Maggie Wu Devastated by Leaking of Sex Photos With Justin Lee

The police has confirmed Taiwanese actress and model, Maggie Wu (吴亚馨) to be a victim in Justin Lee’s (李宗瑞) sex photos scandal. Maggie initially scheduled a media conference on August 18th to explain the scandal publicly, under the company of her mother and Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu Hua (許淑華). Facing tremendous pressure and constant public scrutiny, Maggie reportedly had an emotional breakdown and called off the media conference.

After the sex photos were exposed online, Maggie reportedly was devastated and lost 11 lbs in ten days. Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu Hua said, “I talked to Maggie Wu this morning. Her voice was weak and coarse. She had lost 11 lbs in only ten days! She can’t even step out of her house right now. Even if she has to contact her lawyer, it is through a phone call. She does not dare to even face her lawyer! Maggie pleads for the public to stop downloading and distributing the lewd photos around.”

Taiwanese Police Apologizes for Photos Leaking

Taiwanese police reportedly will call 29-year-old Maggie Wu to investigate if she is a willing party or a victim in the sex photos incident. Taipei Criminal Investigation Division’s Investigator, Tang Sih Huai (唐斯淮) also issued a public apology for causing distress to the victims over the exposure of the pornographic photos over the last three days. Taipei City Councilor Hsu Shu Hua urged the Taiwanese police to step up measures to prevent distribution of such photos.

Justin Lee Wanted by Triads

An unnamed actress reportedly sought help from Taiwanese triad, United Bamboo Gang, to locate Justin Lee for fear of her nude photos surfacing publicly. United Bamboo Gang allegedly is willing to pay $5 million TWD to track down Justin Lee, which is 25 times more than the Taiwanese police’s reward of $200,000 TWD!

An inside source from the triad disclosed, “An unexposed actress sought help from the United Bamboo Gang last week, and hopes that the gang will hunt down Justin Lee earlier than the police.” The source also revealed that besides taking pornographic photos, Justin Lee was obsessed with filming sex videos, and some of these videos were still kept in Justin Lee’s phone.

Five days ago, both Justin Lee and the unnamed actress reportedly enlisted the help from two triads to negotiate the settlement of the incident. However, the two triads could not reach an agreement on the settlement terms. Justin Lee reportedly will only surrender to the police after striking a deal with the actress.

Justin Lee to Bribe the Victims?

The number of victims is kept confidential by the police, but the prosecutors reportedly summoned several victims of the pornographic photos for questioning. Most of the victims had also confirmed that Justin Lee allegedly was obsessed with taking sex photos.

Justin Lee’s mother reportedly solicited the triad’s assistance to allegedly bribe the victims before her son was caught by the police. A lawyer revealed that if the victims changed their statements and identified themselves as willing parties, there would not be any grounds of prosecuting Justin Lee.

Justin’s Lee Girlfriend Arrested

Although Joyce Lai (賴慕禎) claimed to have lost contact with her boyfriend, Justin Lee, she was arrested by the police for suspected assistance in helping Justin Lee flee. Joyce Lai was also arrested for a narcotics crime earlier.

The police are still investigating the whereabouts of Justin Lee who has fled for 19 days. Justin Lee’s father, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), the former Director of Yuanta Financial Holdings has also pleaded his son to turn himself to the authorities.


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  1. I knew it long time that the police would leak those photos out..

    1. who knows where the photos are posted?……wanna see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Now that the triad has become involved in the search for this lose, the chance of capturing him actually has increased.

    That said, the probability of finding him dead has also increased.

  3. Woa, I never knew who she was, until yesterday I was watching this series with her in it, then today her on the news! Dang!

  4. I have only seen Maggie in “Knock, Knock, Loving You,” and she quite statuesque and lovely.

    I wonder who else the police intends on naming as witness? Gonna be hard…and embarrassing.

    1. That is the same series I’ve seen her in, I only got to chapter 4 , its pretty boring.

      1. So true…I really couldn’t stand watching the show either. None of the characters were especially likable, or even funny.

    2. Oh yea, I saw her in that series too. I did not finish it though.

    3. That is the only series I’ve watched that has her in it. I thought her character was really interesting and I enjoyed the drama, but I didn’t like Li Xiao Lu. Hopefully Maggie can move on and enjoy hey life again 🙂

    4. yeah, she is quite pretty but NOT at all popular i think aiya sigh… this leaks she will even be MORE UNPOPULAR haha. these celebs if all they see are rich men then it really is a shame.

    1. She is a Taiwanese actress that acts in Taiwanese series, so if you do not watch Taiwanesr series then you will not know or recognize her.

      1. No, I do watch Taiwanese series. However, she looks like the other clones, so can’t recognise her.

      2. I guess you are just not familiar with Taiwanese actresses.

  5. poor girl. Haven’t heard of her b4 or seen any of her series.

  6. It confirmed that the showbiz and modelling industry stinks.

    Big brothers behind the industry are worried in the event their workings are further exposed.

    Perhaps the police would take this event to clean up the industry.

    Incidentally, nobody question how drugs are being distributed so easily in Taiwan.

  7. I don’t understand why the police would name or release pictures of this woman. It’s actually doing her more harm than offering them any “justice”.

    This actually prevents any female victims in the future from seeking help from the local police. Who would want the whole world to know they got raped?

    I’m actually quite disgusted by this type of behavior from the police.

    1. I know, isn’t it better to just name them as unknown people, the way they do it just make those girls feel bad. I feel sorry for her, and of course the rest of the girls too.

  8. Poor girl.. I know her from “Hi my sweetheart” and “Summer’s desire.” She’s a pretty good actress. Pretty too.. sorry to hear she’s involve in this scandal.. hopefully she can move on from it..

    1. I don’t even even remember her role in Hi my sweetheart until you pointed it out! Now that you mentioned it, is she the one playing the character that Show Luo fell for at first?

  9. First off, from my understanding the half photo above is not part of the scandal and is just a regular photo of her from the web such as weibo or facebook.

    Second of all, the police aren’t the only ones with the batch of photos and videos. Remember, Justin shared these things with his friends, so they too have access and copies of them.

    I could care less about these girls. Girls who associate themselves with these kinds of no good rich 2nd generation dudes, aren’t any good to begin with. They need to take some responsibilities for themselves instead of playing the role of full victim.

    1. aiya,

      agree w/u. i remember she is pretty but NEVER even a bit of popularity perhaps by associating themselves to these so called 2nd generation they can get ahead and who knows if she is a victim or consensuos party? i mean the police didnt even say anything and if she is forced, she SHOULD come out and testified its only the right thing to do.

    2. First of all, obviously the above picture is not the “leaked” picture from the police. It would’ve helped if you checked the source from this translated article. There are no “leaked” pictures in the original article either.

      Second of all, if the police didn’t leak these photos I truly doubt they would apologize – especially in Taiwan. So your whole “other people had the photos too” argument is pathetic.

      From reading this article, there’s really nothing that states Maggie has played the so-called victim role (like you pointed out). If she’s truly playing the victim, then she would’ve went to the media conference and balled her eyes out. Or written some sort of official statement regarding this incident. All she did was hide from the public eye. I never knew that was an act of playing the “victim”.

      1. Wow, I got so much to pick with you, but lets simplify things.

        First of all, there are actually people who think these are the leaked photos, so I just want to clarify to others about it. Please read before you start trying to sound like a smart ass.

        Second of all, the police aren’t apologizing because they admitted to leaking the photos. They are apologizing because they are supposed to prevent the photos from leaking, which includes stopping others from leaking it. In this instance they have failed to stop the spread of photos. They’re trying to catch people who are spreading these photos, and because some photos have already leaked, they have failed. That’s what the are apologizing for, not because they leaked the photos themselves.

        Playing the devastation card and claiming to have lost weight over this is not playing victim? Then what is she playing? The offender? lol. Think before you talk/write more stuff that you have no idea what you’re talking/writing about.

      2. Oh, and the policing are also apologizing because they have been troubling these girls for multiple questionings in there investigations.

      3. WOW, let ME make things even more simpler for you.

        1) I didn’t know you were the only one that was allowed to point out the facts. I never knew you owned the forum and I wasn’t allowed to point out a fact as well. No need to name call. Only makes you even more pathetic.

        2) Maybe you should actually READ the original article. Then you know how stupid you actually sound. But then again, maybe you can’t read Chinese. (hint) there’s Google translate.

        3) This comments proves to me that you are just dumb. In this type of situation would you actually gain weight? Then again, who knows with people like you. Did you actually go to school when you were little? Just because she’s NOT playing the victim doesn’t mean she’s the offender. What a dumb question to ask.

        Like I said, READ the original article.

        People like you are even worst than those girls that “associates themselves with these no good 2nd generations”. Because these girls are opportunists and would make things happen for their lives. With people like you, you would just insult those that disagrees with your comments. Pathetic. I can’t believe I wasted 5 minutes of my precious time on an idiot.

      4. Not sure if you’re a troll or you actually believe the words that come of your own mouth. But suit yourself. Keep digging yourself into a bigger hole…

        BTW, I didnd’t know “smart ass” would butt hurt you that much. I apologize. I rather not pick on a kid around these forums that is showing vulnerability.

    3. Victims you think she plays victim? first of all what is wrong partying with friends?, she is young, she should be allowed to party and have fun with friends, nobody is going around and think that “ohh he gonna dope me down”

      2. Going out and testified?, Do you think it is easy for a girl that got raped to go out and testified, they are human, if it was you wouldn’t you feel dirty, and bad if you got raped? it’s not easy for her to just go out and say “heey’ i just got rape btw, you guys should do something”

      1. It is not wrong to party with friends. Everyone has the right to do or hang out with whom ever they want. I doubt she was unaware of who Justin Lee is and what he was all about. Did she think Justin was a good guy? Did she think Justin was a responsible partier? LOL!

        And when you hang out with the wrong people, you have to take responsbility for whatever happens to yourself.

        And you do know that it’s unclear whether or not Maggie was a rape case or a willing partner no? I mean a strong case can be made that she was on the willing side since she is supposedly one of Justin’s ex girlfriends. Not all of the 60+ girls involved are ex girlfriends, only a handful of them were, and she is reportedly one of them. Maggie was one of Justin’s favourites, so he went back and hit it with her many many times. If Maggie was a rape victim, you’d think she would stay away from him after the first time. Why would she let him hit it with her so many times afterwards? She was an ex girlfriend…

    4. From above article, I got the impression that she either doesn’t have the courage to face the public yet or probably still negotiating a deal (wouldn’t want to say things that she cannot take back later and spoil her chances of getting compensation). After all, she has to be realistic – this may affect her image and chances of landing good roles (for some time until things die down) and probably opportunities of a good marriage.
      I think girls who associate with no-good rich 2nd generation jerks should know how to protect themselves but i do pity them. Not being in their shoes, we can’t know for sure what goes on in their mind. Maybe they thought they could tame the bad boys and get them to settle down. Marrying into rich families could be their objective when getting involved in the entertainment industry – they know their youth & beauty won’t last and their beauty regime would be costly.
      Sadly, these makes them easy target for rich perverts who thinks their money gives them the right to treat the women as toys.

  10. it seems to me she was fully aware of him taking these photos of her. u would think that people would have learned not to take these photos especially when they are in the entertainment industry after what happened to edison.

  11. Never heard of her until this news LOL. But the cops are irresponsible to leak out important evidences

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