Gordon Liu Visits Old Friends at TVB

Above: Gordon Liu with his guardian, Amy Fan.

Three years ago, Gordon Liu (劉家輝) suffered from a stroke that left him partially paralyzed. He suffered physically, as well as financially when he entered into a legal battle with his former assistant, Eva Fung (馮映華), to dispute the access to his financial assets. Now that the case has finally reached an agreement, and his health improving, Gordon revisited his old friends at TVB.

Gordon was in a great mood when he stepped off his van with minimal help. Alongside his guardian Amy Fan (樊奕敏), Gordon greeted his old friends Benz Hui (許紹雄), Michelle Yim (米雪), Chun Wong (秦煌), and Angelina Lo (盧宛茵). Also present was TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲), who personally welcomed Gordon back to the station. Despite still being in a wheelchair, Gordon could not stop smiling and chattered away with his friends.

After dinner with his former co-workers, Gordon even flashed a peace sign at the cameras, and happily shouted, “Yeah!” Before Gordon left the station, he paid a visit to the cast of Come Home Love <愛回家>, and was extremely excited to see Lau Dan (劉丹) and Elliot Yue (岳華).

Michelle Yim disclosed that Gordon’s mental health is great, and is slowly gaining back his strength, “Gordon was really happy, and he really missed his co-workers, and told everyone not to leave yet. Miss Lok visited Gordon in the hospital many times and he always mentioned that he missed his colleagues and wished to come back for a visit. He also wanted to eat the roasted duck and steamed fish dish from the company’s cafeteria, so we ordered those for him. He had a great appetite and ate a lot, and I told him to come back to visit us often.”

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Great to hear that Gordon is in good health & mood. Hopes he gets better. Love his tvb dramas

  2. Very happy for Gordon Liu. He seems to have recovered well.

  3. So cool. I love his tv series. Roasted duck, yummy.

  4. awww this makes me so happpy to hear that he is doing better and able to visit his friends! 🙂 friends are always a good form of medication 🙂 wish him the best!

  5. Great to hear that he is doing better and has visited his friends at TVB. I wish that he will get better and film again. I really miss seeing him on screen.

  6. does anyone know why Amy Fan is so close to Gordon Liu? I’m just curious why out of his close friends (some more famous, with more power; probably can offer him more help), he chose Amy to be his guardian

    1. She was a former actress and a close friend.

    2. Maybe they have a special bond that he may not have with others?

  7. ya same here..seems like Amy is willing to go thru the hardship to take care of Gordon with no returns. That’s very nice of her.

  8. He suffer a fall recently. It seems he is recovering.

  9. So awesome!
    Hope to hear more continued good news for him and wish him a full recovery. If anyone can do it he can!

  10. Would be nice if they tie the knot to give Gordon (and Amy?) more peace of mind if they both share the same emotional and physical bonds.

  11. Great to see him up and about, he’s looks much healthier. All the best to him and a speedy recover.

  12. So happy for him! Things are falling into place.

  13. I loved him in tvb series..good character or evil character…hope he will get back to his health & continue filming

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