Francis Ng and Chilam Cheung to Shoot New TVB Drama Next Year

Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) recently revealed that they will shoot new TVB dramas in 2014.

The award-winning TVB veterans have gained much popularity after starring in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. Both hot favorites to win TVB’s Best Actor this year, Chilam was also invited to attend Malaysia’s upcoming Astro on Demand Drama Awards, which will be held on December 1 – two weeks before the 2013 TVB Anniversary Awards on December 16.

An invitation to Astro usually means that the invited artist is guaranteed to win an award. In a phone interview, Chilam said, “I will attend Astro’s [awards]! That’s because I have a concert in Malaysia on November 30, so I’ll just stay an extra day!”

Chilam also confirmed that he will be starring in TVB’s upcoming film adaption of Triumph in the Skies. He also revealed that he is in negotiations to star in a new TVB production, which is slated to begin filming in late 2014. “I am planning to, and we’ve talked about it. If everything goes well, filming begins in the latter half of 2014. It’s a modern drama.”

The 42-year-old also implied that he will be attending the 2013 TVB Awards as well, exclaiming that he welcomes all awards and he will not put too much pressure on himself. Asked if TVB had promised to give him an award in exchange for another TV drama deal, Chilam said, “We can do that? I used to film one drama per year for TVB, but I didn’t win any awards then! Haha!”

Triumph in the Skies 2 costar Francis Ng said he did not receive an invitation from Astro, but offered his support and blessings to Chilam. Asked if he believes that he will have a high chance to win TVB’s Best Actor, he said, “I don’t think my chances are really high, but regardless, TVB gave me my debut. It’s my mother station. I will go back next year to film another drama.”


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  1. If Chilam is really attending both awards, then he must be locked for at least one award. I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least gets the My Favourite Actor award from TVB..

  2. It will be nice if Francis gets tv king and chi lam gets favorite male

  3. It was so sad that Francis Ng said he didn’t get an invitation to the astro award:( I mean… he said he rarely get invited to those awards so he thinks its a sign that he gotta work harder.

    Francis you’re awesome I love you:)

  4. Naww poor Francis, well i do wish that he wins something at TVB award.

  5. Sounds awesome for Chilam! I really think he deserves something after all his hard work over the years. I really enjoyed his performance in “The Rippling Blossom” from 2011 prior to his role as Captain Koo. I really didn’t know he had it in him for the Captain Koo role after he almost exclusively plays the self-conscious male leads that gain success and the girl only after many trials.

  6. OK … not sure if anyone will agree, but Francis Ng in TITS looks like he’s constipated for a while with his grumpy look, even when he attempted to laugh or smile, it still looks like he’s uncomfortable for lack of bowel movement lol

    1. Hahahaha LOL…that’s his usual look no? He’s just one of those that does NOT age well. haha…lol..

    2. Maybe, he is. Have you noticed how many times he bows out of a confrontation with the line, “I’m going to the restroom”? I distinctly recall at least 2 incidents.

  7. Francis Ng’s acting is outstanding; hoping that he will get TV King award this year. I am happy to hear that he will have a TVB series next year; can’t wait to see that. Good luck to you Francis; i love you.

  8. I think Francis is amazing. Haven’t finished, but by just looking through videos on youtube of him and fala made me touched. Chilam is good too! Would be great if both wins!

  9. Happy to see them again… i like a drama when there’s veterans.

  10. There goes half the yearly TVB total series budget for Francis for next year again. 🙁
    I don’t blame him though, when they throw money at his face for a few months work, he can’t be expected to say no. I know I wouldn’t.
    When will they learn that they don’t need big names, only great scripts, and to develop the talent they already have.
    I really hope they aren’t grabbing big names to cover up for scripts they know to be poor quality. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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