Gillian Chung’s Love for Designer Bags

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Gillian Chung’s Love for Designer Bags

Following Gillian Chung‘s (鍾欣桐) return to Hong Kong from Malaysia after filming for Female Forensic Scientist JD <女法醫JD> got halted due to COVID-19, the actress-singer is following public health instructions and self-quarantining herself for 14 days at home. Like many others currently staying at home, Gillian also spends her time exercising and keeping fit. Recently, she uploaded a Tik Tok video of herself lifting dumbells at home, but viewers were distracted by her huge wall cabinet housing designer handbags in the background.

Known to love branded handbags, Gillian’s floor-to-ceiling cabinet contains at least five shelves packed with expensive designer handbags. Her most prized and beloved possessions are placed on the highest shelf, and her more commonly used bags are conspicuously positioned for easy access. It’s believed her favorite bag is Chanel’s classic diamond pattern series.

Previously, Gillian mentioned her hobby of buying brand name handbags when she appeared as a guest on Barbie Hsu’s (徐熙媛) variety show, Miss Beauty <Beauty小姐>. At the time, Gillian revealed her husband, Michael Lai (賴弘國), complained that one of her bad qualities is buying goods without looking at the price.

However, the actress-singer expressed that she uses her own money to buy them as a treat for working so hard. Although, after listening to her husband, she realized and understood that she should consider his feelings and restrain herself from buying more.

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  1. m0m0 says:

    She should do a photoshoot of her all dressed up modelling with her handbags. That’d be fun to do now.
    What else better to do with expensive bags other than showing them off? .

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