Two New Victims Exposed in Justin Lee’s Rape Scandal

Taiwanese heir, Justin Lee (李宗瑞), is currently in hiding after allegedly drugging and raping his female targets. Justin’s taped approximately 60 models and actresses that he had sex with. A warrant was issued by Taiwanese authorities last Wednesday, but the 27-year-old remains missing to this day.

Recently, a rumor has been circulating that Justin Lee may have already fled to the United States, but Taipei’s police department issued a brief statement indicating that while they are no ruling out that possibility, it seems more likely that Justin is still hiding in northern Taiwan.

Justin Lee’s father, Lee Yue Tsang (李岳蒼), announced his resignation as Director of Yuanta Financial Holdings on Monday, August 13th following the outbreak of Justin’s sex scandal. Yuanta spokesperson, Chuan Yu De (莊有德), expressed that Lee Yue Tsang’s resignation was for his own personal reasons, and his position will currently be replaced by Vincent Lin (林武田).

New Victims Exposed

Two new photos from Justin Lee’s pornography collection were discovered on August 11th. Two new victims were also added to the list. The first woman, victim ‘H’, is a celebrity whose husband also works in the entertainment circle. The second woman, victim ‘W’, is a fairly famous model who recently debuted as an actress. Justin Lee also has records of the two victims’ real Chinese names.

The Taiwanese media reported that one of the photos consisted of Justin Lee lying naked on the bed while smiling at the camera with a woman was sleeping on his hip. In the second photo, both Justin Lee and a woman were facing the camera naked. The woman had long hair, large “cat eyes,” and was smiling lovingly at the camera, but from the angle of her eyes, it did not seem that she was aware that she was being filmed.

Ex-Girlfriend Defends Justin Lee

Justin Lee’s ex-girlfriend, known as Joyce, came before the media to defend him, stating that Justin Lee’s hobby of filming intimate videos changed after they began dating. She also stated that his previous girlfriend was the one who created the scandal after he refused to compensate their break-up.

An insider from the entertainment circle revealed that Justin Lee regrets his actions, and has hired many attorneys to defend him in court.

Famous Taiwanese television and radio personality, Clara Chou (周玉蔻), voiced out her disappointment in the police’s slow and lagging investigation, and expressed her suspicions with the Taiwanese media, saying that recent media reports of the incident were favorable towards Justin Lee.


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    1. thi guy is a psycho… taping his sexual conquest is a sick man joke. he needs to b put in psychiatrict ward….. crazy man…

  1. sorry??? …too late dude! U spoilt ppl’s future and reputation. U gotta pay for your kinky hobby! FORGIVEN ONLY IF U GO TO JAIL!

    1. The guy is at fault for taking pics and recording videos of the sexual intercourse with these women BUT these women shouldn’t be too careless & greedy either. If they didn’t get close to this guy whom is good for nothing, they wouldn’t fall for this sex trap.

      1. Just because these girls are opportunists doesn’t mean it’s right they got raped. Being greedy isn’t a sin. It doesn’t justify Justin’s actions of rape.

        I’m so sick of hearing these lame comments about how these girls deserved to be raped because they are greedy or whatever.

      2. Excuse me, when did i say these girls deserved to be raped? lol. I just said these girls too have fault. so please don’t simply put words into someone’s mouth without reading properly ya?

      3. If they’re willing it’s their fault but if they got drugged, they’re just careless. It doesn’t mean they asked to be raped

      4. I believe he drugs his some of his victim, rape and video tape the event, and this is why there is a warrant for his arrest. So I find your comment kind of disrespectful to the victims. It didn’t matter if they get close to him, no man should do what he do to any woman.

      5. Yes, I agree.. the comment is disrespectful. I don’t think if a girl was raped, she needs to hear that she was greedy and careless. I think if they were raped they already regret their actions.. they don’t need to hear it again.

        Have some respect.

  2. Wow.. I wonder how the victim’s husband will forgvie the wife? with her video circulated all over..

      1. Once photos & videos are taken, I’m sure it will get leaked out pretty soon.. LOok at Edison’s scandal.. I’ve seen Gillian & Cecilia’s photos eventhough those original videos were under the Police Possession?

    1. A scumbag who is wildly admired by the uprising younger generation of guys who have high class taste towards night life gals.

      Thumbs up!

  3. The father must have “no face” to face his acquaintances and family, LOL

    Poor upbringing? Anyway poor him for having such a stupid son.

    1. They probably spoiled the son rotten… a family of privilege who believes they are better than anyone else. He probably didn’t even see the women as people… just playthings for him.

      1. Guess you are right. The guy must love the excitement of raping girls otherwise I see no reason as alot of gold-diggers would throw themselves at him, LOL

    2. There are articles to say that Justin Lee isn’t his biological son. His mother used to own a night club and dated a lot of rich businessmen before getting married and Justin Lee was born from one of these men. Because his surname is coincidentally Lee so he is mistaken as Lee Yue Tsang’s son but actually no.

      1. LOL, even if it’s true he might still love his bastard son as his own. Humans are not wood and have feelings even for a dog.

        Reminds me of your typical TVB series where a rich man discover that his son is not a biological one and then throw him out the door, haha

      2. So he got his nastiness from his slutty mother. This guy I know is such a playboy n he ugly. I don’t know why these young girls go for him. His mother in the same way kept sleeping around with random men. Like mother like son. Disgusting!!! Perverted and desperate like his mother. This female I used to hang out with sleeps around with random guys as well and then got pregnant with one of those men. What a pity for that little boy. No father before birth and mother still sleeps around and goes to gambling parlors in Chinatown.

  4. he should be punished. his dumb gf is no better.. stupid girl. is she delibrtely looking past the drugging n raping. filming if willing parties r no big deal. drugging n raping r. idiot for coming to his defense.

      1. yes yuyu tht would be a logical explanation. otherwise she cant be tht dumb

    1. She might not know about the drug and rape of Justine Lee.

  5. Who is this disgusting man?? Poor parents, they must be so ashamed to have such a vile man as son

  6. they said the world is coming to an end and its quite truth since strange things happening every now and then. Instead of the father went into hiding, the perpetrator is the one went into hiding!! i did rather bury myselg for such disgusting things done by this shameless idiot!

  7. Justin’s ambition is to become a Movie Director and Producer, but no one wish to fund him so he make his own movies.

  8. he must be a sex maniac..sixty woman? euther that or it was exaggeration …but like in edison’s case it is possible…the poor girls..they always thought they are the one who will catch the big fish or rather hooked to believe that

  9. Please don’t fail the victims Taiwanese police/justice system! This will affect the confidence of women nationwide. I am sure that crimes against women are already socially stigmatized, so it needs to be shown that the authorities can protect the women and not the perpetrator.

    This Justin Lee is a monster. What sort of self-entitlement is this that allows you to treat another human being like such?? Are women beneath you or your play things? UGH. Honestly, why don’t some men view women as being somebody’s daughter rather than a source of perverse amusement? This guy doesn’t regret his actions–he regrets that he got caught!! That is why you have an arsenal of lawyers to help you!

    I feel bad for all the parents involved 🙁

  10. think Edison must be happy now that the attention has deflected from him!

  11. Well, it takes 2 hands to clap. These women want to be part of his wealth even though he looks like a perverted Shrek. SO obviously if u want to be a gold digger u have to pay a price…so here u go….Naked sex pics….

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