Frankie Lam and Raymond Cho Arrange Kids’ Playdate

Above: Frankie Lam enjoying his daughter’s company on his days off.

While Frankie Lam’s (林文龍) new CTI drama The Three-Sided Doctors <三面形醫> has yet to air due to licensing issues, Frankie is making the most of his time off to spend some quality family time with his wife Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) and daughter. Earlier while filming The Three-Sided Doctors, Frankie injured his leg so he has been on crutches while slowly recovering. Because he is unable to accept any new work due to his injury, Frankie is utilizing the opportunity be a good father and take his 3-year-old daughter around.

Frankie admits that he spends a lot of time and effort to be a good father. Ever since his daughter was born, Frankie and Kenix have drastically reduced their public outings. Frankie said, “Since I don’t have work right now, I spend all of my time with my daughter. I really treasure this quality time with her because once she grows up, everything will change. I want to work harder now and save some money for her future. We’re not planning for a son right now because we want to focus on our daughter.”

According to an inside source, “Their daughter is very cute and charming. Frankie and Kenix adore her and spoil her so much. They like to have playdates with Raymond Cho (曹永廉) and his son,  who is 2 years older than Frankie’s daughter. In fact, the children get along and play very well with one another!”

It turns out that Frankie and Raymond became good friends ever since working together in the 2004 TVB series Armed Reaction 4 <陀槍師姐Ⅳ>. Together with Sunny Chan (陳錦鴻) , the three of them regard each other as “brothers” and would frequently schedule dinners together with their family. In fact, Raymond’s father-in-law John Chiang (姜大 衞) had a hand in helping Frankie sign with Ricky Wong’s (王維基) CTI station.

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  1. Wow had no idea Raymond’s father in law is John.

    It’s always good to see Frankie! He was so underused in TVB

  2. Surprised that John Chiang (姜大衞) helped Frankie Lam sign up with Ricky Wong (HKTV), and NOT his son-in-law, Raymond Cho.

    1. Raymond probably has a long contract with TVB, and it’s safer for him to stay at a more steady job since he has kids. Also, even though he mainly plays supporting roles, TVB has helped him get many advertising jobs that plays up his youthful image (he’s 50!) and him being a family man.

      1. He’s already 47?! Omg, he doesn’t look like it! He is still so cute *faints*

      2. why would Frankie need John’s help in signing with CTI? Ricky Wong was signing everyone.

  3. I am sure their daughter should look very pretty and cute as both of her parents are so good looking.

    1. haha raymond cho’s son should get married to frankie lam’s daughter in the future 😉 more cute babies ahahahah

  4. Love reading news on celebs’ happy families. Frankie and Kenix have an adorable daughter! Glad to hear that Frankie is spending time with his daughter when he’s free. 😀

  5. It’s great to read happy news! We need more of it. Daughter is so adorable and it looks like she will grown to be naturally beautiful!

  6. awww that is so cute! it makes me smile when i see artists in the entertainment industry having lasting friendships and being able to spend time with their friends, and have dinner or have their children play together. that’s really sweet.

    1. Me too and I did not know that they are all such great friends. I always like to assume they are all good friends in real life but sadly, I know that is not always the case. But glad to know that it is true in many cases too.

  7. Nice picture of Frankie and daughter. Shame we wont see him on Tvb series anymore

  8. Has Kenix been filming any series recently, like in China? I know there were rumors of her joining hktv but nothing seemed to come out of it.

  9. Tania looks like her beautiful mother. It’s very nice that friends have play dates for their children. I think Chilam/Julian, Frankie and Sunny are look alike.

  10. Frankie Lam was one of the handsomest actors in TVB. Unfortunately his acting was rather bland and could not move up much over the years.

  11. DIdn’t Raymond Cho and Frankie lam worked together in FH1+2 as well? 🙂
    I loved their pairings! It usually is amazing dramas!

    1. You were right. Raymond Cho and Frankie Lam worked together in both Forensic Heroes I and II, same as Bobby Au Yeung.

      1. okay, thanks! just making sure. and yes, bobby au yeung was amazing as always!

      2. Personally I liked watching FH I and II more than III because of Bobby Au Yeung. He made the drama series more relaxing and funny.

  12. Reading anout happy families always makes one smile and wish them well. We often read about actors and their families and it’s nice to know how the children are growing up.I like both Frankie and Raymond as they seem to be very decent people.

  13. Awww, I’m glad that Kenix and Frankie are spending a lot of time with their little girl but I do miss seeing them on TV. When will the licensing issues be sorted out? It feels like the industry is at a stalemate until the issues are sorted.

  14. Haha…aww, so cute! Love both Frankie and Raymond – 2 of my favorite actors right there!

    The cutest picture by far that I saw (I think it was from the same article) was little Brandon (Raymond’s son) and little Tania (Frankie’s daughter) holding hands – aww, so adorable and cute!!!

  15. Among all artists child I would say Frankie’s daughter is the most pretty one.

    1. Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong’s daughter is also very beautiful, with doe eyes.

      Kenix’s daughter, Tania, looks a lot like Kenix when she was a little girl.

      1. I think Ada’s Choi’s daughter is cute too. Yoyo and Vincent’s daughter is really beautiful too.

  16. A couple of years ago, my family and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland and we bumped into Frankie and Kenix. They were very friendly and nice couple. They liked my daughter so much that Frankie rode the Dumbo ride with my daughter. I’ve always liked Frankie from the early days back in the 90s. I wish his family happiness and good health.

    1. That must be a very unforgettable experience for you. Do you still keep in contact with the couple?

      1. I wish I had at least asked for an email address but I was so excited and nervous at the same time that I totally forgot. But it was an unforgettable experience. If anyone knows their email address or maybe their management company please let me know. Thanks.

      2. Pulchrie
        You were lucky to bump into Frankie and Kenix, and Frankie rode the Dumbo ride with your daughter. A really unforgettable experience for you! Did you take any photos with them, or Frankie and your daughter?

        I heard that Frankie loves children very much. He must be so happy that eventually Kenix gave him one.

    2. I also liked Frankie Lam in his early days, but I must admit that his acting was not too good. I think he is a lot better now.

      1. The first time I saw Frankie was as a villian in Revelation of the Last Hero and his acting was not too bad as a new comer. Of course he is better now…

  17. awww…the daughter is gonna breaks some heart when she grow up. ^_-

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