Francis Ng, Louis Koo Play Father and Son in “Shed Skin”

Louis Koo (古天乐) has been investing in numerous films through his production company, One Cool Film. Louis has taken a particular interest in Hong Kong films and has expressed confidence in the Hong Kong film industry. Recently, Louis took a step further to support theater productions, and decided to produce a film adaptation of the award-winning Hong Kong play, Shed Skin <脱皮爸爸> after watching it.

Shed Skin is itself adapted from an original script by the renowned Japanese playwright, Norihiko Tsukuda (佃典彦). The play received a warm reception from theater-goers, and won seven awards at the 21st Hong Kong Drama Awards Presentation Ceremony.

Louis has invited Francis Ng (吴镇宇) to co-star in the film adaptation, with Francis playing his father. The story depicts an unemployed and divorced middle-aged man (Louis Koo) whose mother has passed away, and has to look after his 80-year-old father (Francis Ng) who is suffering from dementia. One day, all of a sudden, the father mysteriously starts to shed a layer of skin each day and whenever he sheds a layer of skin, he would also become younger by 10 or 20 years. Through the process of reverse aging, the father goes through various early stages of his life, appearing as a total stranger to his son at each stage.

Louis remarked, “The script is excellent, so I decided to support this production.”

Francis would have to portray the character from the age of 1 to the age of 100 and expressed that it was a major challenge for his acting skills. He also spoke about the hours of extensive makeup and prosthetics he had to put on in order to portray a convincing appearance at each age.

Francis laughed and said, “It’s very tough but also fun! We just started filming and my character has already undergone so many changes. I often have to wear a wig. I was worried that the glue would cause issues on my sensitive skin, so I decided to just shave all my hair off for convenience.”

Francis had earlier posted a photograph of his bald head on his Weibo without explanation, and this had even sparked rumors that he was intending to become a monk!


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  1. Lemme guess. Does the dad grow younger and now have to take care of his aging son instead? Moral of the story: treat parents how you would want to be treated yourself?

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