Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan Promote “My Unfair Lady”, Premiering May 1st

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Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan Promote “My Unfair Lady”, Premiering May 1st

The cast of TVB’s upcoming romantic comedy drama My Unfair Lady <不懂撒嬌的女人> gathered together yesterday to promote the series. The drama, produced by Kwan Shu-ming (關樹明), is TVB’s first drama shot in 4K and at real locations. It stars Frankie Lam (林文龍), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Vincent Wong (王浩信), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Lai Lok-yi (黎諾懿), and Samantha Ko (高海寧).

My Unfair Lady is Frankie’s first TVB drama since 2008’s Forensic Heroes II <法證先鋒II>, and Jessica’s first since 2012’s Tiger Cubs <飛虎>. Frankie and Jessica, both who have been out of Hong Kong’s network primetime shows for some time, are unsure about what constitutes a good rating, but they are confident that their show will find success.

“If 24 points is considered a good, then I guarantee you it’ll get higher than that,” said Frankie.

Although Frankie and Jessica play a couple in the series, their characters do not mesh well. Jessica added that she does not have many intimate scenes with Frankie, who joked that the highlight of the series is not the romance, but Jessica’s acting. Jessica then admitted, “That’s why it took four months to film. I wasted time rolling my eyes all day.”

Natalie Tong Avoids Talking About Tony Hung

My Unfair Lady’s Chinese name, “The Woman Who Doesn’t Know How Act Cute”, centers on Jessica’s character Mall, a woman in her 40s who has no interest in getting married. The drama also touches on the lives of other women in her life, who all have different views about love.

Natalie said she has realized the “benefits” of acting cute, and wants to learn how to perfect it. Asking if she would act cute in real life, she said, “Every girl would do it. As long as she’s happy and her boyfriend won’t make her mad, then she’ll act playful and cute.” Asking if her boyfriend, Tony Hung (洪永城), likes it when she acts cute, Natalie told reporters to ask Tony that question instead. Natalie changed the topic when reporters asked if Tony had gotten her mad before.

The topic then changed to the concert musical The Storm Show <風雲5D音樂劇>. Natalie was spotted watching the show with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) a few days ago. The duo were there to support Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), who plays the lead character Wind.

On why it wasn’t Tony who went with her, Natalie quickly explained, “I went to watch it with my [A Fistful of Stances] family. We all went there to support [big brother] Kevin. Don’t make it sound like something’s going on between me and Kenneth!” (Why didn’t you ask Tony to go with you?) “Kevin arranged the tickets.” (Did Kevin forget that you and Tony were a pair?) “I think Grace Chan (陳凱琳) being there is more important for him.”

“My Unfair Lady” Sales Presentation Trailer

Source: Mingpao

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8 comments to Frankie Lam, Jessica Hsuan Promote “My Unfair Lady”, Premiering May 1st

  1. hannah says:

    looking forward for Jessica come back!

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  2. jjwong says:

    The office conference room setting looks like The Menu. The whole manland girls vs hong kong girls seem to be a burrowed and modified from To Be or Not To Be. I found the driven women mentality in TBONTB is refreshing. There was romance but sidestory. Both female leads were headstrong and can carry the world on their shoulders. They changed due to their love for their family, sisterhood and such; it wasn’t becaise of another guy coming to their rescue. This one seems like the typical TVB bs about strong career woman can’t have best of both worlds where her career-first mimd set is wrong and flawed. She has to be saved or has a change of hearts for love. Bleh.

    Frankie is such a hypocrite and thick skin. He screamed and tainted at TVB when he jumped over to HKTV; though it did have merits since TVB did/does treat their employees crappy. Still, now he’s back filming for them. Regardless if TVB begged him or not, how can he accepts after all that trash talk (money aside). Plus, didn’t he threat to move out of HK if either education system didn’t reform or if they didn’t grant HKTV the license? Did he move? Don’t get me wrong, I was/am HKTV supporter. I just find Frankie annoying IRL. I much prefer his wife’s temperament and acting. She needs to come back instead!

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    • m0m0 replied:

      he’s just a politician, going back on their words and denying words they ever said. i almost forgot that he trash talked tvb until you bought it up. i am also a fan of hktv, i wonder if they are still in the business of making dramas now that they have failed so miserably.

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      • jjwong replied:

        @m0m0 Aye, agree that he’s a politician as an adjective but not as a noun. He influenced no one and nothing with his tantrum. He’s not the only celebs who does that. There are plenty in Hollywood. They’re annoying af. They need to stick to what they’re talent or perceived talent and just act. xD

        Last I heard (which is awhile ago), HKTV isn’t making any drama. They did a movie of The Menu with 2D China. @llwy12 would know more; she usually has a lot more insights on non-celeb real news like this 😉

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong Haha…thanks for the mention. 🙂 I actually like Frankie but agree that he is being a hypocrite with all the stuff he said yet still agreeing to film for TVB. So far, he’s the only former HKTV artist who trash-talked TVB big time yet still went back (all the others who returned so far – whether behind the scenes people or actual artists – never said anything bad about TVB, hence it makes sense they went back). Interestingly enough, I was re-watching that cable show that Spencer Leung used to host on NowTV (or was it i-Cable…can never remember) several years back when HKTV failed to get a license and their artists were invited to air their grievances on the show – Frankie was kind of the “leader of the pack” on there (meaning he was the only “lead” level artist there – everyone else was supporting or kelefe level), talking about how badly their former employer (TVB) treated them. What a difference 3 years makes…I guess money truly does talk. I also agree that his wife Kenix should come back instead – I definitely prefer her much more (but oh well – since I’m re-watching At the Threshold of an Era right now, already getting my Kenix fix so I’m fine with it, lol).

        In terms of HKTV, Ricky Wong is still adamant that he is going to make dramas again, though so far he has been all talk and no action. He did get his wish in that his most hated enemy CY Leung won’t be Chief Executive anymore, but I’m sure he is hugely disappointed that the person he was supporting for CE (John Tsang) lost, as his chance at getting a license under Carrie Lam’s administration is a lot lower. His focus recently (other than all the politics stuff, lol) has been on expanding his HKTV mall (which has been doing relatively well in that business is stable and he is not losing as much money as before) – a good move in my opinion given the sorry state of the HK television industry nowadays (we’re all still waiting to see whether i-Cable will be closing up shop too and whether their free-to-air channel will still launch next month as promised – their parent company claims there will be a “big” announcement at the end of this week so stay tuned…). Besides, HKTV’s prospects for a license now are dim given the competition – with Forever Top in the running now (and if David Chiu buys i-Cable as rumored, he just strengthened his profile), Fox Asia (though their focus right now is on luring HK’s A-list movie stars to film series for them), also ViuTV (which has been struggling this past year but is now changing their strategy to focus on series in the coming year), as well as RTHK’s new TV channel…oh and the most recent rumors about Netflix and HBO supposedly expanding into the HK/China market with their own self-produced local series – there are actually plenty of “non-TVB” options for HK artists to film with now. So even if HKTV does get a license and resumes filming, it definitely won’t be the same — unfortunately, they lost their “golden opportunity” 4 years ago…

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      • jjwong replied:

        @llwy12 Haha, I KNEW you would have the scoop

        By the way, have you seen the Menu movie yet?

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong LOL…you’re welcome! 😉

        No, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to watch The Menu movie yet, as I got sidetracked with other stuff — this weekend most likely. Will probably post something on my blog afterwards so may want to check there [off-topic but figured I’d still mention — it was nice to see The Menu semi-reunion at HKFA awards 2 weeks ago! :-)]

        By the way, just watched the My Unfair Lady trailer — I definitely see echoes of HKTV’s To Be or Not Be as well (Looks like Jessica is equivalent to Maggie’s character and Frankie to Poon Chan Leung’s?). The real location settings look nice but unfortunately, a bit too late now, at least for me, since I already got my “beautiful scenery” fix with all of HKTV’s series (that amazing background boat scene from Borderline still sticks in my mind even now).

        Anyway, haven’t decided whether I’m going to watch this series or not. I’ll probably just get my mom to watch the series (so I don’t have to waste my time watching and most likely get super-annoyed, lol) and let me know how similar it is to TBONTB, since she watched that series as well (and loved it).

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      • jjwong replied:

        @llwy12 Yea, let me know when your blog on the movie is up. I’ll drop by.

        My mom isn’t like yours. I’m on my own, lol. I’ll give this series a shot though. I like Jessica.

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