Gordon Liu Reclaims Financial Assets in Peaceful Agreement

Veteran martial arts actor Gordon Liu (劉家輝) was finally able to reclaim his financial assets through peaceful means. On April 29, a harmonious agreement was settled in court between Gordon and his former assistant, Eva Fung (馮映華).

Shortly after becoming paralyzed on the right side of his body from a stroke in 2011, Gordon’s assistant Eva refused to return his financial assets that she was told to temporarily keep. Having decided to bring the dispute to court, Gordon’s trial with Eva was scheduled this year on April 29. But one day before, Eva contacted Gordon’s lawyer and suddenly stated she is willing to unconditionally return the money along with interest rates, while giving up on a counterclaim. The returned sum of money is approximately 1.2 million RMB.

That day, Eva arrived in court with Gordon’s son, while Gordon’s guardian Amy Fan (樊亦敏) served as his representative. Both sides agreed to the deal and a reconciliation statement was read in court. The judge also exclaimed he is pleased with the result and congratulated the two sides involved.

After the case closed, Amy expressed in an interview, “Mr. Liu would like to thank Eva for her care from August 17, 2011 to December 27, 2012. From today on, he will start to restore his health actively, since there had been a lack of money before. He will soon greet everyone looking more handsome.” Amy added that Gordon is doing well and has gained weight to approximately 120 pounds.

On the other hand, Eva refused to share her reasons for suddenly backing out on the trial and claimed it is a matter of privacy. She remained in the meeting room for twenty minutes before leaving the court building and was reluctant in having the reporters take photos.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What was her reason for refusing to return his money again?

  2. Yeah.. Congrats. Eva is a greedy pig. Hopefully, he is stress free and heal quickly.

  3. So happy to hear Eva returned what is rightfully Gordan’s. such a relief to know the rest of his retirement will be a more comfortable one. Good luck and health to Gordan.

  4. Very happy for Gordon Liu. What a gracious response from him too, to thank her after she greedily stole his money.

  5. Hope she gets hit by a bus. Greedy skank. She deserves all the bad karma she gets.
    She put him through hell when he was vulnerable and she resides with the lowest form of scum on this earth.

    I hope he got ALL his money back plus interest and court costs!
    I hope to see him well and back acting soon with a smile on his face enjoying life.
    Bless his good friends who stuck by him and I hope his family dont try to suck him dry now that he has access to his finances again.

  6. Don’t u find it weird that Eva arrive in court “WITH” Gordon’s son!?!?

    1. that’s what i thought too!
      Anyway, wish Gordon a speedy recovery!

    2. I was wondering about that too. You really wonder if they gained up to try to take his money?? What kind of son is that??

    3. Maybe they gang up together. Does anyone know what they did with the money while she ‘had’ it? Maybe used the money to buy some shares to make quick profit and can now return the principal ??

    4. Yup, he did and hope with good intentions.

      1. Must wonder what he did to deserve such a family.

  7. Congratulation to Gordon!! God Bless. I remember reading news tat Gordon 2nd wife & sons taking his property..any updates?

  8. This is such great news! I am glad that he got his money back peacefully and can make a full recovery. I really really miss seeing him act in series and movies. Wish him the best!!

  9. Great news!! I wish Gordon a speedy recovery and happiness from now on.

  10. Sad he look so old for 58 years old! My dad is 60 and he still look so great and fit!!

  11. The title reads “reclaiming financial assets through peaceful agreement” with interest which tells me that Eva would have had a major tax burden and possible jail time if she did not file taxes for that period of time thus it was more prudent to return the funds. She probably lost money on attorney fees for filing a counterclaim as well.

  12. hi there

    1. Gordon, chin up.
    2. now, the real healing can take place.
    3. he has to listen to his body.
    4.btw, he was one fantastic martial arts practitioner.

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