Gigi Ho Not Yet Ready to Start New Relationship

Recent tabloids claim former TVB artiste, Gigi Ho (何傲芝), may have found new love with Aaryn Cheung (張明偉), a Hong Kong singer with a wealthy family background. However, she was quick to deny the reports and emphasized they are only friends. After her poor breakup with ex-boyfriend Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) last year, Gigi is not yet ready to devote herself to a new relationship.

Rumors that Gigi and Aaryn were dating initiated when reporters spotted them in the same car. At an art appreciation dinner, Gigi clarified, “We’re just friends, and we’re not dating. The photographs were just of us carpooling together.” Gigi added she does meet up with Aaryn, but only for music-related work purposes.

Would Still Greet Edwin Siu

A few days ago, Edwin Siu brought his new girlfriend, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), on a romantic beach date to watch the sunset. The couple held hands and behaved very intimately. When reporters asked Gigi if she had also been on similar trips with Edwin in the past, she replied, “That’s part of a healthy lifestyle. Did we do that before? I don’t remember!”

Believing she should not judge others’ ways in approaching a relationship, Gigi only commented that she is someone who prefers to keep things low-profile. Although Gigi did not wish to touch further on Edwin’s new romance, she stated she would still give him a simple smile and nod if they run into each other.


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  1. Gigi Ho is a woman with class. She’s better off without that chauvinistic pig, Edwin Siu.

    1. agree!

      y is the media trying so hard to make gigi sound like a gold digger?

      1. I reckon that’s because she is no longer with TVB whereas Alvin is currently thriving with them..

      2. Pardon me.. Edwin I mean.. Gosh, we need an edit or delete button here!

      3. I would “hate” to reread hundreds/thousands of comments over and over and over again with an “Edit” button. What a potential nightmare!!! Just take an extra minute to proof read before clicking the “Submit Comment” button.

  2. Her story reminds me of bernice, moses and aimee again..

    1. Bernice admit she broke up in 2008. Moses and Aimee chan starting dating in early 2011. How is this related? Edwin must have fallen for Pris during filming (while he is still dating Gigi).

    2. I was thinking the same thing. The media tries to make the girl look like a gold digger while the guy publicly gloats about his new high profile relationship.

      1. It is not gloating. It is called moving on. He has the guts to admit it and he is happy with his newfound love. At least he ended one before starting another. Maybe he rebounded too fast which may have pissed her off but perhaps she wasn’t his true love so to speak. She’s not a gold digger, since she is or used to be rich. She is just one pissed off mama.

      2. There might be a good reason why she is pissed off. We dont really know when he started the new relationship.

      3. @1ni,
        Totally agree!!!

        For men, there is “usually” overlap. And, there may be others that did not pan out.

  3. It’s good to take thing slow. Pull out a chair, sit back and watch Edwin and Priscilla’s story unfold. LOL! 😀

  4. hi there

    1. just leave the gal alone.
    2. whether she is with some new guy, gigolo or what.
    3. girls just want to have some fun mah.
    4. or cash, oops!

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