trying to make money in Japan.

  34. what a degenerate. all that money growing up probably spoiled any moral character he had, because he always got what he wanted and when he didn’t, bought drugs to rape the women. this douchebag’s self indulgence is at the expense of these vulnerable women . he just treated them like objects, toys he can buy/rape if he wanted. probably felt he could get away with anything and abuse his status and wealth made him feel he could. if there was a law for castration for indecent violation of another human being, i wonder if we’ll have less rapists like him.

    he could just stick with his gf and have all the intimacy he wanted, but he’s just a very sick sadistic dude that enjoys getting his way with anyone he wanted. women should take another look at who they associate themselves with, if a man has many women flocking to him, chances are he will not be faithful, in fact he will take advantage of whatever he can soon no longer seeing the women as ppl but objects, to use and toss. avoid these men.

    1. he’s terribly ugly, short, and bald. prob knew not all women will sleep with him for money, some actually know an ogle when they see one. so to get back at these women, and inflate his already imaginary ego, he has to resort to a street thug’s act.

      goes to show money can never buy class, instead in this case, it just create a self deluded and degenerate rapist.

      at least there is karma is this world and justice is served.

  35. At least he got time for what he did. Did he get off too easily? Absolutely.

    Any length of time will never be enough to the girls he raped. Though I hope they can sleep a little better knowing that the jackass is in prison. And with time, slowly, but surely, they can move on from all of this …

  36. Your better than that, Taiwan. Enormous amount of evidence and victims. There are cases in US where it is he said/she said and the suspect gets over 100 years, some 400 years. I don’t expect dirtbag to get that many years, but 14 years with over 50 victims. GJ lawyers, you got paid.

  37. Anyone know how old his stepmother is? Just curious…

    I agree with those who think 14 years is not long enough but I’m just glad this creep had to serve time. It’s amazing what some people can get away with when they have the money to hire the best lawyers.

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