Gavin Gao Update: Victim Makes Contradicting Statements

On November 8, 2019 in Syndey, the Gavin Gao (高云翔) rape trial held its ninth hearing. It has been over a year since the Chinese actor and his friend, producer Wang Jing (王晶), were arrested for raping a woman in a hotel in Sydney, which occurred in March 2018.

For the past few days, the victim was repeatedly bombarded with disturbing questions from the defense attorney, all which revealed more and more tidbits of what had occurred that night. The defense accused the woman for demonstrating illicit behavior in front of Gao and Wang despite being married, and also accused the victim for being materialistic and manipulative.

The victim was emotional throughout the hearing, raising her voice as she defended herself with tears. The defense then accused the victim for flirting with the defendants, and continued to ask her very detailed and intimate questions about the assault. The victim replied, “Such evil questions! You are also a woman!” When the lawyer asked the victim if it was true that she had demanded for a Ferrari from Wang, the victim said she forgot about it, and even if she did say it, it was most likely in a joking manner.

According to sources, the victim initially returned home after assault. After seeing the makeup marks on her neck, her husband questioned her about what had happened, which the victim later admitted to getting assaulted. A few hours after the confrontation, her husband called the police without her knowledge. Her husband also repeatedly called Wang and his assistant, leaving behind angry messages. The victim had also sent a message to Wang, telling him that “something big has happened.”


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  1. He betrayed his partner. And I am not on his side. However one has to ask these questions; 1. Would the victim have even given him a glance if he wasn’t a celebrity (motive) 2. Why did she follow 2 men willingly to their room? (motive). Not every female would do that? 3. Granted it is difficult to tell anyone she was raped, and she may have been confused / scared this happened. But how on earth can she even “joke” about a Ferrari?

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