Gordon Liu Clarifies Rumors in Exclusive Interview

Since a stroke left him wheelchair-bound in 2011, Gordon Liu (劉家輝) has been battling family discord and financial troubles in the public spotlight. Rumors afloat that Gordon’s wife and children are eyeing his money and that his former assistant Eva Fung is also refusing to return his cash assets worth millions (HKD). At the end of 2012, Gordon made a sudden decision to appoint close friend Amy Fan (樊亦敏) as his guardian. Amy has since served as Gordon’s spokesperson and delegated his assets to pay for his increasingly expensive medical bills.

On Monday, Amy invited Ming Pao to a sit-down interview with Gordon to clarify rumors once and for all. Amy stated that this will be Gordon’s last public interview as he wishes to quietly recuperate. Gordon was quiet nervous the night before, but agreed to the interview for the sake of his friends and fans who are worried about his well-being.

Gordon accepted the interview at his private hospital room, accompanied by Amy and his psychiatrist. He appeared frail and seemed to have lost weight dramatically, weighing only 120 pounds. Gordon was in good spirits when reporters arrived, asking to eat when he saw cake and smiled when posing for photos. Amy was attentive by his side, making conversation while filing his nails.

Gordon became nervous however when reporters attempted to begin the interview. He repeatedly asked to change his incontinence pads to force reporters out of his room. Gordon eventually calmed down when reporters removed the cameras. Due to his speech difficulties, Gordon responded to questions mostly by shaking and nodding his head.

During the interview, Gordon expressed that he is happy. He admitted that it was his personal decision to appoint Amy as his guardian and he is happy under her care. He wants Eva to return his money, and wishes to see his relatives and niece his niece.

When asked if he would like to see his wife and two children from his second marriage, Gordon suddenly frowned and signaled for the reporters to leave. Although Amy and his psychiatrist both tried to comfort him, Gordon decided to end the interview and waved goodbye.

Reporters also reached out to Eva on Tuesday regarding Gordon’s comments. Eva stated she will speak when the timing is right.

Source: Ming Pao 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.  

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  1. Gordon Liu did not say much at the interview, except to confirm that he has appointed Amy Fan as his guardian and asked Eva to return his money.

    1. and obviously expressed a certain disliking towards his wife and 2 kids

      1. Or he did not want to talk badly about his wife and two kids.


      1. Hope Gordan can recover ASAP. I love watching all his drama. Also hope he can get back all the money from his previous assistant.

  2. It is a crying shame that he felt or ‘persuaded’ to do this interview. Can’t a sick man be left in peace for goodness sake. Leave the poor man alone.

  3. not because of his stroke but his personality, he doesn’t sound very articulate or dom deng in his attitude or thoughts – very old fashioned, uneducated, stubborn and probably not too honest with himself. he sounds mung sut and if his family is too young, they don’t know how to converse with him. That guy looks like he needs some bone broth. Somebody should make it for him and some fresh fruit.

  4. I am confused… did Mr. Liu get all of his assets back… because how is his new assistant able to delegate any of them to pay for his medical care? If he has not then that is a shame as they are Mr. Liu’s assets. Not anyone elses. I am sure he would be in better health and better spirits if he had control of them.

    As a personal note to Mr. Liu, I want to thank you for being an inspiration to me ever since I was a young boy watching your movies. You have always been and always will be a hero to me, and a true master of the martial arts. I always wanted to be like you when I was younger – and more than any other actor – you were a big inspiration for me to want to learn the martial arts . I am over 40 years old (and an instructor in martial arts) and now I share your movies with my son as well as the martial arts. Thank you so much!

    I pray that you are able to recover and find peace. I would also hope to meet you one day and thank you personally.

  5. I’m still waiting for all his industry friends to get their triad buddies to “coax” the ex-assistant into giving back his money. Seems like everyone has deserted him.
    How much would it cost to hire a con artist to get his money back I wonder? The old assistant sounds like a proper piece of c***.

  6. Your body may consume away but your spirit is strong, this life is not about material and fame but the lives we have touched and the improvements we have made in our lives. Gordon Liu will live on in the hearts and minds of many and be remembered for his many on screen roles. I thank the Lord for you. When life is gone we are complete, for nothing can be added or taken away. We are who we are. Bless you me Brother. Strength!

    1. the tea will grow cold in his absence – it already seems to have coooled otherwise what happened to all those promises of assistance?

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