Friends and Family Attend Kenneth Tsang’s Memorial Service

On May 17, a memorial service was held for the late actor Kenneth Tsang (曾江) after he passed away last month in a hotel room. While the memorial service was attended by Kenneth’s friends, relatives and the media, Kenneth’s daughter and theater actress Musette Tsang (曾慕雪) revealed that the funeral was kept simple and low-key to respect her father’s wishes.

Musette and Kenneth’s widow Lisa Chiao Chiao (焦姣) woke up early and made their way to the catholic church to prepare for the service memorial. By the early afternoon, Kenneth’s relatives and close friends began arriving. Kenneth’s celebrity friends such as Bowie Wu (胡楓), Helen Ma (馬海倫), Barbara Tang (鄧拱壁) and Franco Yuen (阮兆輝) were in attendance.

The memorial service ended around 3 p.m. as Kenneth’s casket was sent to a crematorium. At the solemn event, Musette left the church while carrying onto Kenneth’s photo while Lisa followed directly behind. Bowie and Helen approached Lisa to give her an embrace and their condolences. Meanwhile, Musette was able to control her emotions and thanked the media before leaving the venue.

After the memorial service, Kenneth’s staff left a final message on the late actor’s Tik Tok account, “Teacher Tsang, today was your memorial service. There will be no more goodbye and you won’t be here anymore. While you sleep, I will think about you. My most respected Teacher Tsang; have a good trip. You have said that you lived a good life. I wish you well in heaven too. Thank you for everything!”

Helen also posted her own message on her social media and wrote, “I reluctantly sent big brother on his last journey. Everyone is be lining up to go but you left first. See you in another world in the future.”

Source: Sky Post

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  1. Awwww, RIP Mr Tsang. You were a legend and your acting brought so much joy to so many people.

  2. I am extremely saddened by his death and even more saddened he died alone in a hotel room….His last moments must be so painful. RIP now.

    1. @Hohliu have they concluded the reason of his sudden passing? I didn’t follow through the news but vaguely recall one article stating his complaint of chest discomfort to his daughter and the family then delivered meds to the hotel for staff to hand to him. The family couldn’t meet him due to quarantine. Was this true? Did the staff hand the meds to him only to discover that he had passed on?

      1. I read he did complaint about chest pains and his family send his med… but what happens after, I dont know very much. He was found died…I dont know if he had eaten the medicine at all…

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