80-Year-old Kenneth Tsang Doesn’t Want to Retire

Some actors go a lifetime without recognition. Fortunately, for veteran actor Kenneth Tsang (曾江) – he managed to win the Best Supporting Actor at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards for his performance in Overheard 3 <竊聽風雲3> at 80 years old.

Showing the world that talent has no age limit, Kenneth finally won the hearts of the judges after 60 years of working in the industry. Though nominated in previous years, this was the first time he won the award. Unable to hide his emotions during his acceptance speech at the awards ceremony last night, Kenneth grew teary eyed and said, “People still appreciate you after doing something for 60 years – anyone would be touched. People aren’t objects, they have feelings.”

He added, “I’m very happy, but I hope that a younger actor would win this award. It would be more meaningful as it is okay even if we [older actors] do not win. Despite this, I’m still happy because this award doesn’t solely belong to me. Many factors come into play, such as the director, screenplay, and the role. It’s team work and the award should be shared by many people. I feel that it is more difficult to win Best Supporting Actor. There is a lot of onscreen time for the lead actor, which may also showcase any acting weaknesses. However, a supporting actor has less onscreen time, so it is more difficult to make an impression on viewers.”

Thanking God for giving him the opportunity and strength, Kenneth said he would not consider retirement any time soon. Kenneth stated that he will continue acting as long as he is in good physical health.

Kenneth’s niece Linda Wong (王馨平) also expressed much excitement over his victory. The pair kept a low profile over their family relations, but Linda could not resist from posting on her Weibo blog, “My Uncle – the older he gets, the cooler he looks! I’m really happy for him!”

Source: Ming Pao; online.cq.cn

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’ve lost track of time. I thought that Kenneth Tsang was only in his mid 60s. Perhaps it’s his strong screen presence that gives off the vibe that he is much stronger.

    Kenneth’s acting is a joy to watch and often overshadowed the young leading actors with his powerful acting chops and onscreen charisma.

    1. @jayne Totally agree! I’ve loved watching Kenneth Tsang act since the 80s and to this day, he is still one of my all time favorites! He is an exceptional actor whom I never tire of watching…doesn’t matter how big or small his role is, his performance is always enjoyable.

      Time sure does fly though — can’t believe Kenneth is 80 already (he definitely doesn’t look 80, that’s for sure). And his acceptance speech at the award ceremony was absolutely awesome — so classy, so humble, and very touching.

      Aww, it was also nice to see Linda congratulate her uncle on Weibo….very sweet!

      1. @llwy12 Kenneth’s acceptance speech reminded me that it is a joy to be able to work in a job you are passionate about. Although he had received a degree in architecture from the University of Berkeley, he rejected what would have been a job with more security to become an actor. It was riskier, but also had greater reward.

        I just found out that Linda is Kenneth’s niece….

      2. @jayne Agreed! Kenneth definitely made the right decision to go into acting, though I have no doubt that we would’ve made a good architect as well, as he has always been a very talented individual.

        Oh, you didn’t know that Linda is Kenneth’s niece? I thought most people who grew up in the 80s knew. Linda’s late mother 林翠 (Jeannette Lin) is Kenneth’s younger sister and also a famous actress back in the day (in the 1950s and 60s). Linda’s father Jimmy Wong is actually Jeannette’s 2nd husband (they divorced a long time ago though) — Linda also has a half-brother, Chris Chan, who also used to be an actor (he was Jeannette’s son from her previous marriage to famous director Chun Kim).

      3. @llwy12
        I am also glad that Kenneth took the chance to become an actor. Great that it all worked out for him. Of course we all know how talented Kenneth is and would excel in anything he wanted to do.

        Do you know why Linda’s mom and Kenneth have different surname’s? Are they half siblings or did one of them take a stage name like in Paul Chun’s case? I have always been curious about that. I think that was another reason why I did not know that Linda’s mom and Kenneth were siblings.

      4. @hetieshou Linda’s mom took a stage name – her true surname is Tsang, just like Kenneth. 

        I think a lot of people nowdays don’t know about the relationship because the whole family isn’t as active in the industry anymore (aside from Kenneth).  I actually found out back in the early 90s from my mom, who even explained to me who Jeanette Lin was and how popular of an actress she was back in the day (my mom is quite a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to the entertainment industry back in the day…lol).

        For me personally, I always like seeing veteran actors/actresses being recognized, especially those with such immense talent as Kenneth.  It’s great to see these artists getting the recognition they deserve and not being cast aside as ‘outdated’ (believe me, I’ve heard people say that about some of the older artists).  It makes me a believer again in the saying that if you truly have talent, you will eventually recognized….

      5. @llwy12
        Thanks so much for the info! I was wondering about why their surnames were different for a long time.

        My mom has a lot of knowledge about the e circle back then as well,but that one of the things that she did not know. Great to know though.

        I agree with you that seeing any actors/actresses whether they are veterans or not get the recognition that they deserve is such a great thing.I totally agree that people always say so and so is old and all. I feel that is the wrong way to think and it is great that if you truly have talent,regardless of how long it takes,you will eventually get the recognition that you deserve. My mom was soooo shocked when I told her that Kenneth is 80 and just won best supporting actor. She was like, “didn’t he win that a very long time ago since he is so talented?” But sadly,these days it seems based more on looks,connections, popularity and other things besides true talent. However, it is still good to know that talent recognition still exists in spite of all that.

      6. @jayne
        I just found out recently that Linda was Kenneth’s niece too. I heard many years ago that Linda’s uncle was an actor too but I did not know that it was Kenneth though. My mom was surprised too.

        Yes, it is truly great that Kenneth finally gets the recognition that he deserves. My family always enjoyed his acting so we are all very happy to know that he finally won. His win also shows that it is never too late for anything.

      7. @hetieshou Kenneth Tsang’s acting has always been critically acclaimed. Winning the Best Supporting Actor award was long overdue.

  2. He’s definitely growing old gracefully. Glad he didn’t dye his hair in tell-tail black as some Chinese men do.

  3. Kenneth Tsang seems to be in excellent shape at the age of 80. Very happy for him that he finally won an award in his acting career. His first drama was something to do with a circus where he met his 1st wife, Nam Tee.

  4. Ohhh…he’s a great great actor! Managed to pull off any characters thrown to him. He’s excellent and glad to see he’s in such a great shape despite being in the 80s!

  5. Good actor. Really wouldn’t know he is 80. But at the same time, we all knew he is going to win it because of the age factor. “Younger guys can wait”

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