Justin Lee Denies Drug Rape Charges

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After missing for close to a month, Taiwanese socialite, Justin Lee (李宗瑞) had turned himself in to the police.  Justin was wanted for allegedly drugging and raping several models and actresses.  While Justin was missing, it was also  reported that an unnamed Taiwanese actress sought help from a Taiwanese triad in fear of her nude photos surfacing.  With both the police and triads seeking him out, Justin finally succumbed to the pressure and surrendered himself to the police. Video clips were exposed and used as evidence that sexual acts were performed while the women were unconscious.

Interviewed by the police, Justin admitted to taking sexual pictures of 31 women.  However, Justin denied drugging any of the women.  He stressed that the women were all consensual partners and scolded them for causing this debacle!

Video Clips Used As Evidence

Prosecutors possess copies of DVDs that showed 6 drunken females being brought to Justin’s home.  In the DVDs, the women were shouting, “Don’t” while Justin appeared oblivious and continued with sexual acts.  A 17-second video clip has been leaked and is currently circulating online.

With the camera angle moving, it clearly indicated that a third party was present in the room to film the sexual acts. Even with the video clips as evidence, Justin still denied allegations of drugging and raping 60 models and actresses.

Unstable Mood Swings

When Justin showed up at the police station, he appeared disheveled and was dressed in all black with messy hair.  Seemingly to have lost weight, Justin appeared as though he had not showered for days.

The police interrogated Justin for three hours.  During this time, Justin had an emotional breakdown with uncontrollable mood swings. He would switch from hysterical sobbing to angry scolding of the female actresses implicated in the sex scandal.

Justin Denies Charges of Non-consensual Sex

Justin denied the sex crime charges filed against him, claiming that the women were all consensual partners.  He claimed that he did not secretly film them nor leaked videos to the public.  Justin stressed that the women being filmed were aware of the presence of a camera.  According to Justin, the models and actresses had agreed to the filming and posed sultrily for him in order to please him.

Justin revealed that there was even an actress that threw herself at him but then, he could not get rid of her. Justin continued to blame all the women for their behavior, resulting in the current charges pressed against him.

Along with the women, Justin also scolded his “good friends.”  Since Justin got into trouble, all his friends abandoned him in his time of need.

Source: Sina.com

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15 comments to Justin Lee Denies Drug Rape Charges

  1. Veejay says:

    the girl in the pic looks drugged..

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  2. chrissy says:

    drugged or drunk … they were ‘still’ possing for the camera … so it is apparent that they are AWARE they are being filmed. no? 🙂

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    • AC replied:

      Just because that one picture has a girl posing and aware, that doesn’t mean that all the girls were aware if they were raped while being drugged.

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    • AC replied:

      Just because the one picture corresponding with the article shows ONE girl looking happy and willing to pose, that doesn’t mean that none of the girls were drugged or raped. The real victims’ pictures is not going to be released if there is a pending case.

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  3. No Balls says:

    Well he is coached by his team of lawyers to denied at all cost as well as portray an insanity behavior to get out of this mess.

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    • Daisy replied:

      LOLand his parents probably paid some victims to say it wasnt rape. Sad to say but he might have a chance of getting out of these charges..

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  4. Jenn says:

    Sure, blame all your friends when you get into trouble! Men have to understand that when women say “NO” they really mean it.

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    • Veejay replied:

      but the woman in the pic above doesn’t seems to show any No sign in her face. She looked happy and “high”

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      • skinnymocha replied:

        1. One picture or one woman does not speak for all.

        2. Sex is a much more intimate act. Just because they seem more open to a little canoodling doesn’t always mean they’re up for sex as well. (But perhaps the girls should learn to be more responsible and look out for themselves. Better to be safe than sorry.)

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  5. TVBFanatic says:

    Yes… because often when totally innocent, people going into hiding for a month.

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  6. Hannahh says:

    What a liar…

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  7. elin says:

    liar,liar pants on fire… if u were so innocent why go into hiding…

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  8. kiki says:


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  9. lovetvb says:

    can anybody identify who are this women on the website? http://www.asiaone.com/static/multimedia/gallery/120824_justin/

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    • kiki replied:

      this is that Maggie Wu they identified a while ago. She is a taiwanese actress but NOT POPULAR at all i mean shes pretty and all and has quite a few roles here and there but never that popular. She is pretty thou.

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