Gordon Liu Unable to Support Himself Without Access to Former Savings

Martial arts actor Gordon Liu’s (劉家輝) continues to face a litigation nightmare in trying to regain control of his savings. According to Gordon, he had entrusted 1.387 million RMB to his former assistant Eva Fung (馮英華) after he had a stroke. After they had a fallout, Eva refused to return the money to Gordon. In a court hearing earlier this week, 252,000 RMB is confirmed to be returned to Gordon, while Eva claims that the majority of the savings belongs to her.

After suffering from a stroke in August 2011, Gordon was paralyzed on the left side of his body. When Eva refused to return the assets she had held for him temporarily, Gordon brought the matter to court. After the first hearing in late June this year, the court decided to seize the funds from Eva and the custody of the assets remained with the court. Gordon was then issued $150,000 HKD in order to cover his medical expenses.

Gordon did not make an appearance at this week’s court hearing. His good friend and legal guardian, Amy Fan (樊亦敏), and his lawyer represented him in court. Amy shared, “We were eating with Master Liu yesterday. Though he was initially happy to see his friends who went to pay him a visit, he was later agitated when the court case was brought up.” Although Gordon has been recuperating well and even put on 6 pounds under Amy’s care, he was often worried about being unable to retrieve back his money.

Under oath in court, Eva revealed that out of the contested funds, 670,000 RMB was in fact her personal savings. She noted that when she was working for Gordon, she made an advanced payment of 446,000 HKD for him which has not been accounted for yet. Therefore, only 370,000 RMB officially belonged to Gordon. After deliberation, the judge ordered that the uncontested amount of 252,000 RMB be returned to Gordon for the time being.

Amy expressed that the 252,000 RMB may not even be enough to cover Gordon’s medical fees and everyday expenditures. According to the lawyer, the court case may be stretched for another half year if Gordon contests for the full amount since Eva is purposely making things difficult for Gordon.

Amy understands the final decision lies with Gordon. She said, “Out of Master Liu’s assets, he is only left with the house that his family is staying in, and this amount of money. Master Liu will surely be agitated when he hears of this outcome. The doctor said not to agitate him so we must find a way to talk to him.”

Source: Sina.com; 21CN.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. His ex-assistant is such a greedy and annoying grubber. Just return the poor man back his money. 🙁

  2. What a greedy b8tch … what goes around comes around, karma is even a bigger b8tch.

    1. I truly hope that karma works in this case. I used to really believe in karma, but now I wonder about it. There are really nice people that do not get what they deserve, while there are greedy and selfish people who seem to get it all. You really wonder how valid karma is anymore. But I do hope that it works in this case.

  3. They should show a pic of Eva the Evil. Come on, what kinda heart do you have. This man is in pain and his family are no longer there for him. I hope he get well so. He’s a good funny actor. Mimi and him are funny in all the series.

  4. I have no doubts such an evil human being exist but everytime I hear these kind of news, it reminds me of how disgusting humanity can be. Sigh.

    1. That is how I feel too Crystal and I have encountered people that are sort of like Eva in real life. It is so sad how humanity can be so sick…

  5. Seeing these articles about Gordon make me so sad!!! She needs to give him his money back. Who does she think she is taking his money?!

    1. I wonder if she still even has his money anymore?? It would be really sad if she has already spent it all. That may be the reason why she is not willing to return it because she no longer has it.

      1. @HTS: That’s the same thing I’m wondering as well. My guess is that she probably spent all the money on her own personal stuff (or probably has it tied up in an investment account somewhere). Otherwise, why else would she try to avoid going to court at all costs? I mean, she even refused to accept the summons from the court earlier on — when the people tried to hand her the summons, they literally had to throw it on the floor because she refused to put out her hands and then proceed to run away! What a nasty woman! Definitely hope she gets what’s coming to her!

      2. “After the first hearing in late June this year, the court decided to seize the funds from Eva and the custody of the assets remained with the court.”

        I’m assuming they seized the full amount in question?!

    1. You know, there is (or was) a VERY little part of me hoping this was gonna turn out like some TV drama; she’s just a misunderstood soul, letting herself be “spat on” and sacrificing herself for some greater good. She still has Gordon’s best interest at heart and is just looking for the right time/way to return his money. Perhaps she doesn’t want his family getting their hands on it.

      But yeah, fat chance of that happening… That’s just me trying to find a glimmer of hope (or denial) in this dire situation. I just really hope Gordon can be happy one day.

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