G.E.M.’s Troubled Love Life

While 24-year-old G.E.M. (邓紫棋) may have a thriving music career, she did not have the same luck in her love life. After dating Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) for four years, G.E.M. split up with him because he had allegedly cheated on her, due to her devotion to her Christian faith and its prohibition against pre-marital sex. After the breakup, G.E.M. dated Jay Fung (冯允谦) but it turns out that she was the third party in Jay’s relationship with his cousin. Nevertheless, G.E.M’s luck may have changed as she was recently spotted dating a mysterious man known as Mark.

G.E.M.’s Short-lived Romance with Jay Fung

Jay had allegedly been dating his cousin for years when G.E.M. became involved with him. She believed him when he claimed to have broken up with his cousin. The couple promptly started flaunting their romance in high-profile photographs over Instagram. However, Jay one day made the shocking announcement that he was dating someone from outside the entertainment industry, making it clear that he and G.E.M. were not an item.

G.E.M.’s New Romance with Mark

In the last two months, G.E.M. has been going out with Mark, the scion of a wealthy family. His grandfather Wong Kwok Sing (王国旌) owns a company dealing in financial services, and once famously married the then 19-year-old Rosamund Kwan (关之琳) in Las Vegas, although the marriage only lasted nine months.

G.E.M. has reportedly once again intruded into another couple’s relationship, as Mark was originally Joey Wong‘s (王灏儿) boyfriend of about two years. What makes G.E.M.’s move particularly “vicious” is that G.E.M and Joey are friends of ten years.

When interviewed, JW admitted that she was currently single but denied the rumors that G.E.M stole Mark from her. She said, “We’re actually all good friends. We often hang out together. It’s definitely not like what the reports are saying…G.E.M. is actually quite innocent here. She did not snatch anyone…we are all friends.”

G.E.M. responded, “These reports are of course false! What a joke! My male friends are constantly being written as my rumored boyfriends. If this goes on, nobody will eventually want to hang out with me. Furthermore, I’m actually really good friends with Joey!”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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