Jessica Hsuan and Loura Lou Face Off in Period Drama “Loving Herb”

After the success of its iPartment <愛情公寓> series and other modern romantic dramas, production company China Syndication Entertainment is taking on its first period drama. Set in the era of the Republic of China, Loving Herb <愛情悠悠藥草香> (unofficial English title) will bring together Hong Kong actress Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), and mainland Chinese artists Loura Lou (婁藝瀟), Han Dong (韓棟) and Benny Qian (錢泳辰).

The story of Loving Herb revolves around six females and their intertwined quests for love and independence. Foregrounded in the story as well are the two sons of the Bai family, who are involved in the medicinal herb business. Director Jeffrey Chiang (蔣家駿), known for his fast-paced, female-oriented romantic dramas like Boy & Girl <男才女貌> and Love to Be Found Nowhere <美麗新天地>, hopes to use the characters’ stories of love and despair to give viewers a comprehensive depiction of how women lived in that particular era.

In order to remain true to the Republican China time period, the production company spared no expense when it came to the filming locations, selecting the Lu-Family Residence (盧宅) as the home of the Bai family. Located in Dongyang in Zhejiang Province, the Lu-Family Residence is an important historical and cultural site that dates back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The old building complex, which is under state-level protection, is often referred to as the Imperial Palace of Southern China. Its refined simplicity and grand loftiness are sure to well befit the aristocratic Bai family, as well as lend a believable historical aura to the backdrop.

Adhering to their objective of producing dramas that feature “beautiful love, beautiful scenery, and beautiful people,” China Syndication Entertainment chose Loura Lou and Jessica Hsuan as Loving Herb’s female leads. Loura, who has proven herself capable of playing a variety of roles in dramas like iPartment and Love Destiny <愛情自有天意>, will play the role of Huang Caiwei in her first Republican China-era series. The other female lead, the vicious and merciless Ma Fufang, will be portrayed by Jessica.

Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心> and Swordman <笑傲江湖> actor Han Dong will be the male lead, whose elder brother will be played by Benny Qian, an experienced period drama actor. Other actors include Ni Hongjie (倪虹潔), Jin Ming (金銘), Tong Xiaoyan (仝曉燕), and Sun Ya (孫雅), as well as veteran actors Xia Taifeng (夏台鳳), Kenneth Tsang (曾江), Yue Yueli (岳躍利), and Jia Ni (賈妮).

Loving Herb 1  Loving Herb 2


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    1. Agree. I think Jess is suited to modern dramas more than this.

    2. I don’t think so and think that she looks fine.

  1. I always wonder how actress wear those kind of dresses, it like kill your oxygen when I wear them.

    Can’t wait for Jessica’s acting skill in as a ‘merciless’ madame.

    1. actually, if they are tailored correctly, there should be enough room for breathing and sitting without showing the “bad bulges” of the figure. that’s why those long dress makers back then can be very famous and respected because it requires a lot of skills to create something so slimming, complimenting of the body, and reasonably comfortable.

      i’ve worn one for my wedding and it was very comfortable. i enjoyed every moment of it. it was a lot lighter and thinner than my wedding gown and night gown, it hid my belly, showed the right curves, and longated my body.

  2. The storyline sounds great and nice to see Han Dong in a leading role. He is usually the second lead to Hu Ge and other actors. Great to see Jessica and Kenneth Tsang!! I thought he would not do series again, but maybe he is only guest starring?? Anyways, great to see him and everyone again regardless. Hope the plot and story will be good.

    1. Kenneth Tsang is one of my favourite veterans! My most memorable role of him was in LOCH82 as Huang Yaoshi. The combination of himself, Barbara Yung’s Huang Rong and Lau Dan’s Hong Qigong made LOCH 82 very very memorable and entertaining. 😛 Watched LOCH around two years and it remains one of my favourite wuxias.

      1. Kenneth played many other memorable characters as well. I also liked him in Flying Fox even though his character was despicable. He was good in Legend of Lady Wonder, Sword Stained with Royal Blood(even though he was only a guest star),and many others… Great to see him again. I wonder if his role in this series is big or not since I heard that he said he won’t be in anymore series unless they were guest starring roles since his health is not that good. Hope that his health is good so that he can play a character with a big role.

  3. She looks quite out of placed but I am anxiously waiting for this. I love Jess.

    1. Yes, that hairsyle is really terrible. She also looks really old in that picture. Isnt that how Lydia Shum used to wear her hair?

      1. Lydia sums hairstyle was more face framing, Jessicas hairstyle looks like a UFO.

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