From Actress to CEO, Gigi Lai Shares Details of Her Current Life

Since taking over her younger brother Stephen Lai’s (黎嬰) beauty business 12 years ago, Gigi Lai (黎姿) has managed to successfully grow the company. Reflecting on her amazing journey from actress to CEO, the 47-year-old is most grateful for her family always giving her support.

Wants to Grow Company More

Gigi’s company, Miricor Enterprises Holdings Limited, became a publicly-traded company in 2017 and debuted on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) list. However, to raise the company’s profile and attract more investors, Miricor decided to remove itself from GEM and was granted approval to be listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February.

Dressed in bright red for the big event, Gigi rang the opening bell at the Stock Exchange today. Gigi said that this is just one of the first steps Miricor is taking towards a wider platform. Although the Mainland Chinese market is vast, Gigi currently hopes to focus on developing the Hong Kong market more. The company currently has three beauty clinic locations, and has been continuously hiring to aid its growth. Despite the competitive market, Gigi believes that everyone wants to become beautiful and men are increasingly becoming clients as well.

Accompanying her today were Gigi’s brother and parents. Having her family beside her, Gigi expressed that her family remain her biggest supporters throughout the years. “My brother said that I have made the company very successful,” Gigi said, but she still thinks there is always room for improvement.

Husband Worries About Gigi Working Too Hard

Besides managing her company, Gigi is also a mother of three young girls. Gigi laughed, “My desk is full of files and paperwork, and my girls would always ask if I’m doing homework.”

Her husband, Patrick Ma (馬廷強), often worries about Gigi’s lack of sleep and would ask her to rest more. “But as a woman, I hope to do something for other women and also for my family, by advancing medical beauty services further.”

When asked if she would consider acting again, Gigi admitted that she is curious when watching television and wonders how she would approach certain roles. Due to her busy workload, Gigi currently doesn’t have immediate plans to return to entertainment industry.

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  1. I’m sad that she chose to go overboard with botox injections. She was a natural beauty and should’ve aged gracefully.

    1. @hazel Well, IIRC she is managing a cosmetics surgery business so it makes marketing sense to use her company’s products and putting forth her face as the ambassador.

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