Gordon Liu Goes to Court to Recover Financial Assets

Ever since suffering from a stroke in August 2011, martial arts actor, Gordon Liu (劉家輝), was paralyzed on the left side of his body. Shortly afterwards, his former assistant, Eva Fung (馮英華) refused to return the assets he had her temporarily keep. Earlier this month, Gordon decided to file a lawsuit against Eva in hopes of regaining his assets.

After last week’s hearing, the court decided to seize the funds from Eva; custody will remain with the court until further notice. The contested funds include two accounts that amount to approximately 1.7 million RMB. Gordon was also issued $150,000 HKD in order to cover his medical expenses. The next hearing is scheduled to be on September 9.

With the court’s rulings so far, Gordon will have the likelihood of regaining control over his financial assets, which are critical to pay for his current health and physical therapy costs.

After Gordon’s dispute with Eva arose late last year, he asked good friend Amy Fan (樊亦敏) to become his new guardian. Eva had neglected Gordon’s health while she was his former assistant and did not take him to regular physical therapy sessions which hindered his post-stroke recovery.

Despite Gordon’s hospitalization earlier this year, Amy said that Gordon is recovering well and is able to speak. Having been with TVB for numerous years, many friends in the industry wished the 57-year-old actor a speedy recovery.

Gordon’s Reaction to Lau Kar Leung’s Death

Gordon was shocked by the death of his god-brother, Lau Kar Leung (劉家良), who died on June 25 of leukemia. Lau had directed martial arts classic, 36th Chamber of Shaolin <少林三十六房>, which propelled Gordon to international stardom. Amy relayed Gordon’s reaction towards Lau’s death, ““When Gordon found out, his eyes became red. He will not speak when he is unhappy, so he did not say anything. At this time, he can not be agitated; I’m afraid he won’t eat.”

Source: QQ.com ; Sohu.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Best of hope for Gordon, as for Eva Fung, i hope she gets the maximum sentence (whatever they might be in HK) for abusing and neglecting the disabled and elderly. This woman really boils my blood

    1. Totally agree — that Eva woman is horrible! I had read that she even refused to accept the court summons and Gordon’s people (in collaboration with the court people) pretty much had to confront her and force her to accept it (I think she ended up throwing it on the floor or something). It amazes me how defiantly Eva reacted when she is the one at fault (by taking Gordon’s money and refusing to give it back as well as abusing him by not letting him get proper treatment)! I hope she gets what’s coming to her!

  2. This is great news and hopefully the first step in him recovering his assets.
    I also hope this means he can sue for damages against Eva and make her owe more money than she stole. She deserves every bit of bad karma coming her way.
    I’, kinda disappointed in his “industry friends”. I would have thought they would have some triad connections that could have persuaded her to give it up without having to take her to court. I know it’s not the righteous thing to do, but sometimes you have to fight by the enemy’s rules in order to see TRUE justice done.

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