Fred Cheng and Lesley Chiang’s Love Hits Rocky Bump?

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) and Lesley Chiang (姜麗文), the daughter of veteran actor Paul Chun (秦沛), never publicly announced their relationship although they have been dating for several years. According to sources, Fred did not want to mix love gossip with his rising career at TVB, afraid that it would affect his status. As time passed, Lesley reportedly became dissatisfied with Fred’s career-over-love attitude. Tabloids claim the couple is now suffering a rocky relationship and has not contacted each other for days.

Over the past few days, Fred and Lesley were each spotted spending time with different people. On June 5 at around 9 p.m., Fred was spotted dining in Tai Hung with Sophia Wong (王嘉儀), who was also a singer from The Voice <超級巨聲>. They talked and laughed while searching for a restaurant on the streets. Sophia, who was in a tank top and skirt, did not seem to care about her image and tugged at her skirt in public. Fred looked around constantly to check for signs of reporters, and when he noticed them snapping pictures, he gave an awkward smile and wave. The pair then quickly hurried into a MTR station to avoid the cameras.

Meanwhile, Lesley uploaded a photo of dinner with Andy On (安志杰) via Weibo a few days ago. An hour later, she posted several photos of herself hugging Andy’s pet dog, Charlie. Netizens assumed from the photos that Lesley joined Andy in his house after their meal. One netizen even commented and asked whether the two are dating.

Fred: “Sophia and I Are Only Friends!”

At a function, Fred denied having a new girlfriend and insisted Sophia was only a friend. As soon as the reports surfaced, he gave Sophia a call to ensure she was not upset. Fred revealed, “I was scared she would be unhappy, but she was laughing [over the phone]. Regarding Lesley spending time at Andy’s house a few days ago, Fred expressed he did not know until he saw the reports.


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  1. I love Sophia Wong’s voicce. She was one of my fave from Season 1 – Voice of Stars

    1. She was my favorite of the female contestants in S1. Sophia transforms into a completely different persona when she starts singing!

  2. Please dump lesley, if not your career is doomed

  3. “They talked and laughed while searching for a restaurant on the streets. Sophia, who was in a tank top and skirt, did not seem to care about her image and tugged at her skirt in public.”

    Whatever does tugged at her skirt mean?

  4. I don’t understand how they concluded that lesley was disatisfied with fred’s busy career and the fact that he supposedly chose career over love….no proof at all…who even says they’re dating?

    1. During the Voice, they teased Fred about dating Lesley so I think they are dating ..

    2. They have always been pictured going shopping, dining and sometimes breakfast with Paul Chun (Lesley’s father). Fred never admitted dating Lesley but it’s a open secret.

      The cold reality is, how many celebrities really can end up with the girlfriend/boyfriend that stick with them during hard times? People change, feelings change, outlook in life will also change as time goes by.

      1. one of the reasons Fred became so popular in addition to his talents is his humble and down to earth personality. i choose to believe that he won’t forget the ones who stood by his side before he became popular, whether those people are friends or his girlfriend.

  5. He wasn’t single?! 🙁 i thought he was another diamond bachelor…awww

  6. hi there

    1. honest, I really don’t think tvb is to allow fred to go “romance” over his up & coming career.
    2. after all, freddy has struggled for 10 years and this is one golden opportunity.
    3. never throw that away.
    4. gals will come and go, freddy.

  7. I reckon she’d hold on now that he’s popular.

    1. If Lesley is more popular than Fred & didn’t supported HKTV in the first place, TVB might have allowed this couple to be public.

  8. Fred got ordinary boy-next-door looks only. His voice and singing are only so-so. His acting is nothing outstanding either. I think he’s overhyped. Voice of stars was a lucky break for him. He shld not risk his shot at fame for romance. Once you hv dough, the gals will come a flocking by a dime a dozen.

    1. I thought the second place contestant for the Voice sang far much better than he did. He is so overhyped. I can’t see myself parting with $$$ to buy his CD.
      Has anyone heard the theme song for the latest TVB series with Bosco? Fred is the singer and he sounds awlful! Bosco should sing it.

      1. “I thought the second place contestant for the Voice sang far much better than he did.”

        I thought Hoffman Cheng/鄭世豪 did well also. Hey, why isn’t there a “buttisface”? haha 🙂

      2. IMO, Hoffman sang better too and i believe he was a hot contender if i remember correctly. Unfortunately in the looks dept, Fred is more marketable.

  9. The media is full of rubbish!! Always trying to break up friendship!! Will be stupid to believe what they write! How they know Fred and Lesley didn’t contact each other for several days? What a stupid comment!

  10. I guess Fred sells nowadays and the media will pounce on every little thing and make it big. I do think Fred is talented and deserving of his current popularity – one of the better singers to appear in the HK scene of late and he is really good on the guitar. His vocals have also improved tremendously since VOS. IMO he did a very good job with the Ultimate Addiction themesong – Bosco won’t be able to for sure – Bosco is a great actor, not singer:)

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