Gallen Lo and Bowie Lam Turned Down Filming For Dramas, “Lu For King” and “War and Beauty 2”

Being one of the pioneers in the Hong Kong television industry, TVB has been in the supremacy position of the television industry for more than a decade now. However, with the increasing number of heavyweight Siu Sangs actors and Fadans actresses absconding the company for greener pastures and the uprising of three aspiring rival television stations next year, TVB’s dominant position looks set to be under threat and might even be in the precarious danger of facing a bleak future ahead.

Knowing very well that the stakes involved were simply too high such that they could not afford to take any chances, TVB decided to shake off its image of being a miser and splurged heavily on hiring external help in their former highly lauded actors and actresses, in a bid to prepare themselves for the ferocious battle of the free television stations that lies ahead.

Yesterday, Sing Tao newspaper exclusively reported about TVB’s extension of invitation to Chilam Cheung (張智霖) to shoot their highly-anticipated drama sequel, Triumph In The Skies II《衝上雲霄II》.  Besides that, it was also reported that the usually miserly TVB had even doubled their initial remuneration offer from 40,000 HKD to 80,000 HKD per episode, in a bid to tempt Chilam to accept the drama series!

In a show of desperateness, TVB repeatedly used their tactic of doubling their former meager sum of salary, in hopes of attracting their former Siu Sangs actors to return to their “maternal” home. However, TVB’s efforts may all come to naught as although Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) may stand to receive a heavenly sum of 100,000 HKD per episode upon his return (re: Gallen’s former filming fee was 50,000 HKD per episode), it was known that he has since turned down the offer and refused to come back to TVB.

Apart from Gallen, Bowie Lam (林保怡), who had received the same amount of filming offer as Gallen, has also turned down TVB’s filming proposition to shoot War and Beauty 2《金枝慾孽II》as he felt that TVB’s salary offer was too low and would rather head up North to earn the renminbi there.

Like a spectator to the sorry plight that TVB was currently in, Felix Wong (黃日華) gleefully mused over popular Chinese social microblogging site, Weibo, “Flying away one after another, it is indeed amusing and a sight to behold, awesome!”

Initially pinning high hopes upon former number one big brother Gallen Lo to stage a comeback and film upcoming 2012 drama series, Lu for King《呂氏為王》with current fadan Tavia Yeung (楊怡) , TVB was unexpectedly left out in the cold when Gallen heartlessly turned down their offer. Furthermore, the news of the rejection was confirmed yesterday when Gallen and his wife, who was on a holiday to Europe, accepted an overseas phone interview and replied to the reporter, “Someone from TVB did approach and asked me to film a series for them next year but I did not agree to it because there was no permittance of time for it yet.”

According to sources, Gallen’s salary before he had left TVB was 50,000 HKD per episode and in a bid to welcome him back, TVB was willing to blow double that price at a staggering sum of 100,000 HKD per episode.

On the other hand, Bowie was said to have commanded the same amount of filming fee as Gallen at 160,000 – 200,000 RMB per episode back in the Mainland. However, despite being viewed as an integral character of the first installment of War and Beauty《金枝慾孽》and heavily concerned by the outside world whether he would re-join the original cast and crew of “War”, Bowie still rejected the filming offer to the sequel as he felt that the remuneration fee was too deficient. With the backing out from Bowie, this leaves the only confirmed cast of War and Beauty 2《金枝慾孽II》left to be Moses Chan (陳豪) and Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯).

Since they were only willing to pay up to that certain insubstantial amount and given that Gallen Lo was unable to fork out spare time to film “Lu for King”, TVB decided to devise an alternative route and cast Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan (陳敏之) and etc in that drama instead. This was because like Raymond Lam (林峯), Bosco, Tavia and Sharon were their very own “biological” son and daughters and would come at a steal since they would only each be given a mere sum of 30,000 HKD per episode.

On the other hand, “War and Beauty 2”, which was scheduled to be filmed next year, was initially the optimistic hope of TVB but with Bowie Lam, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and other key characters heading up to the Mainland China to reap in the renminibi, there is indeed a slim chance of getting the original cast of “War” to shoot this sequel together.

Despite suffering the setbacks received from their formerly groomed actors and actresses, TVB still persistently chose to engage external help, even going as far as to target movie stars in hopes of taking them under their wing. However, to be honest, if TVB wishes to continue using their “friendship cards” to persuade their former beloved generals to return to the company, they might want to consider formulating a much better stratagem as it is indeed rather apparent that their antics haven’t really worked to their advantage as yet.

Felix Wong utterly disappointed in TVB

Last year, experienced thespian Felix Wong had participated in the filming of TVB Anniversary drama, Gun Metal Grey《刑警》, by the invitation of his good friend cum former five tigers group mate, Michael Miu (苗僑偉). Despite Michael’s good intentions, the filming experience had instead proved to be a relatively unhappy one for Felix as he felt that he wasn’t highly appreciated and regarded by TVB. In a complete display of his disapprobation for TVB, Felix had refused to attend the TVB Anniversary Awards back then.

Since TVB was on a despondent hunt for accomplished Siu Sangs actors to save the standing of their company amidst the upcoming intense rivalry with the other television competitors, they absolutely wouldn’t miss Felix Wong, who always had a high affinity with the audiences, for anything. However, given their previous horrendous treatment to him, it didn’t come as a surprise that TVB had failed yet again to convince Felix to return to TVB.

In fact, Felix, who has converted to filming Mainland series in recent days, had projected his prominent animosity towards TVB in his Weibo tweet about them, “I just watched TVB’s promotional clip and there was a footage of a girl flying up in the sky. Oh! Perhaps the company had a form of premonition that the employees would be flying away one after another! It’s indeed interesting, awesome!” From this Weibo tweet by Felix, it was apparent that he was sarcastically criticizing TVB for not treating their employees well thus they only had themselves to blame for the recent abandonment by their former artistes.

In other news, TVB is currently rushing all filming of drama trailers to be in time for their 2012 Sales Presentation. Yesterday, it was known that Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) was busy shooting an introductory clip in TVB City to introduce prospective clients to his upcoming TVB drama, Detective Columbus《神探哥倫布》. Now that TVB was greatly lacking in talents, being one of the only leading veteran actors left to hold the fort, it was expected that Wayne would have to be worked to the bone in order to film more dramas for the company.

Besides that, TVB had circulated a Memorandum of Transfer within their employees in recent days. It was understood that TVB had done so to retaliate against the prescribed contract that Ricky Wong (王維基) [Chairman of upcoming rival television station, City Telecom] had assembled with an overseas partnering arm. In that contract, one of the clauses stated that should the artiste decide to sign on with them, they would compensate a maximum of six months’ salary to TVB on behalf of that artiste. This thus alerted TVB to take preventive measures against it as a form of warning to their artistes.

Source: Sing Tao, Sina

This article was translated by Ah K, a Contributing Writer at

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  1. I would like to see Louis Koo filming for TVB again 🙂
    Speaking of which, where is Carmen lee now? Does any body know?
    I truly miss the 90’s actors/actresses.

    1. Yes I miss Louis Koo 🙁
      I also miss Kwong Wah, he was fantastic and funny 🙂

      1. Haha…. totally miss him as well. He’s so talented & funny !!!!

      2. You know… I like Louis Koo when he first appeared on TVB as a fair and pretty face young one.

        Later he turned very, very tan. And I mean very. Like he spilled the whole bottle of suntan lotion over himself.

      3. So wheres 95 Kwong wah, a good actor.
        Koo’s is kool, but no thinks, however great performances within Dan and Gao Yuanyuan, and a chinese ghost story/f. tale, but did’nt like Yifei’s average performance.
        Not lease super acting by Bowie Lam in 9-kwong!!

  2. Although I find it funny reading Felix’s post, but I find it quite bad too imo >.>

    Now TVB’s overworking the artistes…

    1. Yes. The artistes that left must be overworked to the bone now.

      TVB has itself to blame. They don’t give the best scripts and benefits that’s why artistes left and don’t want to come back.

  3. Felix <3

    Indeed he is right. TVB only has themselves to blame. People who are already paid rather well don't consider wage increases as much incentives as people who are paid less well. This is a scientific fact.

    On the other hand, if TVB had treated their employees better, people would not be leaving and those who are still loyal/grateful to TVB would be more open to film per-series for them. Not only does TVB not treat their in-house people well by over-working them and paying low wages, they treat "outsiders" even worse. Felix got burned, but he's just one in a loooooong line of people.

  4. 呂氏為王 vs 呂后傳.

    Maggie is filming the sale presentation for 呂后傳, but, this news said Tavia and Bosco are going to be casted in 呂氏為王 after Gallen rejected the offer. Which news is correct?

    I don’t think TVB will make 2 series about Empress Lu.

    1. I think some newspapers just wrote wrong news? Just now someone told me that someone related to Chilam clarified that he’s not confirmed for TITS 2 yet but the news here said he is.

      1. @Kidd:

        Not sure lol, I was also quite stunned to read that they are producing another series centralizing around some character by the surname of Lu again. Haha wonder how many famous olden characters share the same surname of Lu.


        “Yesterday, Sing Tao newspaper exclusively reported about TVB’s extension of invitation to Chilam Cheung (張智霖) to shoot their highly-anticipated drama sequel, Triumph In The Skies II《衝上雲霄II》.  …, in a bid to tempt Chilam to accept the drama series!”

        Haha but the article above did not, in any way, say that Chilam has accepted the series. They only said TVB offered him the drama and increased their offer to tempt him to accept it. 🙂

      2. Ah, I mean woman. If not woman, then we have… Lu Bu 😛 and Lu Bu Wei. But 呂后 is Lu Zhi, that’s all.

      3. @Ah K : I mean the earlier news “Chilam Cheung To Star In “Triumph In The Skies 2”

        Although there were rumors that Michael Miu (苗僑偉) would star, the role was recently confirmed to be accepted by “TVB outsider” Chilam Cheung.

        Soon after someone related to Chilam with that ‘V’ in her name come out in weibo and explained that Chilam hasn’t accepted yet.

      4. @Fox:

        Ah, I see. Then what about “呂氏”? Is it referring to a guy or a girl by the surname of Lu? Or some Lu clan in general?

        Lol, I instead think it’s weird to see Bosco starring in an ancient drama again after he has acted in so many modern dramas of late. Although not to say he’s a newbie to it since he has starred in that CG drama with Kevin Cheng (I think it was called “Devil’s Disciples”?) and of course “War of In Laws” which propelled him to fame.

        Seems like if the cast is confirmed, Sharon Chan will be starring in two ancient periodic dramas this year, namely the Zhong Wu Yan drama with Fala Chen and “Lu For King”.

      5. Isn’t that stupid if TVB make 2 series based on the same thing? Tavia will be Empress Lu? Oh no

      6. @lol:

        Oh haha, I was wondering whether you meant the earlier news too. 😀

        “Soon after someone related to Chilam with that ‘V’ in her name come out in weibo and explained that Chilam hasn’t accepted yet.”

        Don’t know why but when I read what you wrote, the user with the letter ‘V’ in her name and related to Chilam make me think of Virginia Lok lol! 😛

      7. lol no I don’t mean Virginia Lok! I mean the ‘V’ thing in weibo 😛

      8. @lol:

        Oohs I see, hmm…so what’s the ‘V’ thing lol? 😛

        Oh I think the ‘V’ thing you were referring to is a tick beside the user pic is it? It means verified account…in twitter terms. Not sure whether it applies for Weibo though! 😀

      9. @Ah K: lol yes it’s the verified thing. All this while I thought it’s a ‘V’. So it’s a tick. I feel so silly

      10. @lol:

        Nahs, I also didn’t realize that the tick beside their user pic means verified when I was on twitter too until much later lol, it’s okay lahs we learn something new everyday! 😀

      11. This V stands for Verified, means this weibo is verified to be a genuine famous person or a person in the entertainment field’s.

      12. @Ah K: There is only 1 呂氏. 氏 = Empress. 呂氏 is Lu Zhi.

    2. Dun tell me Bosco is Liu Bang? I can’t imagine at all. Or Bosco is Shen Shi Qi?

      1. Or the news is false lol. It’s impossible to do because Gallen is like 20 years older than Bosco right? They can’t share the same role. lol

      2. There are some pictures of Sharon filming an ancient palace series with Ben Wong. Is the press mistaken Ben Wong for Bosco Wong? lol 😛 Ben will be closer to Gallen’s age

      3. @Fox @lol:

        Maybe they will make Bosco grow a moustache a la “Lives of Omission” lol! 😀

      4. I don’t think they will make Bosco become Liu Bang. Bosco may look good as some young troublemaker if bad or some heroic peasant if good but might not be suitable for a powerful emperor. Liu Bang is emperor right?

      5. @Ah K: In TLOAS, TVB puts moustache on so many young kelefes and supporting actors to make them fill in older roles. It looks funny.

  5. TVB is really too much nowadays. It’s no wonder so many people are going off to find work in the Mainland! TVB offers a very crappy pay given what they ask from their artistes. You know they’re paying their artistes too little when even when they double their salaries, it still comes short of what they’d be offered elsewhere.

    It’d be great to see all these accomplished siu sangs and fa dans return to TVB, but that’s most likely not happening. I’m watching “Golden Faith” now and keep thinking it’d be awesome for Gallen to make a comeback to TVB. They really needs to step up their game!

    1. If TVB start giving its artists their Mainland series, TVB will go bankrupt. TVB has a lot of people to support.

      1. as your broker i recommned you to sell that tvb stock of yours, LOL

    2. gallen has already come back to film at TVB. since golden faith, he’s filmed born rich and that dog cat one with myolie.

      tvb gave him really bad scripts…
      i cannot believe they wasted him on the cat dog show – -“

      1. “tvb gave him really bad scripts…
        i cannot believe they wasted him on the cat dog show – -””

        And this is TVB’s fault? Gallen is a free agent now. He does not have to follow TVB’s order like the managed artists. Gallen can reject the offer if he feels the series or the role is bad. But, he didn’t. So, he obviously like the series/role.

      2. Freelance artistes have the right to choose their dramas, roles and filming requirement. That’s why we heard of Chilam and Anita Yuen being selective with scripts and filming schedule. However what they saw and got attracted to might be the first few episodes scripts and character description.

        In many series the full scripts will still being written and changed while the filming going on. After that there’s also the editing process, so a promising drama and character might become “lacklustre” in the final product.

      3. @ Masaharu

        But, it’s still Gallen who chose this light-hearted series to act it.

        I believe hyot’s complaint was Gallen was casted in a small budget light-hearted comedy series about cats and dogs.

        Don’t tell me the original script Gallen received was a heavy duty big budget drama but after he signed on, it became a small budget drama about pets. Yes, the script can go haywire along the way, but, the basic premise should be the same.

        Anyway, we can’t always blame everything of TVB. It could be the artist himself to choose to act in such drama. I remember Flora Chan said she doesn’t want to act in serious drama now because it’s emotionally taxing. She’s very happy now and prefer to act in light hearted drama.

        People may said TVB give a bad series to Flora to be her come back series, but, it could very well be her choice.

      4. Gallen chose this series, not anyone forced him. Gallen also chose the Born Rich.

      5. I must say that Gallen was superb in Born Rich even though the storyline was pathetic. He was the only reason i watched that series to the end.

      6. I thought at the time he was “in debt” with TVB for 40 eps contract remain? He might just “do these sh*t” and get out of TVB as soon as possible.

  6. I think TVB should put effort in improving the script, direction and film editing and putting money into training their actors, instead of wasting huge amount of money trying to attract these veteran actors back. Without a good script, even of the series have good actors, it will fail. Born Rich is a good example.

    If the series is good, it can create new stars for TVB.

    1. Gotta agree with Kidd. TVB can’t forever rely on these veterans because they will one day grow old.

      I think they should also find the right talents and train/invest/promote the right people.

      Also, young actors/actresses have more eye candy and are more attractive. Felix, Gallen, and Bowie may be great actors, but they are seriously aging and is lacking in the charm that Bosco and some younger actors have. 😛

  7. TVB should go all out to get big names like Andy Lau, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Carina Lau, Lau Ching Wan and Nicholas Tse to film drama for them. Guaranteed high ratings

    1. I can almost 100% guarantee that none of the above stated artists are interested or have had a thought of filming for TVB again. I remember Tony and Andy complained about the long hours and low pay. Why would they go back to TVB again when they are earning millions now?

  8. if TVB continue to be bleeding talents, then they might just want to change to 3 episodes per week or even weekly like the US.

    1. Well then miss/mr HK will be the lead fadans and siu sangs who only play themselves much like many do today.

      ron & kate will reign supreme hahaha

  9. And don’t know why but Felix Wong’s Weibo tweet made me think of the Disney Pixar movie, “Up”! Lol! 😛

  10. Just remember something. Tavia was know to resemble Maggie Cheung and she was chosen to play Maggie’s sister in ‘The Awakening Story’ because of this.

    What a coincidence that both were reported to film a Empress Lu series. Maybe Tavia will be playing a younger Lu Zhi while Maggie will play the older counterpath.

    1. It’s still stupid for TVB to make 2 Empress Lu series. Maybe it’s just one series and the press made a mistake in reporting.

    2. Yes Kidd maybe it’s all in one series and Tavia plays the earlier part and Maggie plays the latter part

    3. I hope not because that would be ridiculous. Tavia isn’t that young and whilst Maggie does look older, she isn’t much older. Maybe Empress Lu has a sister of powerful position? or purely wrong reporting.

      1. I think during The Awakening Story Tavia look much younger then Maggie but now I’m not so sure since Tavia aged fast and wear a lot of makeup now

      2. If the series start from before Lu Zhi marries Liu Bang, they will need a younger actress to play Lu Zhi since I presume girls in olden days marry young. Maggie can’t play younger girl anymore.

        The mainland series ‘To Live To Love’ (長恨歌) use this method of filming. Huang Yi played the younger version of Wang Qiyao while Maggie Cheung play the older version.

      3. Tavia recently uploaded a photo of her with minimal makeup; and I personally feel that she looks better(and younger!) like that.

      4. This lead me to think that for her, “less is more”.

      5. Veejay, eh? It works fine for me. Does anyone else have this problem too? :/

      6. thanks masa but my company blocks it xDD so in the end, i still can’t view the pic lol but thanks

      7. The area around her eyes make her eyes look kinda scary. But the rest of the face look better than her face with make up.

      8. @ Masaharu

        I saw the link. Sorry, sorry but I really don’t agree with you.

        I got quite a fright when I saw it in the morning at my desk.

        I think many girls in their twenties, even non actresses look better than that no?

        I am sorry, I am neutral to Tavia but that nose that people mention, it’s really disturbing in that pic. The button nose was much cuter even if it isn’t well defined, high and straight.

      9. Fox, perhaps that’s why lately she often wears heavy makeup around the eyes. But still there’s something that I liked better in this “minimal make up” photo than her “caked up” photos(with disregard at that nose..).

      10. Maybe in this pic, she looks closer to herself than other pic? However the area around her eyes is still =.=, look dark and scary.

      11. Haha Fox. This remind me to a weibo conversation between an actor and actress about a year ago..

        [Not accurate sentences from them but just the rough ideas..]

        Actress: I wonder what I should play for this halloween!
        Actor: @Actress: Haha..don’t worry. You can just play yourself without makeup!! It’s scary enough!

        Masaharu: (Poor actress..mean joke -_-)

      12. Fox, to put it bluntly, “prolonged use of inches thick makeup can make you look like a ZOMBIE without it”..hahaha.

        Okay, I exaggerated..:P

      13. Like my friend, she cried so hard after meeting some members of Super Junior in the VIP room of the airport. They didn’t expect that fan can come to this room so they dun wore make up. When they saw her, they immediately pushed her out and threw her bouquet of flowers. This action make her cry. But she cried harder when mentioning of their face without makeup…

      14. She looks ok sans makeup but her nose is huge. Like I said she is plain. But not ugly.

      15. @Funn: Sans is also a French word, hehe. It recalls me of old time when I still studied French. Now I forgot all :(.

      16. Fox, can’t blame her for crying hard. She might be shocked that her pretty princes are actually “zombies” in disguises.

        In this case, all hail the make up artistes! Yeah salute! 😀

      17. This pic shows that eye makeup does wonders. She looks tired and older without the eye makeup.

      18. P/S: It means the BB cream of Korean is surprisingly good. Uhm I changed to BB cream of Missha and yeah, it’s good.

      19. Chriselle, in my POV although her eyes look tired, her overall look is younger and more genuine than with makeup(excluding the nose. Can’t do anything about it…).

        I get it now. Her “full of makeup” look made her look “trying too hard”.

      20. Huang yi looks much much younger than Maggie. Tavia… not so. Maybe someone even younger than Tavia.

      21. I always thought that Tavia looked a lot older than her age and same with Huang Yi, but not as mature as Tavia.It just depends on the person…

      22. @masaharu:

        Are u gonna reveal who that actress and jerk actor are?

      23. @HTS,

        Maybe is just me, I honestly do not find Tavia looks older than her age. Infact, I find her look her age, 32 yrs old. Even if she wore heavy makeup etc in some series, I still find her quite pretty with sharp feature lol.

      24. @Veejay,
        I guess I feel that way because Tavia and I are the same age, but she looks way older than me. I think I should not think of her as my age…

      25. @ Veejay

        I agree with you. I also do not think Tavia looks older than her age. Tavia looks her age. It’s the other actresses who look younger than their age.

      26. Haha, remind me of my friend. She watched Blade heart before TOB (before that she have never watched TVB series so she has no idea who is who). When she saw the article about TOB, she thought TY is Liza Wang and felt weird that why LF and Liza are mother – son in Blade heart and switch to lovers in TOB. And then she told me that TVB actress looks younger than their age (still mistaken TY to Liza). I felt funny so I asked her to think how old is TY in TOB, she told me that more colorful clothes and light makeup make her look younger than Blade heart, maybe 30. And I laughed so hard, tell her they are two ppl. She was O_O and said that they look resemble.

      27. @ Masaharu

        I think that Tavia looks pretty too. But I prefer her with make-up, if the photo of her without make-up is the one you linked.

        I salute her for her bravery in posting a photo of herself without make up though.

      28. To be honest, I think Tavia’s skin is pretty good makeupless. At least, I don’t see any blemishes on her face.

      29. well i guess i wont die of heartattack seeing her without makeup, however these days all tvb artists wear a ton of makeup save linda

      30. @ exoidus

        I think if Linda needs to appear on TV and when filming, she has to wear alot of make up too, as it won’t look nice and professional if the actors/ actresses are not heavily made up on camera.

      31. I think Linda too wear a lot of make up. Linda’s face will grow pimples when she’s stressed out (she said so herself). So, she need thick make up to cover those pimples too.

      32. but her makeup seems more natural and relative less than that of the other fadans.

        i think she is the best looking one without makeup

      33. I think All actresses whether fadans or KLf wears heavy makeup due to the fact they need to be onscreen with really strong lighting. Heavy BB cream, concealer, liquid foundation whatever can cover their blemish, pimples n etc. Even siusangs wear makeup too hehe.

      34. In my country and culture, I think most females wear make up to work. It’s part of being professional be’cos you are required to look neat and presentable. Of course we are talking about light make up, foundation and lipstick, not garish make up.

        I interacted with some girls my age from China, Harbin before and she doesn’t wear make up. Her face looks so rosy cheek and her skin is so good too! I really envy her!

        Make up is an evil addiction that once you started, you can’t stop, because you want to continue to look pretty, and if you stop, you suddenly look awful. Next time, I will try to tell my daughter to hold off using make up for as long as she can.

      35. Tavia’s not ugly but her eyes look lifeless without makeup!

        I don’t think Linda’s makeup is that light because she need lots of concealer for her skin. I think she’s just younger than the others so don’t need that thick eye makeup and over fake lashes yet.

      36. I have never seen Linda without makeup anytime. Let’s say that she used better BB cream than TY, lol.

  11. Maybe they have bigger fish to fry. But please.. not Tavia, not Tavia, not Tavia

    1. @Funn : TVB don’t have enough actresses so sorry to you more Tavia, more Tavia . You get scared of her nose? 😀

      1. Not for this role. I kinda can see how she will play this role. Give to Maggie. let her reprise this role.

    2. I also don’t wish to see Tavia act in this role either. Her performance in BTROC nearly made me sick watching her. Both character and acting.

      Maggie’s acting is more nurtured to take on this role.

      1. BTROC is Tavia’s first foray into playing a villain role. Shouldn’t deny her the chance to play villain again because she didn’t badly in BTROC. She need to play more villains in order to improve in this area. 🙂

      2. Agree, I also hope maggie would be the empress not Tavia. Nothing against Tavia, it’s just that I’ve been seeing Tavia alot lately.. would like to see Maggie tough and evil this time?

      3. I’m confused now, so Maggie and Tavia are in the same drama or different dramas? Both are potraying Empress Lu? Confused….

      4. Fox,


        WTx…2 different dramas about Lu Zhi? Is TxB kidding?

      5. Ask TVB, haha. Why they dun do a series on the other Empresses? Uhm, why dun make a series obout 韓子高 ? It would be interesting to see the love of 韓子高 and 陳茜 and how 陳茜 felt jealous with 韓子高’s son, haha. 韓子高 is a handsome man, and he has a wife and a son, but 陳茜 still loves him so much. 陳茜’s sister also loves 韓子高. 韓子高, I guess he also loves 陳茜 very much, but he is also a cunning person, so he somehow used 陳茜 to have the position Male Empress. Lol, actually he is kinda deserved the death punishment.

        Will be a breakthrough to TVB.

      6. I don’t know much about history and Chinese literature, but perhaps Lu Zhi has more sources to help in the screenplay?

      7. Lu Zhi has a life with Liu Bang and a life after Liu Bang died with 审食其. Her contribution to the Han period is ok, although she killed the sons of Liu Bang to strengthen her Lu’s family, she dun make the life of the citizens of Han country become poor and unstable. She also helped Liu Bang to have Han dynasty.

        Her worst crime is killing most of Liu Bang’s son. Her own son scared her too much so got sick and died. She is also a woman with a lot of sex demand. 审食其 is one of her bed friend.

      8. Hey I’m still keening on 韓子高 :P. His love life is interesting.

      9. “Her worst crime is killing most of Liu Bang’s son. Her own son scared her too much so got sick and died. “

        I don’t blame her son for being scared to death. What she did was cruel and sadistic. She also set a poor precedence for subsequent women in power. Wu Ze Tian and Cixi both followed her example in treating their love rivals.

      10. I agree. Cut arms, legs, nose; make the poor woman became blind, mute and then, seeing her skin is still too beautiful, destroyed it by fire but still keep her alive. After all, put her in a box and called her “Pig woman”. Seeing this, Lu Zhi’s son dun get crazy is strange.

        Wu Ze Tian and Cixi seem to be a bit better than Lu Zhi in this aspect, or have better hide skill.

      11. Hrmm quite interesting to learn more Chinese history. Who in your opinions is more cruel and has more dictatorship? Lu Zhi? Ci Xi? or Wu Ze Tian?

      12. They are different type of women with power, I blv. If Lu Zhi only wants to remain the power of her family, Wu Ze Tian has further purposes (tat’s why she became a king) and Cixi only wants to take all the power in her hand. They are different in my opinion. So their cruel actions are also different. Can’t compare them.

      13. Their view on and handling of power might be different. But, their reason for the cruelty to their love rival was the same imo i.e. jealousy.

      14. I feel bad for Lu Zhi’s son. He is such a sweet and kindhearted person but has such an evil mother…

  12. Conquerer Story was awesome. Empress Lu si cunning. Both series not confirm yet as no cast?

  13. I don’t really think bringing back all these veteran actors will really bring in the ratings. I mean- just look at Bowie’s last series. Rivers of Wine didn’t exactly have outstanding ratings. It can certainly enhance the cast since most of these actors can actually act but I think the most important thing is a good story. A good story can help build buzz and get more people interested in wanting to watch the series.

    Also, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t mind seeing the same actors in most of the series. I like most of the current siu sangs and fadans and one of the reasons I like watching TVB series is the familiarity of the actors and being able to see them a lot.

  14. Free TV broadcasting station’s ability to survive depends on advertisement contract based on rating. No matter what TVB tries, they will lose certain %. TVB increase wage/salary = profit lost. New stations really give TVB a headache^_^

  15. Too bad tvb can’t persuade Gallen to come back, really missed his acting. He can really give an evilness in a natural way without smirking evil. really cool.

  16. Hope thay dont work the remaining Wayne, Bosco & Tavia to the bone now that everyone is leaving!!!!!

    If they can improve on the scripts it might be ok to use newer & lesser known actors. Was very disappointed with “Men with no Shadows”. They have a great cast yet the story is so,so.

    1. Too late =.=. A young actor whom I don’t know(yet..who is Hinson Lau?) weibo-ed at Bosco about being happy filming the presentation clip with him.

      Too early to say, but overworking has always been existing in TVB’s routine. Yeah TVB should strengtened their scripts and production quality and prop up more new faces properly.

  17. Agreed with everyone. TVB should invest in good scripts. Good example, born rich- veteran cast but the plots is bad.
    TVB should have better plan to retain their position in the market. Increase pay for veteran like Bowie etc, can’t retain them- China can offer better pay and better working environment too.

  18. I am not shocked that Felix is so disappointed in TVB. I wonder why TVB has not learned from its past mistakes?? More and more people are leaving and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    1. Good lord, it’s already been a yr. Makes him seem petty that he still can’t let go. It makes me think maybe the reason he is so bitter is b/c he actually wants tvb to “value” him like they do Michael miu.

      1. yeah, sound a bit grumpy for sarcastically lol’ed at tvb since the series he did for tvb almost like a year past.

      2. I was a little surprised that Felix was still sarcastic with TVB. I don’t think he cares much about being valued, but since he has taken this time to film for the series and GMG became an anniversary series, it didn’t receive the same treatment as other anniversary series he was shockingly disappointed. However, I think it’s time he let go since he is no longer part of the company and doesn’t care about its politics. Holding onto grudges with TVB when he isn’t even a part of the company sounds both impractical and lame.

        Also, Felix seems to be a “big child” in a cute and good way so I didn’t think he will still remember the incident, lol.

      3. Well also keep in mind that Felix worked with TVB for many many years back in the days so he should understand the company very well. I don’t think it is the fact that he is holding grudges but I think it is because he knows that in spite of all of the years that he has been with TVB that they have not changed for the better. Therefore, I don’t blame him for being disappointed.

      4. HTS,

        Felix must be laughing out his a$$ so hard just to see TVB getting all scared since new stations are here to compete and tvb might be losing as the prominent station like old days plus losing their valuable 1st fadans and siusangs to mainland stations.

      5. Felix is holding a grudge. Just like if u didn’t still hate your ex-bf, why would u care that he got dumped by another girl.

  19. I hope all the veteran and REAL actors/actresses leave TVB – leaving the audience to watch only Raymond Lam, Moses, Tavia, Linda Chung, Myolie etc. in every freak’en drama – LOL – Since TVB mistreats and favours so much, let these so-called “TVB’s best” rule all the dramas. Would love to see this day happen.. “TVB’s best”. LOL

    1. The veterans in the pass became fadan and siu sang roughly the same age as Raymond, Moses, Linda, Myolie now. So, it is only right that Raymond, Moses, Linda, Myolie became the new batch of fadan and siu sang.

    2. Change a Keanu’s movie title to this: “The day TVB stood still”, lol.

  20. As much as I would love Bowie to be in “War and Beauty 2”, I don’t think it’s such a big deal even if he doesn’t star in it because didn’t Bowie’s character died in the fire with Gigi’s character in the original “War and Beauty”? It’s like a dead end, no way they could have revived his role in there unless they create some cliched plot whereby Bowie’s character had a twin brother lol! 😛

    1. Oh yeah and unless they create some new character for Bowie 🙂

      1. I think it will definitely be a new story but I hope bowie changes his mind. I think the quiet confidence he brings to his character makes us believe why all the concubines trusted him.

      2. The only reason why I want Bowie to be in WAB2 is because I don’t want to see Moses getting all the hot concubines LOL

      3. Veejay,

        Good point!

        Maybe Moses can be the eunuch this time.:)

      4. Josie,

        In TVB, even one holds the role of an eunuch in the palace, he wont be an eunuch long and will claim back his man’s chasity by saying he didnt went thru the process of castration (stories are usually like dat in tvb, lol). So I think if moses is highly promoted by TVB, he will become a man later just to accomodate love affair with the emperor’s concubine and bla blah lol

      5. No no, I want Moses to be a real eunuch like kenny was. So he can love the girl but can’t do anything.

        Michael tse could play the undercover eunuch, siu tong chi.

      6. give the eunuch role to ray already im sure he would like it considering how he dresses nowadays.

  21. They should make new Wisely adaptation. The last Wisely they made was ‘The W Files’ which was 8 years ago.

  22. you know TVB is so short that they have to promote the crap ones like Ruco (not that he’s crap but he was always playing Ke Ler Fair roles), Ma Lull Min, Sire Ma Mui Jai Deng to name a few.

    Not only these actresses are fugly as, they can’t act if they had to save themselves. Honkers are sure gonna complain that there is no one worth watching.

    1. Ruco has played lead roles before in ATV and he’s a good actor. I don’t see a problem with TVB promoting him especially when he’s so popular now.

      Even when he rejoin TVB, he has never played ‘kelefe’ roles. What he played are supporting roles, not ‘kelefe’.

      Unless you consider the roles Lai Lok Yi, Stephen Wong, Derek Kwok, Chin Ka Lok played are ‘kelefe’ roles, you cannot say Ruco play kelefe roles.

      Sire Man is cute and pretty and her acting is quite good. So, I don’t see a problem in promoting her either.

  23. I am yet to find an actress thats “pretty”, not “cute”. I’m talking about pretty as in Gigi, Ada, Kenix, Maggie, Charmaine to an extent, Melissa etc. “Ming Guay” is the word. All these actresses these days are really lacking in that. I can only think of Fala Chen that has it.

    1. Agreed! Except that Charmaine isn’t that pretty too. Among the current fadans especially the promoted five tigress Fala is the prettiest.

      1. Charmaine is very pretty in ancient series if she is rounder face. I think she can be empress lu. She is best at authoritarian roles, surprisingly.

    2. Sorry, I have never felt that Maggie falls to beautiful list. Melissa Ng, no. Kenix, only before she became a skeleton. Ada, she is cute but not beautiful. Gigi is the only one.

      The prettiness I can see in Sonija, if not her mouth.

      1. you should watch ada in “where the legend begins” she was prolly the best looking actress in tvb during the latter half of the 90s

        gigi and sonija are overrated

      2. I watched. Still dun think she is pretty. Maybe because her eyes are too fierce.

      3. Most of guys I know think Kate is pretty and sexy, but you – a guy – think she is fugly. So guess it isn’t the fact I’m a girl and you are a guy but the fact different eyes.

      4. Sonija is actually very beautiful. Ada in Lok Sun lacks the poise and the gentelness to play that character. I will never believe her as some “kong san mei yan”

      5. Talk about kong san mei yan, I just rmb that there isn’t any series about 褒姒. Most of mei yan have series about them but 褒姒 has never had one (except a little part about her in the series about this period based on 東周列國志). Her story can become a good series, on how the Zhou You Wang lost the kingdom just to let her smile.

      6. ancient beauties may not be considered a beauty in our eyes.

      7. I find Maggie Cheung beautiful. I find her the second most beautiful among TVB’s 7 top fadans of her days (Maggie, Marrianne, Esther, Jessica, Kenix, Flora, Ada). The most beautiful is Esther Kwan.

        Talking about Esther Kwan. When I first saw Gigi Lai, I thought she resembles Esther Kwan a lot. The resemblance is less now, but, still exist.

        I wonder why no one thought of Esther when they list their beautiful 90’s TVB actresses. Is it because of the roles Esther play? She seldom play beautiful women in series.

      8. I can’t choose between Kenix (before she got so skinny) and Esther. Kenix looked gorgeous back in her earlier days in Kindred Spirit. Jessica comes in next and although she has pretty features, something about her just doesn’t cross as feminine enough for the term beautiful. Marianne, Flora, and Maggie are all average or maybe even a little below that if they weren’t artists.

      9. Want to say something about Melissa. Melissa is not a great beautiful, but, she look very aristocratic. Her look give her an air of sophistication and aristocracy that I find rare among HK actresses.

        As for classy actress. I find Leanne Li classy. The way she carries herself shows class and grace.

      10. Leanne Li is classy, definitely. However, now, after pair up with WCL, she is changing herself to be not classy and go in the path of a comedian, which I think not suitable to her.

    3. “Ming Guay”? As in expensive?

      It has always been like this.

      00’s actresses cannot be compared to 90’s actresses.
      90’s actresses cannot be compared to 80’s actresses
      80’s actresses cannot be compared to 70’s actresses.

      10 years later, someone will say the new actresses cannot be compared to Myolie, Fala, Linda, Kate, Tavia. They will then say Myolie, Fala, Linda, Kate, Tavia are great beauties.

      1. Kidd,
        I think Sushiroll was trying to say “elegant” and “glamorous.” Among the current fadans, I do agree that Fala possesses a very classy, glamorous, and elegant beauty. Oceane Zhu is another actress who possesses this air. Aside from their looks, this elegance is in the way they carry themselves too. A “movie-star” air that is different than “television star” quality. Both Fala and Oceane carry a variety of styles well and look good in pretty much anything they wear.

        IMO, this is how I would classify the different types of beauty amond the current fadans:

        Tavia, Myolie, Linda-
        Attractive enough to be leading ladies, but not the drop-dead gorgeous quality. Their physical attraction makes them approachable and likable enough, but perhaps not always convincing when you have every man fawning over them in a particular series.

        Trendy Beauty-
        Kate- Her beauty is not classically beautiful, but her style is very modern and trendy, helped by the fact that Kate carries certain forward styles and make-up looks especially well. Perhaps that is why there is wide disparity among audiences as to whether they consider her to be beautiful or not. I find her good looking and attractive in a modern, trendy way, but not in a classically, drop-dead gorgeous manner.

        I think the 80s and early 90s did have actresses with more distinct beauty. This was before plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as teeth veneers, Hydraulic acid injections, and other procedures, which are so common today, which lead to a more “mainstream beauty” in which more actresses are pursuing the same ideal features and perhaps make them look less distinct from each other.

      2. If beauty is the only standard to become fa dan then we are all doomed. Kate is beautiful BUT I will not pay money to see her act. Tavia is not ugly, to me she is plain, calling her beautiful is a stretch. But may mistake beauty and classiness. I can’t or have yet to find one truly classy, except for Linda but many may disagree. What happened to beauties like Lin Dai? Oh… she died. Sigh…

      3. Funn,
        “If beauty is the only standard to become fa dan then we are all doomed.”

        Not the only standard, but usually the first standard in an actress’ promotion. Thus the reason why most of TVB actresses are sourced from beauty pageants. The reason why female lead characters are still somewhat “vases” in that audiences foremost expect their leading ladies to look beautiful and acting skills to be secoondary. Hollywood is also guilty of such expectations towards their younger actresses. This is because women across all cultures are objectified and perhaps more valued for their beauty above other characteristics.

      4. So what will we classify plastic beauty movie actress such as Angelababy? Chrissie Chow? Viann Zhang? PSS? ROFL

      5. Tavia wasn’t ugly and quite pretty, but now after that pinnochio injection she becomes strange looking.

        Linda is cute. Myolie is more for glamorous and full of stylish clothings. Kate sometimes tried too hard to be sexy but she look like the cool woman type, not pretty type.

        Fala is the elegant and classically pretty among them.

      6. @Funn Lim: Ada in Lok Sun lacks the poise and the gentelness to play that character. I will never believe her as some “kong san mei yan”

        I agree that Ada lacks the gentleness as kong san mei yan, plus her eyes are too fierce. But she has the poise and I did enjoy her performance in Lok Sun.

        What happened to beauties like Lin Dai? Oh… she died. Sigh…

        Wow! Fancy someone knows of Lin Dai who was both my mother and grandma’s favorite movie star, so lucky me got to watch quite a bit of her movies along with their favorite, Chen Zhen, whom I think is the fairest beauty of them all. Haha! My whole family is such a movie buff, starting with my grandma.

        Talking about Kong san mei yan, have you watched Lin Dai’s portrayal in the movie of the same name?

      7. @ Claimine

        Our local TVB airs Shaw Brothers old movies every Saturday. Not heard to see these old stars in action. 🙂

        Lin Dai was beautiful no doubt. But, I find her a bit bulky or full looking. It’s not her body, since most actresses at that time was that size. It’s her look that give me this feel. I find some contemporaries of hers have more refine and gentle look.

      8. Sorry, I meant to say ‘Not hard to see these old stars in action’.

        What the damn happen to me? Always misspelled words. I’m sure I don’t have dyslexia.

      9. @ Kidd: Lin Dai was beautiful no doubt. But, I find her a bit bulky or full looking. It’s not her body, since most actresses at that time was that size. It’s her look that give me this feel. I find some contemporaries of hers have more refine and gentle look.

        Yes, Lin Dai did have that more fulsome and earthy look about her unlike Lok Di who was more refined in her looks. Recently bought the Jiang Shang Mei Ren dvd for my mother and during our viewing together I noticed that Lin Dai had very dark thick eyebrows and full lips.

        Recently also watched Lin Ching Hsia’s old movies on youtube including her debut movie – 窗外 which was banned in Taiwan until recently. To me, her kind of beauty, purity and 气质 cannot be found among the tvb fadans.

        Somehow, I gravitate more towards the olden days movie stars – both Hollywood and Asian.

      10. @ Jayne

        “I think the 80s and early 90s did have actresses with more distinct beauty. This was before plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as teeth veneers, Hydraulic acid injections, and other procedures, which are so common today, which lead to a more “mainstream beauty” in which more actresses are pursuing the same ideal features and perhaps make them look less distinct from each other.”

        It’s a pity that plastic surgery become so easy and affordable that many actresses use it to achieve the standard beauty look and lost their uniqueness. Very sad case.

        I mush prefer Kate old look than her current very polished look.

      11. Kidd,
        “It’s a pity that plastic surgery become so easy and affordable that many actresses use it to achieve the standard beauty look and lost their uniqueness. Very sad case.

        I mush prefer Kate old look than her current very polished look.”

        It’s not only plastic surgery which promotes a more generic, mainstream beauty. I also find that current make-up techniques, such as heavy black liquid eyeliner, fake eyelashes, and circle contact lenses, as well as over-whitening of skin are commonly adopted by Hong Kong actresses. These practices seem to promote a certain image of beauty in which everyone wants bigger eyes and whiter skin for example, a gravitation towards looking the same rather than celebration of individualistic and unique beauty.

        Even minor cosmetic procedures such as teeth veneers, refining of nose to achieve higher nose bridge and pinched nostrils, and more narrow jawline are procedures which allow everyone to pursue more “flawless” beauty, but the same boring ideals. IMO, Kenix Kwok looked better prior to her plastic surgery, although technically her nose and jawline wider, but she had a unique, beautiful face nevertheless.

        I still can’t tell if Kate’s current look is due to weight loss or did she refine her nose?

      12. @ Jayne, I like your comments.

        Yes, I think nowadays, lots of actresses, especially Korean actresses have a typical template looks because of plastic. Current looks in trend now: big eyes like anime dolls, use of fake eyelashes, double eye lid tape, etc. Straight, well defined, high nose. And I think Hollywood still likes beestung lips like Angeline Jolie, no?

        Slim body frame and big boobs (not biologically really possible natural becaue of lack of body fats). Like those gaming drawn girls.

        I actually like different beauties. Natural is so much more better even if not perfect.

        Of the current fadans, I find Fala really the classically most beautiful. She has a great dimpled smile and I find her very womanly and beautiful.

        Actually Tavia has beautiful bone structure in her face, before she did too much of the nose thingy. Look her angles and side profile, it’s great.

        Linda’s sweetness is her beauty.

      13. You know plastic surgery have ruined looks as well.

        Like Michael Jackson. He’s black so what’s wrong with looking like a black. He was cute with his smile when young as part of the Jackson Five. The aristocratic, white Anglo Saxan look did not suit a black guy.

        Korean actor Hyun Bin. He is gorgeous when he first debuted, in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Like really gorgeous. With his boyish good looks, chaebol air, dimpled smile, and sexy, arrogant smirk.

        The trend of Korean guys look now is very young guys, skinny, some looking more like girls, but still attractive in its own way.

        Hyun Bin has gotten very skinny in Secret Garden, his latest show before he enlisted. Some rumors of him getting plastic surgery or dieting to achieve the V shape / jaw line look that is the trend in the young boys now. Some new viewers remarked that he looked like an alien.

        Really sad. Miss his fat cheeks and previous looks. Of cos many girls would kill me if I said Hyun Bin is not gorgeous now. He still is. But I feel that he has de-proved, not improved.

      14. Canto, what’s going on with Hyun Bin now? I remember drooling on him in Autumn’s Tale(to the point that I neglect the lead Song Seung Hon).

      15. Canto, forget it. I mistook Hyun Bin for “WON BIN”. I liked both, but Won Bin more. Hyun Bin was cute in Kim Sam Soon, but I lost track of him after

      16. @ Jayne an Canto

        I admire Charmaine Sheh and Joey Meng for not resorting to plastic surgery to fix the look. Joey Meng still retain her single eyelids and Charmaine still has her scar.

        Button nose can be cute. Phoenix eyes is also beautiful. A round face might look better than an oval face when match with suitable features.

        No need all have the big eyes, high straight nose and oval face look.

      17. Among the past movie actress, I remember falling for Loletta Lee’s gentle cuteness in Happy Ghost. In my POV she’s glowing in that youth oriented film.

        I don’t know what happened to her now. Perhaps her multitude of scandals is what brought her down?

      18. @Kidd,

        Agree with you on Charmaine and Joey mong on their rejection for doing any plastic surgery. Another thing I like about Charmaine is her hardwork and never give up attitude. I find her to be quite humble in person too imo, so far i’ve never read of any news of her being snobbish and acting diva.

      19. Masaharu,
        Apparently, Loletta Lee may be emotionally unstable, perhaps to a lesser degree than Yammie Nam.

        According to Monica Chan, who filmed with Loletta in an ATV series, Loletta came over and wanted to slap her in the make-up studio. It was over a small matter in which Monica had many hairpieces to change into due to filming requirements, but Loletta felt that Monica was preventing her from getting off work. Monica was very upset over the matter at the time, but she said that reflecting back, she understood that Loletta may have been emotionally unstable.

      20. Masaharu,
        Since you mention the “Happy Ghost” days, my favorite was Fannie Yuen. Such a cute tomboy!

        Loletta was pretty too, but she came across as a bit wooden to me, even in “Greed of Man.”

      21. Haha Jayne, yeah Fennie Yuen is cute :D. Tomboy but very cute.

        For a slightly closer to present, I also find cuteness in Jo Koo and Teresa Lee.

      22. @Jayne

        Although I dont know the head and tail of the story between Monica chan and Loletta, I just want to state that some ppl I know previously likes to obstruct others from getting off their work by creating more and more works or simply delay the whole process just because she/he is jealous the other person can leave work early than she/he does.


        Monica Chan could be telling the true that Loletta was indeed has emotional unstable until she wanted to slap her lol.

        My point is, there 2 versions of story that we need to take into consideration, first maybe monica has grudges on loletta so she told bad stories of her and 2nd version is Loletta is indeed emotional unstable that needs help.

      23. @ Masaharu

        Not to worry, both Won Bin and Hyun Bin are gorgeous.

        I can’t choose between the two too!

        Won Bin is filming movies nowadays. He is going into the gritty films that show off his clout as an actor, like Leo Dicaprio. The type of films that uglifies him. But he is still a handsome and sophisticated man e.g. at the Korean film awards. Bad boy with a heart of gold type of image.

      24. @Kidd Why was 窗外 banned?

        Because it is a taboo love story of a 40-year-old high school teacher with his underage student.

  24. “Now that TVB was greatly lacking in talents, being one of the only leading veteran actors left to hold the fort, it was expected that Wayne would have to be worked to the bone in order to film more dramas for the company”

    Like Sheren Tang, fortunately Wayne Lai had the foresight to not sign a management contract with TVB. This allows him more freedom in choosing his projects and the amount of work he wants to take on. In an earlier interview, Wayne also mentioned that he will place priority in quality over quantity.

    1. I dun think Wayne is too picky on quality. I see he is filming series after series :).

      1. He is insecure I think. After all took him many years to reach here, so he is working hard for the money. And I think gratefulness will make him sign management contract with TVB.

      2. Do you think he’ll sign one? His son signed a contract with Stephen Chan and even called SC “god-father” but I guess the contract is terminated now so the relationship of Wayne and SC seems not good anymore.

      3. Who says so? A contract is a contract. SC can’t terminate just like that. I think he will. He might have done so.

      4. He’s filming a lot of series, but they seem to be giving him a lot of GOOD series to film. Also, I don’t think he would ever turn down an opportunity to work with Lee Tim Sing again.

  25. IMO, I think Felix has a bittersweet relationship with TVB. He still pays attention to the happenings of the company and cares enough to comment. In this sense, he reminds me of Wong Hei and Steven Ma, in which Felix strongly identifies himself and his past with the company, where there were fond memories established with former colleagues and production staff. Some of those former colleagues may have moved on, but some have remained. However, there are strings still attached in their hearts.

    Although Felix may criticize TVB, he may be doing it for the company’s “own good,” in the sense that he wants to see good changes ahead for a company which may have gotten too proud for their own good and paying artists too cheaply and working them like dogs.

    1. Wong Hei look like not many people in TVB miss him. Amy Wong and SC will but I’m sure Kevin, Bowie, and some mentioned producers don’t.

    2. Wong Yat Wah still is doing TVB variety “talk” shows time to time….

  26. Gigi, Kenix, and Sonija are the most beautiful actresses in their time.

  27. Re: Tavia, Myolie, Linda Chung and Kate’s appearances:

    Tavia and Myolie: their face is FAR from pretty -they are average at best. Tavia looks good ONLY in ancient dramas when full make-up is applied (ie. Beyond the Realm..). Myolie is the most plain/average out of the 4. Even when she was thin she had this ‘dumb’ look. (which is why she would play a handicap person really well). If they were not celebrities and dressed normally, I highly doubt anyone would look at them twice.

    Linda Chung – typical ‘Girl-next-door’ look. Very goody-two-shoes type of face. Cute at best. Whoever said “classy” – sorry, but classy is a whole different level and league -Linda’s face is too “cute” to be put in a classy level.

    Kate – completely agree that she has the modern trendy, cool look. Kate is the best looking out of the 4 and can also pull off the *itchy look really well. She has that rich, spoiled-brat look whereas, Linda Chung has that boring, safe type look and can only pull-off the rich (or poor), goody-two-shoes, naive girl.

    1. Myolie is not pretty/beautiful but she does has some unique features which might interest men.

      1. Yes, Myolie’s look has this uniqueness. Lol, even if she can’t attract many men, she can attract one man for her life: Bosco.

  28. …Btw, I’m not even crazy about Kate but will admit she looks good.

  29. Myolie looks unique & interesting, it’s fun watching her.She’s very cute.
    Tavia not the typical beauty but still very attractive.
    Kate is trying too hard to “act” sexy- which she dont have to. She IS! Love those lips!!!
    Linda is typical pretty, so agree…..a little boring out of the lot!

    1. I think Kate stood out the most for me. She’s definitely unique. Furthermore, “Lives of Omission” increased her ranking in my “top list”.

      Fala followed after. She has that classic dimpled pretty girl look. Period.

      1. I saw Kate in close and her skin looks better than Linda’s.

        Among all TVB-ers I met, Sharon Chan has the most beautiful skin (and Charlene Choi tied up with her, but she isn’t TVB). I like the look of Leanne Li the most among girls. She looks bright, classy and elegant.

      2. Is Sharon Chan a vegetarian? they said vegetarian tends to have better skin than those who aren’t veggies. I think Kate is quite pretty, she has her own unique style.

  30. damn! gallen should come back to TVB..his last drama at TVB Born Rich was saved by him. that drama’s scrpit was so terrible but he single handedly save the drama! HKD 100000 per ep is a lot too but sadly why he turned down the offer!

    1. Honestly, I also think Gallen can carry out a drama w/o any strong actor to act along. He alone can make the whole series interesting by just watching him keke.

  31. I really hope that gallen lo can come back to act with jessica hsuan!their chemistry is perfect!!!but jess is filming with benny chan in mainland nw…looking forward to see her chemistry with benny ~~

  32. Even my mother, aged one who often forget things and she is not Chinese but she remembers the face of actors and actresses in TVB series. This is a result if a very simple reason: appearances.

    This might not be a problem with HK audience? I just think they should get more actors/actresses, treat them well, allow they to film ouside HK (mainland) so instead filming 4 TVB series per year, they can film 2 TVB and 2 for mainland. It is good for artists and good for the audience

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