Gigi Ho Into Rich Men and Only Used Edwin Siu as Human ATM?

When Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) earlier admitted to a developing relationship with costar Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), his ex-girlfriend Gigi Ho (何傲芝) labeled herself as the victim of their breakup, leading to speculations that Priscilla was the third wheel. Since Priscilla is a highly promoted actress, TVB was quickly able to help Priscilla clear her image. In contrast, negative gossip of Gigi’s past behaviors continued to surface.

Edwin and Gigi began dating in 2011, when Edwin was not yet popular. Back then, Gigi’s parents were reportedly unsatisfied with Edwin’s financial status. It was not until recent years that Edwin was given opportunities to star as male lead in dramas. As his salary increased and Edwin earned millions performing in stage shows in Mainland China, Gigi constantly asked him to buy luxurious handbags. She treated him as a human ATM machine and asked for $10,000 HKD worth of spending money each month.

Besides splurging on designer bags with Edwin’s money, Gigi is reported to be an unstable girlfriend. Tabloids claimed that while Gigi dated Edwin, she also set her eyes on other influential men, such as prosperous racehorse owners and high-level corporation executives. She allegedly took every opportunity to linger within their social circle and was only interested in those with high salaries.

Noticing Gigi’s behavior, Edwin proposed a breakup last October, claiming he wished to focus on his career. It was not a clean breakup, and Gigi initially believed they had chances of getting back together. She acted pitifully and begged Edwin’s aunts to help Edwin change his mind. Gigi did not give up until Edwin exposed how she headed to Macau in order to align herself closer to rich bosses.

Family Members Support Gigi

Since ending her contract with TVB, Gigi’s future is unclear. However, she recently opened up a shop selling fashions and trendy circle lenses. Gigi’s mother helps manage the store for her.

Plagued by negative gossip, Gigi’s mother spoke up for her daughter and showed support. She expressed, “I hope everyone understands that we are just normal people. It’s not that we want to do anything. I’ve always taught my children to be respectful. People should respect one another when it comes to work. So for this issue, I think it’s fine as long as the younger generation is happy.”

Gigi’s younger sister, TVB actress Lily Ho (何傲兒), expressed she is sympathetic and feels upset for her elder sister. In terms of reports indicating Gigi constantly lingering around rich racehorse owners, Lily explained their father brought them to watch horseracing as children and it is a part of their lifestyle. Lily did not comment on her sister’s current relationship with Edwin, but indicated she would not feel awkward collaborating with him in the future.


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    1. “Edwin and Gigi began dating in 2011, when Edwin was not yet popular.”

      If Gigi Ho were a gold-digger, why would she date Edwin Siu when he was not even popular back then? For Edwin to claim so after dating for three (3) years is “lame” and cheap.

    2. Yeah, if looks could reflect some real words, she looks exactly the gold-digger type.

  1. Wow gold digger ! Thought her family is like super rich

    1. yes her family is rich!! I think is more opposite. When Gigi Ho family declare bankrupt early this years, that’s when gigi ho and edwin split.

      1. Which means that Edwin is the gold-digger then.

      2. Edwin did not ask her to buy any luxurious things for him. On the other hand, gigi asked him to buy luxurious handbags and other stuff

      3. There are many forms of benefits (connections, acting opportunities, etc.) that ultimately lead to gold/$$$$.

  2. seriously they are the only c+ artist!! Why news everyday about them?

    1. Well, regardless of the ‘grading’ in artists, they are all humans which is something that the public may forget. They shoud be respected too.

  3. she dated him when he was unknown and poor….no way was she a gold diggerr. he is cheap trying to defame her now.

    1. I think she sincerely like or love him whether he is rich or not. But her norms ande values differs from him and it shows when he has the money. While he didn’t had the money, she is ok with it. But while he has the money she expected him to pamper her with it. While he may have other thoughts concerning the use of the money. I dunno perhaps save the money for a steady future as being an artist you never know when you rise or fall.

      1. After three (3) years together, there are better ways to resolve spending (or whatever) differences (counseling, etc.). At the very least, show some respect with a mourning period after ending the relationship and not hurting Gigi further.

  4. Feel sorry for her getting all these bad rep and made to look as ugly as possible.

    1. Well she’s not signed to TVB anymore and Priscilla is the one getting more event appearance etc, the management would not bother to help Gigi clarify.

      Instead of saying that she is a gold digger, I would say it’s more likely lifestyle clash. Gigi came from wealthy background and she is used to buying branded stuff and networking among the affluent. So she might think it’s normal to ask Edwin to buy branded stuff (I have friends born rich and they do buy branded stuff and use like regular daily items). Plus, we won’t know if Edwin benefited from Gigi’s networking, example suggesting those businessmen to invite Edwin to their promo events etc.

  5. It sounds illogic. If she is that much of a gold-digger, how can she date Edwin when he was unpopular?

    1. That is what I was thinking. If she only used him for money then why did she date him when he was poor and unknown while she was rich?

      1. And breakup when he is popular which is more illogic.

  6. hi there

    1. what a big deal!
    2. who dumped who.
    3. just move on, gal.
    4. some sore loser too.

  7. Sad that they are trashing Gigi to save Priscilla’s image and Edwin is pathetic man to let theses rumors hurt the woman he once loved and the one he currently claim to love.

    1. Agreed, Edwin Siu is obviously using women as stepping stones. Gigi is better off without Edwin. Splitting from Edwin Siu is really a blessing in disguise for Gigi Ho.

      1. When you are down, true friends are there to support you while the rest/insignificant will desert you.

    2. I think Edwin is riding on Priscilla’s popularity now. Not to say he is not popular himself but its more opportunistic for him to leave Gigi at her low point as she exits TVB. He seems like a scheming guy to me. I mean, professing his adoration for Priscilla publicly at every chance, not long after his break up, and bad mouthing his ex is just a total loser in my eyes. I feel bad for Gigi who has been left with such slander of her name. She’s not gonna get another job after all this hoopla surrounding her image. Shame on Edwin.

      1. He’s not gentlemanly at all. He probably announced his relationship with Priscilla to severe ties with Gigi Ho now that she is displaced and out of TVB. He is trying to curry favor with his boss TVB and their daughter Priscilla. Who is the golddigger here? Why he leave Gigi in her lowest of time when she was with him during the lowest of his? He was only 3rd to 4th fiddle when he returned to TVB and Gigi took initiative to be with him. Its disgraceful how he can badmouth her at this pt behind her back.

      2. Yup, he is a scheming guy, a total loser and the type that Gigi liked and dated. It takes one to know one. As for Gigi if she has what it takes to make it, she will find work. You win some, you lose some. Open her eyes next time.

  8. a good digger or a soft rice eater? which one is true?

    1. Edwin Siu is the gold digging one, she dumped her gf the moment her parents went bankrupt while she started dating him while he was still struggling financially. Edwin is scum.

      1. If is true, then why he pursue Priscilla Wong now? Is Priscilla family’s background rich?

    2. No one knows except the actual people involved in the relationship. The so called ‘truth’ is rumours and accusations made by the media and the public.

  9. Isn’t Gigi rich? If she is how can she be gold digger? You can say she is expensive, or princess syndrome, but not gold digger. Edwin’s only fault is he rebounded too quick or maybe he never really loved her anymore so when he met priscilla he fell for priscilla instead.

    1. I think Gigi’s father suffered some big financial losses in his business. Her family used to be quite well-off. Probably this is one of the reasons why Gigi Ho’s expensive taste in using branded stuffs.

      Secondly, Edwin Siu was under tremendous pressure from Gigi’s father for his poor status which might have led to their breakups.

    2. Are you him or Gigi? How would you know if he rebounded too quick?

  10. gigi ho family declare bankcupt this year? is it true? what happened? its similar to selina li case as well if so..but selina li is still commendable artist

    1. I heard about that too and it shows that you can be rich one moment but poor the next. That is how it is with business because business is a gamble. You either get it all or lose it all.

  11. This is bogus. A gold digger asking for 10k a month?! You can’t even rent a remotely upscale apartment with that kind of money. Heck, you can’t even buy an expensive handbag with that kind of money.

    1. Yup and you really wonder how they would the correct amount. Thus article sounds so inaccurate.

      1. @HTS, something definitely not right here….the more I read, the more sympathy I have for Gigi Ho, & as for Edwin Siu, i believe he deserve a knock on his head! Everyone can see thru his lies.

  12. Probably just TVB publicity spreading rumors to put Edwin in a better light.

  13. wow that is a bit usual as what the article is trying to say well anyways i get about they’re talking about>.<

  14. They are both probably liars and gold diggers.

  15. I doubt this piece in the newspaper… It sounds like TVB is trying to save Edwin’s reputation once again… Priscilla can do so much better!

    Who would ask for a measly $10K HKD/ month? Even in Australia, $10K AUD /month is still a little cheap for a gold digger!

    Btw – I didn’t hear the news about Gigi Ho’s father and their supposed bankruptcy this year… can someone link me or fill me in?

  16. Feel sorry for Gigi Ho, looks like he fell out of love and made excuses. Also sounds from the way he discussed her to his friends, he sounds paranoid. Sounds like Edwin is insecure and dumped her for Priscilla Wong, a supposed “simple” girl, with less maintenance. Edwin is a cheapo . He chose money over gf.

    1. Edwin sounds miserly, playerish, and selfish thru many of his articles. He also always seemed to eye something else to jump ship.

  17. Is TVB using the same tactic from Moses’ incident? lol Bad PR for Gigi Ho, but that doesn’t matter anymore since she’s not with TVB.

    Anyway, calling her a “gold-digger” doesn’t make sense. Edwin was struggling financially and he wasn’t popular. What’s there to “dig?” Lmao. Also, if the two of them have been together for 3+years, then I do believe there is love not just materialistic things between them.

  18. Wow. Edwin, what a douchebag. Guess who ‘leaked’ those ‘golddigging news’ to the tabloids…

    The girl dated you when you were poor and unknown and now you’re trying to make her look bad after you cheated on her? Scumbag!

  19. From what ive seen, lily ho has an awesome personality. Shes not haughty or b.tchy but humble and tactful. It seems like shes close to her sister gigi too, so based off that, it doesnt seem like gigi could be bad. Only two similar-minded ppl can be close. And besides, this article is contradicting itself. One min it says shes a gold-digger and the next its saying how she got together with edwin when he was poor. Theyre mutually exclusive. A gold-digger does not hang around poor blokes, esp not 3 yrs! Same for Shirley (though i think that at a certain point she got tired of waiting around for gregory to get his schtick together and marry her.)

  20. $10k HKD? Heck, even I could afford her. Bring it on. I have taken worse.

    1. Of course, I’d use Gigi to get to Lily who is again, clearly the winner of the good genes in the family.

  21. For those who say that Gigi can’t possibly be a gold digger as she dated Edwin when he was poor, i beg to differ. People change and it could be that she feels entitled to milk off his success (in monetary terms)now that he has become fairly successful.

  22. Edwin Siu would be far from the top of a gold-digger’s list. Edwin is flattering himself. LOL

  23. Gigi persisted with the relationship although his father strongly objected last time.

    I do feel sorry for her.

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