Godfrey Gao to Pair Up with Qin Lan in New Romantic Drama

Qin Lan plays a single mom who meets the father of her child years after getting pregnant in her youth.

Chinese actress Qin Lan’s (秦嵐) popularity has spiked since her performance as Empress Fucha in breakout hit Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>. Although the leads have yet to be officially announced, Qin Lan is said to be starring in a new drama titled We Are All Alone <怪你過分美麗>. Besides the interesting storyline of the book-to-drama adaptation, the lead actor is reportedly Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao (高以翔) of Remembering Lichuan <遇見王瀝川> fame.

Plot to Touch on Consequences of “Compensated Dating”

In the novel by Chinese writer Mo Zai (未再), the female lead accidentally became pregnant after a compensated dating transaction with a rich man’s son when she was 17. Joining the ranks of single moms, she re-encounters the father of her child years later in the workplace. The dual identities of the protagonist as both a single mom and also an “Iron Lady” in her entertainment career makes for a challenging role, and it is uncertain if the drama will stick wholly to the original storyline or make adjustments.

With reports of the Qin Lan-Godfrey Gao pairing, netizens are full of anticipation at the prospect of the good-looking stars playing an onscreen couple.

Godfrey is Popular With Female Audience

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches, Godfrey is part of “The Fashionable F4” as nicknamed by the press, along with Sphinx Ting (丁春誠), Victor Chen (陳紹誠) and Lan Jun Tian (藍鈞天).

The 2016 mainland drama Remembering Lichuan also saw Godfrey winning many female viewers over with his dreamboat good looks. According to the publicity posters released for We Are All Alone, the story will reflect women’s struggles for survival. The author Mo Zai will take on the role of planner for the series. Filming is set to start in May, and shooting confirmed to take place in Shanghai and Suzhou, among other cities.

Described as “A reflection of modern urban womenfolk”, the drama is “dedicated to beautiful women who’ve shed tears while pursuing their dreams with perseverance and pride”.

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They are both so fine!!! Godfrey G certainly is hot but I can never passed 2 episodes of any of his series. haha lol…They were always so so boring.

    1. @wm2017 I fully agree with you. I have never completed any of his drama

  2. Uh, it feels like a recycled plot? Compensated dating transaction is another word for Prostitution? Also 17yo? Underage sex? Male lead has to be a rich heir again >_> and surprise surprise, love story with the dude you are once with (this whole fated thing is getting realllllly old, thank you kdrama and ty cdrama for never could be original -,-). Also if he was involved in this sex transaction at such young age, his character is questionable, and we know a lot of those rich heir boys irl never turn out good if they were into those things that young >_> the premise surely make my eyebrows raise ~_-

  3. Hard for me to take Godfrey seriously as I know him and his circle of friends well in Vancouver.

    I can say the same for Linda and Eliza too. Aside from our personal connections, I do think they act terrible.

    Is Godfrey the best actor of the bunch or more or less the same? Lol

    1. @anon He better not be reading your honest comment…LOL.
      Truth be told I have yet to complete any of his drama…He either cannot pick good story or just not a great actor…

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