Justin Lee Blackmailed By Triads and Police Over Sex Videos

Although Justin Lee (李宗瑞) is currently held in custody by Taiwan police, his pornographic videos continues to circulate online. Earlier this week, 93 video clips recording his sexual acts with various women were leaked on the web; the video files’ capacity were said to be 27.5 GB!

After surrendering to the police, Justin Lee had confessed to filming his sexual encounters with 31 women, but denied that the sex was non-consensual. During the court hearing, he also stated that these videos were maliciously leaked, and that his family were blackmailed by both members of the triads and police.

Justin Lee’s Parents Blackmailed Several Times

Justin Lee’s parents reportedly had been blackmailed for millions of dollars (TWD) by the triads and police. Justin Lee’s father, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼) reportedly had lodged a complaint to the investigators of the police’s extortion. The former Director of Yuanta Financial Holdings was heard saying, “It’s so despicable! The triads extort and now even the police also extort!”

As the extortion amount continued to snowball, Lee Yue Tsang allegedly stopped paying the incredulous sums in May. As this outraged the extortionists, Justin’s pornographic contents were leaked online on a massive scale.

Taiwan police believed that it that the same person had blackmailed the Lee family and uploaded the sex videos online. The police are also investigating internally as suspicions arose if it was also the same person who had tipped off Justin Lee before the arrest.

Justin Lee Claimed that the Women Were Willing Parties  

Although Justin Lee claimed that the women were willing parties, the sex videos appeared to contradict his statement. The women in the videos reportedly were unconscious and appeared to be feeble. Some women reportedly tried to punch and push away Justin Lee, and some even shouted, “No!”

Justin Lee’s lawyers pointed that the women’s resistance were part of the sexual stimulation and that some Japanese women would also shout, “No” to please their men in bed.

The prosecutor ridiculed Justin Lee’s legal defense, “Do you all need to be so perverted?”

Justin Lee Paid to Sleep With Women

Denying that he had drugged and raped the women, Justin Lee claimed that these women were drunk and some had fallen asleep during sexual intercourse. When asked to identify a woman in a video clip, Justin Lee replied, “I have had so many women. I really can’t remember all their names. Some women were one night stands, and some women threw themselves at me. Some were also paid (to sleep with me)!”

Sources: Sina.com, ifeng.com, Sina.com

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  1. Justin Lee’s scandal is about to get uglier, as his lawyers set out to “prove” that he did not violate any women. The defense his lawyers are using is quite disgusting, claiming the women faked their unwillingness in order to excite Justin further.

    If the police only have videos and no witnesses to testify, this may be a weak case.

    1. What happen to those models who reported the case to the police? Aren’t they considered as witnesses/victim for this case?

      Lawyers will use all sort of evidences and excuses just to save their client.. despite knowing their clients are sometimes not as Innocent as claimed.

      I bet many well known models and artist will get “leaked” out unwillingly in this incident. I bet they’re scared the incident will eventually jeopardize their career if they “are” leaked out later.

      1. Veejay,
        Are you referring to the two sisters who had filed charges against Justin for drug rape last year? The case was dismissed last year, but perhaps they may serve as witnesses in current trial. It has not been reported whether there will be witnesses testifying in court.

      2. Im not sure who are those models since I didnt follow this scandal closely..I only knew there were Models who reported Justin to the police. I’m only aware of the report was dismissed now.

  2. Wondering how many women are willing to come forward to testify against him? After all, it is not a glamorous thing to do so for the victims.

    1. I don’t know, most of the women should be willing participants? I mean, many people out there have one night stands, and they could have been attracted by his wealth. Legally, there’s nothing wrong with having one night stands.
      Of the few who might be drugged or coerced into having sex, well, some may be bought off with money, some may not want their scandal to surface.

      1. I think for the willing parties, some may not be aware that they are being filmed. Not sure if legally there are grounds for them to pursue the case. But then, some of them are actresses & models. Like what you have mentioned, they may not want their scandals to surface.

    1. I saw half of that. Some are either very bblur or very boring while others are very syok….

      Never realize that some of these gals are so “cheap”.

  3. what a lowly scumbag, hope that his penile rotten away and he left with none. And the lawyer? hope he does not have daughter.

    The former Director of Yuanta Financial Holdings was heard saying, “It’s so despicable! The triads extort and now even the police also extort!”

    Hello Mr. Lee who is more despicable here? Don’t think you have the right to call anybody despicable when your son is even far beyond that.

    1. Being the father of a criminal doesn’t make him fair game for extortion.

  4. this is bad. he don’t remember who he is sleeping with, I bet he also drugged

    if the leak, if he is sleeping someone married or going to, worst is yet to come

  5. “Justin Lee’s lawyers pointed that the women’s resistance were part of the sexual stimulation and that some Japanese women would also shout, “No” to please their men in bed.”

    Wow, SM.

    1. Taiwanese and Japanese share cultural commonalities as Taiwan was a former Japanese colony.

  6. “some had fallen asleep during sexual intercourse.”

    He’s that boring?

    1. LMAO I’m sorry, the incidences are not in anyways funny. And I am in no way belittling the seriousness of the crime. But I am floored by that statement. I find it laughable that his lawyers would come up with such a laughable defense. It will never fly here in the US. Their claim is completely and utterly ridiculous and disgusting. I am very curious now as to how the justice system in Taiwan will handle this. :X

  7. he looks like this guy i used to know and it makes me hate this guy more. the guy that i know that looks so much like him is a jerk and treated his ex gf poorly.

    1. but this kind of guy got lots of money and you know women nowadays are very easily attracted to him.

  8. I wonder how many girls his parents can buy out of this scandal, so that they won’t be vitnesses.

  9. Law Ba where are you? This is case for you and plz use any means necessarily in order to cleanse the earth.

    1. law ba currently in China bz courting some beautiful big booobiees while filming ipman.

  10. If videos are being leaked and names continue to surface, then there’s no reason to hide from destifying anymore. But the girls could also lose their lives if they destify.

  11. Justin should have join the showbiz so that he can have all the fun while making movies as well as earning monies.
    He can never be charged while fondling an actress during filming.
    or He can be in a soft porn movie.

    1. he doesnt hve the looks or body to make it to porn biz… cant stand him… hopefully law wll be on the victims side.. whn a girl says no means no..

      1. Agreed! He’s is definitely not a hottie… I better his personality is even worse than his looks. No wonder he needs to pay some of these women to sleep with him.

      2. but when money comes into negotiation, “very No” will be “definitely YES” for 99% of females he ecounters

  12. “I have had so many women. I really can’t remember all their names. Some women were one night stands, and some women threw themselves at me. Some were also paid (to sleep with me)!”

    Who does this guy think he is? Too many women to even remember their names? To pay to sleep with him?!?!?!? He’s not exactly the hunkiest guy on the world….not even close IMO. All he has is money. From his remarks above, he’s totally a scumbag, a low-life and totally despicable!

    1. I think he meant he paid them to sleep with him. “Some were paid to sleep with me” not “Some had paid to sleep with me”.

    2. i know, a piece of **** and does not even know it. talks and sounds like a lowlife 2nd generation rich kid. all those lawyers of his can probably get him off the hook thou.

    3. It wasn’t necessary for him to provide such a lengthy explanation. A simple “I am a douchebag” will do. That’s essentially what I understood when I read what he said. Short and to the point.

  13. “I have had so many women. I really can’t remember all their names.”

    So digusting… He deserves some STDs.

  14. OMG! What is the world coming to? He must be trying to be edison no 2. Such man should be punished heavily.

  15. “Justin Lee’s lawyers pointed that the women’s resistance were part of the sexual stimulation and that some Japanese women would also shout, “No” to please their men in bed.”

    True BUT in our creep’s case, the girls were slurring their words, they sounded half awake, aware what was going on but too weak, feeble and blur to push him away. And can’t be all of those women appearing unconcious. Apart from different women and perhaps different colour of clothes, his modus operandi is almost the same, starts with him slowly creeping towards them, and then ending with him drinking water, switching off his recorder or whatever and the girls back to being stoned out or whatever or crying. If they are that good at role playing, I will suggest TVB hire some of them because they have got to be top notch actresses. I think the videos are evident. He is basically screwed. He can debate certain points, so it is basically whether no consent in the beginning means no consent throughout or if halfway through the girl seems to act as if she consented, does it mean her consent negates his entire behaviour. Because one girl did say “No no” and he asked “Why?” and she said something like “You don’t love me”. And mind you, she looked drugged out of her mind. One pushed him away repeatedly, punched him, looked earnest in doing so, another seems to feeble to push him away, probably endured what he did in the hope he will get with it fast. And mind you, he is fast. This man is not interested in the sex, he is interested in the control he has over them. I am not sure if I heard right but I really thought he said something to a girl to the effect like try to put up some resistance. I could be wrong though, but the videos say it all. So far none of them are celebrity or famous enough, the leak has yet to reach anyone recognisable. But sometimes you have to see it to believe it. And I certainly see a pattern with this creep. Some are willing no doubt, but not all. Let us all welcome Mr Justin Lee to jail where he may or may not learn to treat women with a bit more respect. Come on! He is rich, young, he can waste a minute or two giving flowers, treat to nice dinners, I am sure the girls will jump into his bed.

    Or maybe he just likes the idea of resistance. Again creep.

    1. Edison is different. The girls were willing participant, none of them were drugged raped except Cecilia was drugged willingly. Some do looked like under duress, like they didn’t want to but had to go with the flow because probably he says “You love me you will do it” that sort. However in Edison’s case, we see only pictures. No videos so it is not easy to arrive at any conclusion of being forced, etc. No wonder Edison was pissed in his press conference. In his mind the girls were willing. BUT he is still a jerk.

      This guy, Mr Justin “creep” Lee, is totally different league. Edison can be proud to say “Hey at least I don’t drug-rape. I just like to snap away, since my ambition is to photograph for Playboy”

      Totally different modus operandi. Some blogger is still releasing videos almost with glee. The police actually leaked so much!

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